The 26 Best Honeymoon Destinations On The Planet

This month of June I am to marry and go on my honeymoon. The first place I’ll be introducing my partner to people as my husband will be on an 11-night P&O Cruise to Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Given Vanuatu recently experienced Tropical Cyclone Pam, one of the worst disasters to ever hit the Pacific region, we’re excited to be helping out the local economies there while they rebuild. Tourism is this picturesque region’s bread and butter.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Vanuatu

Of course, June is the perfect time of year to cruise the Pacific. In fact, we chose to get married in Winter entirely for the type of weather we wanted on our honeymoon!

And that’s actually quite a common story newlyweds tell. The date of the wedding is often decided based on their decision on when is best to travel to their preferred location!

So don’t leave the decision on where to honeymoon last, make it the first thing you plan. If you’ve just got engaged, it’s one of the most exciting first things to do together as a couple. The reward of the honeymoon helps you cope with the crazy busy pre-wedding day period.

So why did we choose a Pacific cruise? I wanted to go snorkelling and my partner wanted to go on a cruise, so it made sense for us to combine both our passions and choose a tropical island cruise. We both also wanted to completely switch off from social media. Out in the middle of the deep blue sea, you are completely disconnected from Internet access.

We both also love boats! In fact, my fiancé has created a Facebook photo album of me called ‘Eli Smiling On Boats’. That is going to make for one awesome canvas collage one day, I reckon!

We’re also very much keen to combine relaxation with smatterings of adventure, so the island tours give us the latter while being waited on hand and foot on the boat gives us the former.

But that’s us! You and your partner are uniquely you, so be sure to reflect on what each of you wants from your honeymoon while you’re browsing through what are clearly the 26 best honeymoon destinations on the planet. Have a look below at our island resort ideas, romantic cities, ocean cruises, Asia Pacific holidays and USA vacations.

It almost makes me want to get married again – just so I can have another holiday! Kidding!!!!!!!

Idyllic Island Resorts

1. Belize, Central America

If celebrity attraction is anything to go by, Belize is the hotspot for a secluded couples getaway. The amazing resorts there – El Secreto, Hamanasi, Cayo Espanto, Ka’ana – are practically designed for honeymoons. Belize boasts the best of both worlds – Central American jungle and Caribbean Sea. The national parks are a haven for wildlife and the Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Belize

2. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Having been to Ilha Grande as a single woman, I cannot express enough how wonderful this would be as a honeymoon destination. It’s not a touristy party town like other areas of Brazil. It’s a beautiful secluded island that makes for an ideal romantic getaway. It’s just so quiet! The beaches are grande and the wildlife is also amazing – hummingbirds and monkeys topped my list. It has no roads and motorised vehicles are banned. Bliss!

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Ilha Grande Brazil

3. Thailand

Pick an island, any island! There will usually be a resort that will suit you and your budget. But if you’re after Thailand’s most romantic resorts have a look at: Akaryn Sumai Resort & Spa on Ko Sumui; boutique hotel Zeavola on Phi Phi Don Island; Phulay Bay – a Ritz-Carlton Reserve – in Krabi; or Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa on the mainland. Stay away from Phuket. It’s much too touristy for honeymoon stays.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Thailand

4. St John, US Virgin Islands, Caribbean 

Want to escape civilisation completely? 60% of St John is comprised of pristine national park. A Virgin Island in the Caribbean Sea, St John combines beach, adventure and relaxation. Hike, snorkel, get away from it all – just you and your honey.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - St. John US Virgin Islands Caribbean

5. Bora Bora, Islands of Tahiti

There’s a reason movies always talk about Bora Bora, it’s the ultimate fantasy come true. Thank you French Polynesia! It’s a private oasis where you can enjoy marital bliss from day one! What a great way to celebrate the rest of your life.

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Bora Bora

6. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Cancel all your other plans and just go here. Huvafen Fushi is a boutique resort on the North Malé Atoll in the Maldives. Huvafen Fushi literally means Dream Island. Set against the canvas of the Indian Ocean, this is decadence. You deserve it. This video reveals all.

Romantic Cities

“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild in Sabrina

Big city lights, romantic city nights. Here are the five most romantic cities in the world, with Croatia making the cut as more discover the delight (and affordability) of this incredible eastern European nation. Better yet, why not honeymoon in all five?

7. Paris

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Paris

8. Venice

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Venice

9. Prague

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Prague

10. Santorini

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Santorini Greece

11. Croatia

bestBest Best Honeymoon Destinations - CroatiaDestinations honeymoon-destinations-Croatia

Enchanting Ocean Cruises

Not every cruise is considered equal so research well and choose carefully. Some cruises are for families, some are for partying, others are more for retirees. The trick is picking the right one for you and your lover. Many cruises are affordable and luxurious, but the top luxury cruises are for those who earn a bit more than most of us! Aside from choosing the right cruise company and cruise ship, it’s all about the destination. Here are five very different options.

12. Switzerland Cruise

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Switzerland

13. Grand Mediterranean Cruise (Venice to Barcelona)

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Port Vell

14. Greek Island Cruise

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Greece

15. Pacific Island Cruise

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Vanuatu

16. New Zealand Cruise

Best Honeymoon Destinations - New Zealand

Asia Pacific Adventure

Move over, Caribbean! These five honeymoon destinations in the Asia Pacific Region covering the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Phillippines, Australia and New Zealand are exactly what the love doctor ordered. From exquisite island resorts to tranquil hinterland wineries, romance and indulgence awaits.

17. Fiji

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Fiji

18. Bali

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Bali

19. Boracay, Philippines

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Boracay Philippines

20. Lizard Island, Australia

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Lizard Island Australia

21. Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Malborough Sounds New Zealand

USA Charm

USA is more than just Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Let love rule with these five romantic alternatives. Surf and sun; snow and fireplaces; wine and nature. Honeymoon bliss!

22. Maui

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Maui

23. Hawaii

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Hawaii

24. Napa Valley

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Napa Valley

25. Nantucket

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Nantucket

26. Aspen

Best Honeymoon Destinations - Aspen

Happy honeymooning, lover! When you return, be sure to visit us to put together an incredible honeymoon travel collage. You’ve seen how photogenic these places are. Enjoy the memories for years to come and create your own canvas collage.



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