Bridesmaid Gift Ideas: 9 Of The Best

Searching for bridesmaid gift ideas?

Don’t they deserve much more than the usual earrings and a robe?

Surprising your bridesmaids with thank-you gifts is not required, but is a thoughtful gesture of your appreciation.

When you give them their gift is up to you, but if you’re gifting something that might be helpful to them leading up to the wedding, like a monogrammed tote bag or a sleep and eye mask, the bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to surprise your ‘maids at the same time. The rehearsal dinner is also a popular time to hand them out.

If you’re unsure on what to give your bridesmaids, here is a list of creative and stylish gift ideas they’ll love.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

1. Embellished Ribbons
By Martha Stewart

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Embellished Ribbons

2. Canvas Print
Buy on Canvas Factory

3. Chunky Glitter Box
Buy on Etsy

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Glitter Box

4. Wooden Star Keepsake
Buy on Not On The High Street

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Wooden Star Keepsake

5. Survival Kit
By Something Turquoise

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Survival Kit

6. Monogram Stationery Box
By Damask Love

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Monogram Stationery Box


7. Beauty Bag
By Lia Griffith

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Beauty Bag

8. Team Bride Bag
Buy on Nordstrom

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Team Bride Bag

9. Beauty Sleep Eye Mask
Buy on Net-A-Porter

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - Beauty Sleep Eye Mask


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