Personalised Gift Ideas: 7 Classy Options

Personalised Gift Ideas: 7 Classy Options

Personalised gift ideas are the perfect way to show how much you care.  Receiving a personalised gift means that the person who gave it put a lot of thought into it instead of grabbing the first thing you see at the local shops.

So next time, instead of a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, or yet another candle, why not create a personalised gift? Personalising makes your gifts far more meaningful, and they’re easier to create than you might think! Keep reading to get the latest and greatest personalised gift ideas for a present that will make your loved ones smile.

What Are Personalised Gifts?

Personalised gifts can be almost anything! And the great new is there are plenty of places to find personalised gift options. Every business under the sun now has cool personalised gifts to choose from. From personalised homewares to clothing, ornaments and everything in between, there are plenty of choices available.

Here are a few personalised gift ideas to inspire you. From beautiful “his and hers” pillowcases to a high-impact canvas print, here are some unique personalised gift ideas they’ll always treasure. 

Personalised Gift Ideas

1. Personalised Photo Cushions

When it comes to personalised gift ideas, there are so many options on offer. So, why not choose a gift that is actually useful? You can never have too many cushions – they can be used to decorate your couch, your bed, and even your chairs. So instead of boring old cushion covers, choose a personalised Photo Cushion.

Add a custom design or a photo of the recipient’s favourite pet, partner, or family. Buy it on The Canvas Factory

custom photo gifts in Australia

2. Canvas Photo Print

Canvas Photo Prints are easy to make, affordable, and customisable – what more could you want? They’re also durable and long-lasting. They can suit virtually any room in the home. Customise them with any design you like.

Choose a colourful design from one of the millions of choices on offer. Or, find one of your favourite photos and transform it into wall art with just the click of a button!

Buy it from The Canvas Factory

3. Multi Item Docking Station

Got a special someone who is always misplacing things? This multi docking station is the perfect solution, with space for your phone, keys, watch, and glasses or other accessories. Personalise it with your message of choice.

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Personalised Gift Ideas - Multi Item Docking Station

4. Freestanding Letter

Want a statement-making home decor piece for a loved one (or for yourself)? This is one personalised gift idea that your friends and family will treasure forever. It’s also perfect as a housewarming gift or birthday gift.

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Personalised Gift Ideas - Freestanding Letter

5. A Custom Tote Bag

Tote Bags are endlessly useful for work, school, shopping or just running your daily errands. So, why not create a customisable Tote Bag with all. your favourite images on it? Add photos of family,  pets, or choose from one of our millions of designs!

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tote bag gifts

6. Hearts Four-Across Game

This is Connect Four with a personalised twist! Simply add a personalised message and place your order. That way, your special someone will see a personalised message every time they play.

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Personalised Gift Ideas - Hearts Four-Across Game

7. Custom Photo Mug

Celebrate your favourite person with a custom Photo Mug. They’re affordable, durable and they make the perfect personalised gift idea. Customise your Photo Mug with images of your furry friends, friends, family, or your favourite travel destination. Or, add a cute message for that special person in your life.

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photo mug

We hope these personalised gift ideas have inspired you to create your own! If you’re still short on gift ideas, check out our huge range at Canvas Factory. From Framed Photo Prints to Canvas Collages and Photo Pillows, there’s something for everyone.


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