Love It Up: 24 Wedding Themes For 2017

Love It Up: 24 Wedding Themes For 2017

Everyone loves a wedding, right? But it’s those weddings that stand out from a crowd that we tend to remember. Choosing a wedding theme, something that brings all the elements of a wedding together, is a way to do this.

The good news, brides, is you don’t have to have a lot of money to make an impact.

The next piece of good news is that, in 2017, it’s all about choice. You don’t have to follow the status quo, but if you want to you can.

Let’s take a look at some of the trending wedding themes: both traditional and modern, something for Summer or Winter and – of course – the quirky and the downright kooky.

Game Of Thrones wedding anyone? Wait, what?

Traditional Wedding Themes

The wonderful thing about tradition is that you can follow tradition to the hilt or give it your own contemporary twist. 2017 sees the return of 1920s chic (think Downton Abbey) and flowers – lots and lots of beautiful, vibrant flowers.

1. 1920s chic

From Flickr (flippinyank)

Wedding Themes - Traditional 1920s

2. Floral wedding canopy

From By Tezza

Wedding Themes - Traditional Wedding Canopy

The Modern Marriage

Let’s delve deeply into what the modern wedding looks like in 2017. We’ve saved lots of digital space for this one; for lovers of all things contemporary.

Remember it’s not about being ‘on trend’ – a wedding is way too important and individual for that. It’s simply about knowing the options available out there in this, the wonderful 21st Century.

If you love bling, 2017 is all about glitter or, if glitter’s not your friend consider icy silvery tones (think silver or platinum) from your cake to your jewellery to your makeup.

If you love rustic charm, think beyond the flower and consider simple arrangements of leaves, branches or palms. Think lots of greenery with minimalist vibes.

If you love flowers you will adore the trend towards peonies with their lush shape and soft, romantic petals. Another wedding theme that embraces florals is chic lilac and grey. Just wow.

3. Grown-up ways to use glitter

From Facebook (Z Create Design) 

Wedding Themes - Modern Glitter

4. Aqua themed rustic wedding

From Every Last Detail (Sarah Bray Photography)

Wedding Themes - Modern Aqua Rustic

5. Greenery wedding decoration ideas

From Junebug Weddings (Anna Kim Photography)

Wedding Themes - Modern Greenery 2

6. Peony wedding bouquets

From Modwedding

Wedding Themes - Modern Peony

7. Using greenery in your wedding decor

Wedding Themes - Modern Greenery

8. Icy silver tones

From Mariage Original

Wedding Themes - Modern Silver

9. Chic lilac and grey wedding theme inspiration

From Pinterest

Wedding Themes - Modern Lilic And Grey


If you want a bright, happy wedding then add a dash of Summer colour to make the traditional white come alive.

Gorgeous gerberas, sassy sunflowers and tropical turquoise will provide that extra special something.

10. Summer wedding flower #1: Gerbera daisies

From Blue Rose Pictures

Wedding Themes - Summer Gerbera

11. Summer wedding flower #2: Sunflowers

From Happy Wedding Invitation

Wedding Themes - Summer Sunflower

12. Tropical turquoise wedding oasis

From The Frosted Petticoat (Creatrix Photography)

Wedding Themes - Summer Turquoise

13. Provide a shady outdoor setting

From Boho Weddings (Blue Daisy Photography)

Wedding Themes - Summer


These Winter wedding themes make me want to get married all over again just so I can design them into my day. I didn’t even know I would like a snowy fairy-tale wedding until I saw this gorgeous Winter wonderland theme, below. And how perfect is midnight blue and gold together?

Don’t even get me started on the woodland Winter themes complete with lanterns, candles, flower crowns, pink roses, deep red woody settings and a long sleeve gown that’s so deliciously vogue. You lucky brides!

14. Midnight blue and gold


Wedding Themes - Winter Blue And Gold

15. Winter wonderland

Wedding Themes - Winter Wonderland

16. Lantern and candles

Wedding Themes - Winter Lantern And Candle

17. Christmas woodland inspiration

From Chic Vintage Brides (Bell Studio – Esther & Gabe)

Wedding Themes - Winter Christmas

18. Winter flower crowns

From Brides

Wedding Themes - Winter Floral Crown

19. Long sleeved Winter wedding dress

From Closer

Wedding Themes - Winter Dress

Quirky And Kooky

There’s a fine line between unconventionally awesome and unbelievably bizarre, isn’t there? We’ve included both here so you can make that distinction. You can be the judge! Push your own boundaries.

That said, while festival style, carnival style and Alice in Wonderland themed wedding sound as cute as pie, the team here is wracking our brain as to how on earth you could have a Game Of Thrones themed wedding. Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

20. Navy cake

From Wedding Wire (Sonia Bourdon Photography)

Wedding Themes - Unusual Navy

21. Festival style

From Rock n Roll Bride (Alexis Diack)

Wedding Themes - Unusual Festival

22. Alice in Wonderland theme

Wedding Themes - Unusual Alice In Wonderland

23. Game of Thrones theme

From Pinterest

Wedding Themes - Unusual Game Of Thrones

24. Carnival theme

From TBdress Blog

Wedding Themes - Unusual Carnival


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