11 Home Makeover Ideas on a Budget

11 Home Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Who wouldn’t love to call in the professionals when their home needs a makeover. How amazing would it be to have people who actually know what they’re doing come into your home and create the perfect environment for you and your family? Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to hire professionals, but there are certain things we can do ourselves to give our homes a modern home makeover. Have a look at our list of creative ideas for a home makeover on a budget, and hopefully you’ll find something here to inspire you.

1. Mobile Laundry Station

Home Makeover - Mobile Laundry Station

By Hoosier Homemade

This is a great idea, and your visitors will be envious when they see just how organised you are. Let’s face it, laundry is a never-ending task. There are always going to be items ready for laundering and we never really get on top of it, so why not just get organised instead? Now you’ll have a specified area for keeping all your laundry and laundry supplies. The instructions for this great little organiser are very clear, and imagine how proud of yourself you’ll be knowing that you made this one yourself!

2. Mirrors on Doors

Home Makeover - Mirrors

By Kevin and Amanda

Mirrors on doors can completely change the outlook of a room, so if you have flat-panel doors which are making your home look boring or outdated, why not add framed mirrors and just see the difference it makes. Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive has been used to keep these mirrors flush and securely hung on the doors. Besides the fact that you now have handy mirrors, your room will look much larger and more modern. Follow the easy instructions and watch your room be instantly transformed.

3. Hanging Garden

Home Makeover - Hanging Garden

From Diy Craft Tutorials

This is a great idea for apartment dwellers and renters, or basically anyone who wants to enjoy some extra greenery. Your plants will be kept safe from pets and children, and because you don’t have to dig up any ground it’s really a low risk project. When choosing your plants, check their tags for sun and watering requirements, and keep in mind where you intend hanging your vertical garden because you obviously want to give your plants their very best chance. Of course these great little hanging baskets can also be used for other purposes in other areas of your home. All the instructions are on the website above, plus some great tips as well.

4. Create Division

Home Makeover - Drawers Organizers

By Infarrantly Creative

For those of you who have moved from having open drawers to drawers with dividers, you’ll know exactly why this is such a great idea. Of course there’s nothing nicer than a new set of drawers, but not if they’re disorganised. We know that you can buy drawer organisers, but it’s much more fun and satisfying to do it yourself, plus you’ll save yourself a heap of money. Creating the organisers for the drawers yourself will provide the options you want, so basically you can be as creative as you like. These are great for sorting out jewellery and hair accessories, and it’s just a matter of using your imagination for the many other purposes these organisers can be used for.

5. Portable Light

Home Makeover - Portable Light

From Own Smart Home

These great little lights with super bright LEDs turn on and off with a simple tap. They provide quick convenient light for those dark corners and closets, and they’re perfect if you want to illuminate a countertop, pantry, closet, stairway or storage shelf. They easily outperform incandescent lights for brightness and longevity. You can get them pretty-much anywhere and they’re so simple to install – simply use the adhesive tape supplied to mount the lights onto any surface – no plugs, no wiring required! You could consider using these little LEDs to light up your ornament cabinet, or illuminate your favourite picture on the wall.

6. Family

Home Makeover - Family

There’s no quicker way to turn your house into a home than having beautiful canvas prints on your walls. And today it couldn’t be easier to transform your sentimental family moments by printing them onto canvas. There are endless possibilities for your family memories, and regardless of what kind of photograph you’re working with and the effect you wish to create, we have the tools you need to create your beautiful artwork. Simply upload your photos from your smartphone, camera or Facebook, and let us create a magical family canvas print for you.

7. Trim and Divide

Home Makeover - Trim And Divide

From Hometalk

This one looks like a major project, but in reality it’s simply a shelving unit strategically placed to divide what was a very large mirror. It’s created a much more modern bathroom and, of course, provided extra storage space. The online instructions for this project are perhaps not as complete as they could be, however a good handyperson (and we know there are many of you out there) shouldn’t have too much difficulty with this project.

8. Paint your Fans

Home Makeover - Fans

By The Real Tits Mcgee

Some ceiling fans in homes, particularly older homes, units and apartments are really quite ugly; but it can be an expensive exercise to have them removed and replaced with newer, more modern fans. This idea is actually a really good one because, for very little money and just a little time, you can modernise your home. So don’t throw away your old brass or gold ceiling fans, particularly if they’re in good working order. Have a look at some of the before and after photos, and we think you’ll agree that they look pretty smart. The instructions for this project are very straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

9. Window Trim

Home Makeover - Window Trim

By Ana White

Have a look at these smart window and doorway trims! What a fabulous way of fancying up old, or plain windows and doorways. The instructions for these trims are very detailed and well explained, plus there are photos explaining each and every step. We can only imagine how much satisfaction one would have on seeing your once-older or simply plain windows and doorways now looking so smart and modern.

10. Reading Nook

Home Makeover - Reading Nook

From Studio Gray House

This is the perfect solution to an empty nook, and it seems that there are many homes that have these empty places that have no apparent purpose. If you’ve been wondering what on earth to do with your empty space, then have a look at this magic little reading nook. And best of all, you can match the theme of your private reading area with the rest of your room. The instructions for this project are incredible – everything has been outlined in great detail by this very generous couple.

11. Transform your Stairs

Home Makeover - Stairs

By Designer Trapped

This is an inspiring DIY makeover, probably because altering this dowdy old staircase has completely changed the outlook in this home. This stunningly beautiful staircase was once covered in old beige carpet, but just look at it now! The aesthetic impact on this home has been huge.  The instructions are very clear and easy to understand, so if you have a dowdy, unattractive staircase in your home, then this is the DIY project for you!

Any one of the above home improvement ideas can be completed on a budget, and each has the potential to completely transform your room. Of course, the easiest and arguably most effective way of transforming a room is to showcase sentimental family photos on canvas on your walls. Simply upload your photos, choose your options and leave the rest to us.


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