Beautiful Weddings are Different Weddings

Beautiful Weddings are Different Weddings

It’s 2016 people. Time to mix it up for your wedding. Who cares about all these outdated traditions and rules and regulations that no longer apply to you? Why not make your wedding just as unique as you and your partner are? Different weddings are beautiful weddings! We discuss some ideas that’ll make your wedding stand out from all the rest.

Have A Mixed Bridal Party

Different Weddings - Mixed Bridal Party

Your bridal or groom’s party should be made up of the people who you love the most; who have your back whether you are right or wrong and who you just couldn’t imagine not being by your side on one of the most special days of your life. It’s also 2016 and you know, the fact that we haven’t grown up in gender segregated societies means we’ve probably made some friendships with people of the opposite sex along the way.

In fact, if you’re anything like me and grew up as a massive tomboy playing with trucks instead of barbie dolls, then some of your closest people will be brothers from another mother and not just sisters from different misters. Just because they aren’t the same sex doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included the way you want them to be on your wedding day.
You may need to get creative with attire choices and it may confuse your Great Auntie Bev a little (but so does texting to be fair), but having a mixed bridal or grooms party means you can have all your besties standing next to you on the day that you need them the most.

Invite Your Pets

Different Weddings - Pets

As long as your pets aren’t anything like my two dogs that have significant personality disorders due to the effect of single parenting on them, why not invite them to be part of your wedding? These days our fur babies are just as much part of our family as our human ones . Some have even been around longer.

Ride your horse in, use your dog as a ring bearer or let your flower girl carry your cat. Hell, use your python as a necklace if that’s what floats your goat (goat- get it? See what I did there?). However way you include them, it’s your wedding so if you want them there then why not make it happen? Dress them up in formal wear for an overload of cuteness and watch your guests swoon.

Hot tip- Keep in mind that the amount of people at your wedding might be very overwhelming for even the most outgoing pet. It’s a good idea to assign a person to look after them at all times or get them picked up and cared for after they’ve finished their “formal duties”. The last thing you need is your pet pig gone rogue and making a mud pit out of your wedding cake, though it would make some interesting photos!

Wear Pink. Or Red. Or Black. Or a Suit if You Want To.

Different Weddings - Color Wedding Dress

From Wedding Inspirasi

Contrary to popular opinion, white wedding dresses became fashionable after Queen Victoria opted to wear white when she marriage Albert of Saxe-Coburg in the 19th Century, and had nothing to do with the symbolization of virginity. In fact, blue was actually recognised as the colour of purity at the time.

Anyway, over the years, it became accepted as the shade of choice and later customary. And somewhere along the way, someone started a rumour that it represented being virtuous and it just stuck as the meaning of the white dress.

Now kudos to Queen Elizabeth and everything for starting a trend that’s lasted a couple of centuries and all (your move Louis Vuitton!), but if you want to buck it and do something completely different why don’t you? Wear whatever colour you love. Wear a skirt and top and cardigan. A suit. Dress in fancy dress if you so desire. Wear whatever makes you feel like, because it’s your wedding. And even if whatever you choose doesn’t start a trend for centuries to come, at least, you would have felt truly beautiful on your special day.

Make Your Grandmas Your Flower Girls

Different Weddings - Grandma Flower Girl

From People

Rachel and Patrick Givens recently made headlines around the world for choosing their grandma’s as flower “ladies” for their wedding day. And why not? Not everyone has an adorable three-year-old family member or friend’s bub they’d love to have as their flower girl. When that’s the case why do we feel obligated to bribe our friend Stacey’s sister- in law’s four-year-old demon child to do it when we have a perfectly good auntie or grandma that are far less likely to cry, throw a tantrum, or wet their pants while leading the ladies down the aisle.

It doesn’t matter which role it is you don’t have to stick to traditions. Have your grandpa as your ring bearer, your mum walking you down the aisle and your sister as your best person if that’s the roles you believe they’re suited to. Don’t forget it’s your day, you can do what you like!

Serve Pizza. Or Burgers. Or KFC If You Want!

Different Weddings - Serve Pizza

From DailyMail Online

Three-course sit-down meals are so 1990. They offer a limited choice for your guests, they require extra waiting staff and they are expensive. Buffets are often a cheaper version that offers more choice but they require more time and preparation for your venue, often cause a big waiting line and take up more space.
I love the idea of setting up mini food stations, where you can make your own burgers or tacos or whatever it is. But I love the idea more of serving something that’s special to you and your partner. If you realised they were the one over a shared pizza and wine then why not serve beautiful woodfired pizzas to your guests? Or if there’s something that’s important to you whether from Japanese to KFC if you want to serve that on your wedding day it’s your choice!

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