18th Birthday Present Ideas

18th Birthday Present Ideas

Turning 18 is a very special milestone. It’s less about earning the right to drink and more about celebrating youth in all its awesomeness. These 18th birthday present ideas will celebrate growing into adulthood and everything that comes with it.

An 18th birthday doesn’t happen every day. So why not find a special gift to commemorate the occasion? That means no boring socks, chocolates, or clothes.

It means getting a gift that is unique. You should get your loved ones a gift which requires thought and effort to create. Luckily, we know just what to get! Keep scrolling to get our top 18th birthday gift ideas.

Awesome 18th birthday gifts for him

Looking for 18th birthday gifts for him? A photo gift is the perfect way to commemorate the friendship of all the boys and the different activities they enjoy together.

Impress your mate with this awesome canvas wall display. All you have to do is gather together the best photos from Facebook and Instagram!

You might choose to select photos of that one favourite sport you all do together or collect shots showcasing your favourite activities – surfing, cycling, rock climbingor basketball.

Or, perhaps you just want to add photos of you and all your mates out at your favourite places, from barbecues to concerts – wherever you love to go out!

This is a personalised gift, and the best part is that it’s so meaningful.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Sports Display

Beautiful 18th birthday gifts for her

Your favourite girls will absolutely adore a personalised print. She’ll love receiving something just for her from all of her amazing girlfriends.

Get the girls together to create a gift she will hold onto forever. The idea is to choose photos of the birthday girl having a great time with all her friends so you can incorporate them into a canvas collage.

Why not get each friend to choose 1-2 photos each? Then, leave the centre panel for a special, personalised image. Choose the most creative friend to design something, either in Photoshop or Canva.

Canva is great, as you don’t have to be a graphic designer to use it. Write something from the heart and then sign off from all the girls!

In Canva, simply choose a design then use a blank template to add a background. Write the message in a funky font style and colour.

You’ll need a high resolution image, so be sure to select ‘PDF: To Print’ when you’re ready to download it.

Save it somewhere safe then add it, along with your other photos, to our Canvas Factory collage template.

Voila! You’ve just transformed our traditional collage template into the most awesome 18th birthday gift for her.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Personalised Collage

Unique 18th birthday present ideas

Keen to claim the title of coolest parent ever? Then here’s something unique to give your children – urban art. Many of our customers think we only print canvas photos that you upload yourself – family portraits, travel photos, pet prints.

However, we also have a library of over 25 million images you can browse through. These images would make gorgeous art that has the ability to enhance your home’s interior.

Our Urban Art collection is a compilation of edgy, streetwise art images, much loved by the young at heart.

Put a smile on the dial of your teenager who’s ready to say goodbye to their outdated band posters and embrace something a little more unique.

And that’s what 18 is all about, isn’t it?


18th birthday present ideas

18th birthday gift ideas for adventurers

If your teen loves adventure then this photo gift on metal will celebrate that courageous streak.

Create amazing metal art using intrepid sports your teen aspires to conquer. This metal wall display provides the opportunity for 3 photos, but if you’re after a larger display be sure to check out our full selection.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Metal Wall Display

A personalised collage to treasure

If you’re looking for 18th birthday present ideas that are sure to impress, you’ve come to the right place!

A pretty glass collage, from our silhouette collection, is way better than something off the shelf. It’s a gift your loved one will treasure forever.

If your best friend is turning 18, show you truly know them by putting together a photo collage featuring all of their favourite things.

This personalised collage can include any photo at all – a favourite food, a favourite activity, a favourite sport.

If you get stuck, visit your loved one’s Facebook and Instagram pages (or your own!) and find photos that truly capture your friend’s personality.


18th birthday present ideas collage

18th birthday gifts in metal

If you have a friend that loves cars, this metal print – of your mate’s own car – will be an absolute hit.

If car photos adorn your friend’s Facebook and Instagram profile, then this gift is a no-brainer.

Simply download a photo from Facebook and upload it to our CanvasApp, selecting ‘aluminium’ as your material.

For a vintage effect, remove the colour from the photo. You can do this using our Effects tool when you order your print.

Black and white prints look amazing on brushed aluminium and this personalised print will be no different.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Metal Print

Funk up the romance on her 18th

This is one for the artists and the romantics out there. Transform a modish heart collage into a work of art.

When it comes to love, the most thoughtful 18th birthday presents are cherished long after the celebrations have passed. This is one of those gifts.

Adorn the outside frames of your collage with your own original artwork then display a photo of you and your girlfriend or boyfriend in the centre frame.


18th birthday gift ideas

Nurture her love of world travel

Are you and your best friend dreaming of travel? Perhaps this gift will inspire your friend to save up and wait for the right time to head overseas again!

The idea is simple. Want to travel to Berlin, Croatia, Rome, Vienna and London? Well, simply put those photos on a canvas collage to create excitement about a future trip!

There are some beautiful free high-resolution photos available on Flickr and Unsplash.

On Flicker, you can pretty much search for any city in the world and something awesome will come up. Just be sure to check usage rights and download a high-resolution image.

On Unsplash you’ll find a beautiful selection of free, high-resolution photos. They are very artistic, however, they’re not always well labelled. But, if you know what you’re looking for, it’s a great way to secure high-quality photos.

If you find yourself completely stuck, browse through our own selection of canvas art photos.

Download a selection then upload them into our CanvasApp to create a ‘Live Travel Adventure’ themed collage, one of our most popular canvases.

With this hanging as inspiration on her wall, your 18th year together is going to be one to remember in no time.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Travel Collage

The ultimate 18th photo board display

No 18th birthday party is complete without a photo board display, but why settle for something DIY when you can create a gorgeous keepsake?

Say goodbye to old school DIY and hello to the 21st Century gift that keeps on giving long after the party has ended.

Gather up the best of the best photos of the 18-year-old, scan them in at a high resolution and upload them to our CanvasApp to create a stunning canvas wall display.

This example has a massive 9 frames to fill, giving you the opportunity to honour the best days of their life.

They will never want to dismantle it and the good news is, they don’t have to! It can become a part of their home for years to come.


18th Birthday Present Ideas - Photo Board

18th birthday gifts for siblings

Turning 18 is all about new beginnings. So, gift your brother or sister something that will inspire greater heights. Give your 18 year old brother or sister a fresh start with a wall display of inspiring quotes.

It doesn’t matter if the quotes are from famous people or simply stolen from a Pinterest board, it’s all about creating a personalised display that speaks directly to them.

The wonderful thing about designing this display is that you can choose any quote you like and, using a tool like Canva, any design you like.

In Canva, you can choose a range of coloured backgrounds, patterned backgrounds, text fonts and text colours. It’s a lot of fun, actually.

As you create each of your four designs, download them as ‘PDF: To Print’, then upload them into our canvas app to build your wall display.

What gift will you choose for your loved one’s 18th birthday?


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