The 10 Biggest Interiors Trends Of 2020

The 10 Biggest Interiors Trends Of 2020

The new year is a great opportunity to reset with fresh goals and fresh interiors. And while your home should be a unique reflection of your personal style, it can be helpful to borrow design inspiration from the latest design trends. That’s why we’ve compiled our top picks of the biggest interior design trends for 2020.

Read on to discover which interior design trends will be making waves this year. We’ll show you how to easily incorporate them into your home in a way that will ensure that your home looks timeless and classic, yet on-trend and fabulous!

 1. Bold black and white

It’s no secret that modern design often incorporates a minimal, monotone colour scheme, but interiors trends in 2020 are taking this to a new level.

Modern style cues take black and white and apply it to bold patterns and styles, instead of sleek and sophisticated yet muted designs.

We’re seeing this in tiling; striking Art Deco styles are adorning bathrooms, as well as statement-making black and white striped furniture or the stark contrast of white cushions against a black couch.

Get the look: To get this bold look, try incorporating zebra-striped photo cushions, or black and white striped cushions somewhere into your interior design scheme.

Or, for something a little more eye-catching, wall art can lift the mood of an entire space and create a spot of intrigue on otherwise bare and boring walls. Browse our range of designs for bold monochrome design to create unique artworks to adorn your walls with.

bold interiors

2. Multi-functional spaces

In a changing economy, the size of our spaces becomes less important. Rather, it’s how we are using our spaces that is becoming important. But rather than allowing practicality to trump the aesthetically-pleasing aspect of our interior spaces, designers are finding ways to tick all the boxes, creating spaces which are beautiful yet remain functional and flexible.

In this way, a spare room becomes a luxurious home office that also doubles as an extended wardrobe, hidden storage abounds, and material possessions that don’t have a function start to become obsolete.

Get the look: Incorporate hidden storage into all your spaces and purchase multi-functional furniture; make use of secret storage draws under the bed, storage inside an ottoman or underneath an L-shaped couch, or hang shelving in unused cupboard space.

Rather than adding ornaments on precious bench or table space, all your available wall space can be utilised. You can achieve this by adding floating shelving, which can be adorned with books, ornaments, photo blocks and frames. Or, just adorn your walls with stunning pieces of wall art. Metal wall art, in particular, lies conveniently flat to the wall, making it perfect for tight spaces like hallways, other high-traffic areas in the home, or within small apartments.

bedroom storage

3. Organic beauty

An increased interest in sustainability in popular culture means that organic materials have been given a new lease on life in the interiors space. Natural materials are not only durable and hard-wearing but they are also are easy to recycle or reuse if and when needed, unlike synthetic materials, which can be hard to recycle, if they can be recycled at all.

Natural, organic materials also tend to convey a homely, lived-in feel. And while this design trend is nothing new, it will continue to dominate in 2020 in newer and more exciting ways. Think materials like rattan, cotton, linen, wicker, jute and timber, in all their organic and raw forms.

Get the look: This trend can be fully embraced to completely transform your spaces, or, instead, choose just a few key pieces to incorporate the look into your existing spaces. This natural style can look fabulous pared back with modern interiors or tied into a classic, country or Hamptons-style residence with plenty of white, natural colours and fabrics to soften the spaces.

Furniture is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend. Simply select furniture in natural fabrics; such as wooden bed frames, seagrass baskets and cane chairs with fresh white cushions. You can even try foraging for driftwood, dried palm leaves or leaves to be used as natural, decorative pieces.

Or, extend the look with a few select pieces of wall art; opt for wrapped canvas for a raw look, with a variety of designs to choose from, such as:

organic interiors

4. Bringing the outdoors in

Even though many of us don’t necessarily get out in nature and experience the outdoors every day, we’re seeking to become more and more connected with nature in our homes and office spaces, using plant life.

Greenery not only helps you feel more in-tune with nature, but research has shown that being among plants can help us feel happier, reduce our stress levels and even increase productivity.

Get the look: It’s easy to incorporate plants into your home, whether that’s large floor plants in planter pots, small pots placed on desks, shelves or tabletops, or hanging plants in outdoor areas or on your walls. You can even add small pots to floating shelving; just be careful not to over-water them!

If you don’t have a great track record keeping plants alive, there are a variety of low-maintenance species available, such as cacti and other succulents. Or, if you’re not up to the task of keeping a real plant alive, some of the fake variations look almost like the real deal.

