Three Hysterically Fun Hen’s Night Activities

If I were a younger bride, I’d be out on the town in a flash to celebrate my Hen’s Night. In fact, in my 20s – when I was attending Hen’s Parties like they were going out of fashion – most involved a night out on the town, pub-crawl style, with fun games thrown in between. Partying until all hours of the morning was the order of the day.

I did recently attend a mid 30s version of this where we were all picked up in a big red fire engine driven by a very strong man dressed up as a fireman and taken to a fancy city centre bar. Being single at the time, when everyone went home at midnight, I sadly went home alone yet again. Not fun.

Canvas Art - Hen's Night - Girls in Limousine

While I don’t mind a plastic penis straw being bandied around here and there, the male stripper option has never been my cup of tea. I think the closest I came to that was an adult sex toy party where the Maid Of Dishonour arranged a male stripper, much to the bride’s dismay.

As a Hen’s Party connoisseur (I’ve had the good fortune to attend 20 plus weddings!), my favourites have included a bellydancing class and a life drawing art class. Both were strictly women’s only affairs (bar the nude male life model), were hilariously fun and generated an abundance of laughter. One was good, clean fun and the other was, well, very educational. That is, I learnt a lot about ‘art’.

So in that vein, here are three Hen’s Night activities guaranteed to provide hysterical fun for the bride to be and her guests in the comfort of home:

1. Nude Live Model Drawing Class

Edutainment is not just reserved for children. In fact, this type of edutainment is strictly adult’s only. Suitable for small groups of women (10 max) of all 18 + ages (including grandma!), ensure champagne is available in liberal quantities.

Hire a professional life drawing party service. On the night of the Hen’s Party, in the privacy of your own home or hotel room, the art instructor takes a legitimate art drawing class. This means all due respect is paid to the visiting nude male model. While he may progressively take off more and more clothes until he is completely nude, he is strictly there to look at and observe. Naturally, he’s also a human being with a personality, so friendly conversation is also entirely appropriate.

Canvas Art - Hen's Night - Naked Male Model

Guests learn the basics of drawing, often with pencil and charcoal, and guided through a variety of steps and tasks by a professional artist. Laughter is absolutely unavoidable. And guests discover artistic talents they never knew they had!

Learning and laughter establishes a lovely bond between guests that helps the wedding party and guests get to know each other better and share something enjoyable prior to your wedding day party.

2. Create A Memory Canvas Collage

Invite all of the Hen’s party guests to email you, in advance, their most hilarious and embarrassing memory of the Hen.

Dear Sally,

As the Maid of Honour, I am organising an activity for Jessica’s Hen’s Night. Prior to the night, please email me the most hilarious photo you have from Jess’s past.

This could be Jess as a single woman in her partying days, a tragic photo from her high school formal or simply a silly photo you have of you and Jess together. If you have more than one photo to share, yes, please send them too!

The only conditions are that the photo is silly, fun and – if you have it – totally embarrassing!

On the night, we will ask Jess to participate in a simple but fun activity involving those photos.



To carry out this activity you will need a laptop with an internet connection. Prior to the night, save all the photos you’ve received into a folder on the laptop. On the night, present all the photos to the Hen and her guests, asking each of the guests to tell a story about when and where that particular photo was taken. Champagne or no champagne, everyone will be in hysterics, no doubt about it.

Once that’s done, hop online and invite the Hen to create her own canvas art collage of her ‘best pick’ of the photos. Note, she will choose the least embarrassing ones, but that’s OK. She can choose up to 8 of the photos, so if she only wants four that’s her prerogative – and why this is a better way to do it than presenting it to her without her own filter! This way, she gets something she really wants (with a bit of peer pressure thrown in, of course).

The best thing about this activity is that it takes only 5 minutes and you can order it immediately. It’s also super affordable and, despite the hysterical laughter, is also a touching, thoughtful keepsake for the Hen. The funniest moments in life often are.

3. Pin The Penis On The Man

That’s right, ladies. This is the adult’s only version of the children’s classic party game Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Raucous results guaranteed.

I am not sharing any photos here (I have a reputation to uphold!), but feel free to hop online and look at this hilarious, affordable canvas print.

As soon as you see it, you know you’re going to want to buy it – just to show your Hen you’ve put in E for Effort (or should that be an X?)

All you have to do next is provide guests with pieces of pink paper, pencils, scissors and blu tack.

The rest is self explanatory. Please don’t make me explain.

Happy Hen’s!!!!