21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st Birthday Party Ideas

It feels like only yesterday you were tearing up over organising your little one’s first birthday party. But a lot has happened since then. From their first day of primary school to moving out of their family home, they’ve certainly achieved a lot. It’s time to ensure your now grown up adult has the night of their life with these 21st birthday party ideas.

Turning 21 is a massive milestone. Your loved one has officially reached adulthood. It’s time to celebrate accordingly. So wipe away the tears, put on your party planning hat, and get organised with these awesome 21st birthday party ideas. We’ve also thrown in a few 21st birthday present ideas for you to find the perfect gift.

Pick A Good Venue

21st birthday party ideas
So, how do you choose the perfect venue? It’s best to choose a venue where you don’t need to clean up any mess the next day! It might be a bit pricier than hosting it at home, but you’ll have plenty of space and at least you don’t have to worry about security.

Your 21st birthday party venue should be big enough to host everyone but intimate enough that you can gather all the friends and family together.

If you would prefer to have it at your house instead, it’s definitely worth hiring security for the night. Safety first, ladies and gentleman!

Go Old School With The Invites

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Invitations

From Pink Poppy Party Shoppe

About five or six weeks before the 21st birthday extravaganza you should start getting the ball rolling. Once you’ve got the guest list down packed why not go old school with the invites and get proper invitations to send by mail?

A revolutionary idea, we know, and it does go against everything this digital era represents. But how nice is it to receive a proper invite in the mail these days?

Speaking of Catering

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Food

From Catch My Party

It’s up to you whether you want to to put some money on the bar or provide alcohol for the occasion. There’s no set tradition these days, whatever you feel is appropriate. However, it might be worth providing some sort of meal or nibbles. Remember you are dealing with a lot of young adults, and if they are anything like my family, older adults, who might not really understand their limits when it comes to alcohol.

Eating is not cheating. It’s a glorious activity after a few alcoholic beverages that we highly recommend! Whether you cater with some finger food, pizza or a sit-down meal, it’s a good idea to have something there to help line the stomachs of your guests.

Consider Hiring A Photographer

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Photographer

From Errol Rebello Photography

Let’s be honest. We all have great intentions at events like this to take some lovely photos of the night. A 21st birthday celebration is a special event that you want to remember for years to come. However, more often than not we get busy socialising and mingling and photos taken are the ones you don’t even remember posing for, and you’re likely to throttle the person if it makes it way to Facebook.

It’s worth considering hiring a photographer for the event to catch all the magic memories of the night. If not, assign the role to a family member or friend. Afterwards, you can turn your favourite photos into beautiful canvas prints to hang around the home proudly.

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Canvas

The Glorious Birthday Cake

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Cake

From Little Birthday Cakes

Cake. Wonderful, delicious, magnificent cake! Any day is a good day to have cake as far as I’m concerned, but no 21st is complete without one. Whether you end up making your own or order one from a cake maker, there are so many rad designs you can find on Pinterest these days. From classic cakes to “drunk barbie” and more, choosing the perfect 21st birthday party cake for is all part of the fun of planning the party.

It’s Their Night

21st Birthday Party Ideas

We know you’ve spent the last 21 years wiping their bums, cleaning their snot and looking after them when they are unwell. It might be a tough day for you not only realising that they are how an official adult, but also they are no longer dependent on you. But remember they will still need you for the rest of their lives, just for different things.

We hope these 21st birthday party ideas have inspired you to make a really special day for your loved one. And don’t forget that it is their day, and more likely than not they are going to want to celebrate it with their friends, not just you and the rest of your family. Don’t take it personally. Let them enjoy the night, no matter what they will always be your baby.


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