In lieu of actual plants, you can decorate your walls with wall art in order to bring nature to your spaces. Our top ideas for wall art that feature plants are:

monstera print

5. Luxury bohemian chic

Bohemian is by no means a “new” trend, but this season, it has a new lease on life, with a more luxurious feel. Bohemian is, by definition, typically quite relaxed, yet has a sumptuous feel to it. Therefore, bohemian luxe is all about rich fabrics and colours, with a mix of patterns, colours and textures. It takes bohemian to the next level by upping the style stakes with carefully-considered, tasteful and high-quality pieces.

Get the look: In terms of colours, look to jewel tones like emerald, ruby and sapphire. This look is also quite eclectic; so, mixing modern and antique pieces can work well if done tastefully.

Make a statement with an antique piece of furniture, colourful armchair, or a striking artwork; it will wow guests walking in your door. When deciding on your artwork, try to echo the tones or colours which exist in your room already; a cool colour palette might work well with a green artwork with hints of silver to create that luxurious look.

For wall art ideas, try browsing our collection. We’ve got millions of images you can use for your artworks. Simply search by colour or style.

bohemian luxe

6. Earthy textures and tones

Following the sustainability trend, earthy tones reminiscent of nature are shaping up to become a popular interiors trend in 2020.

Colours taken straight from nature will continue to trend, such as various shades of green and blue and browns, as well as earthy reds and pinks. Olive green is being touted as one of the “it” colours of the season, seen in fabrics all around the home.

Get the look: Colour is one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your interiors, whether you opt to add a freshly-painted accent wall in your room, or scatter a few new cushions in the living room.

For statement-making interiors, pair earthy neutrals like sand and taupe with richer accent colours like periwinkle blue, lilac or dusky pink.

Incorporate texture where you can, and plenty of it. Think soft furnishings in fabrics such as felt, bouclé, tweed, or wool.

earthy tones interior design trends

7. Brass hardware

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen an explosion of black hardware, in the kitchen and the bathroom on taps, handles, doors, lighting fixtures and everything in between. While this will always be a timeless look and chrome will always have its place, brass hardware is making a comeback in a big way, particularly in more classic-style homes as well as farmhouse-style and rustic homes.

interior design trends brass tapware

Brass hardware is one of those trends that will go in and out but has always been a quiet achiever in the design industry. Instead of the shiny brass of the ’90s, brass hardware in 2020 has more of a weathered look that can give more of an antique or industrial feel.

Get the look: Brass fixtures look great in monochrome kitchens, either modern or classic. You can even use a mixed-materials look in a modern-eclectic home using gold and brass hardware to create a unique look. Brass can bring some much-needed warmth to a Hamptons-style kitchen or bathroom with an expanse of white.

Those who can’t afford to change their tapware at the drop of a hat can utilise the trend in the lighting and accessories space. Brass tapware in the bathroom can work well with metal wall art or a striking oversized gold-framed mirror.

Brass mirror

8. Geometrics

Geometric patterns have been around for a while now, and this trend isn’t looking to change. Instead of overdoing it, successfully incorporating this interior design trend in 2020 is about achieving a harmonious balance between strong geometric lines and other design components.

Get the look: Pick a space in your rooms where you’d like to incorporate this trend. That might be your bathroom tiles, a geometric wallpaper that doesn’t look too bold, or a large piece of geometric wall art.

Remember, geometric prints can be overwhelming and can make a room look busy if there are too many other patterns in use. For your geometric look to really pop, try to tone down other aspects of your room with a neutral couch, chairs, walls and other furniture.

geometric design

9. Florals

Florals have certainly been around for a long time, but they’re another interior trend that will be seeing a resurgence in 2020. Instead of your grandmother’s traditional pink floral wallpaper, though, think bold, vibrant florals.

The florals of 2020 range from wacky, wild jungle prints to more feminine, softer floral designs.

floral cushion

Get the look: Adopt this romantic trend with wallpaper, cushions, or wall art. Photo cushions can almost be like miniature artworks in themselves. The best part? You can never have enough cushions. Opt for either soft pink florals or bold, colourful floral designs. To pare it back, mix and match wilder cushion designs with a neutral colour palette and intersperse with plain-coloured cushions.

Alternatively, wall art with floral botanical illustrations or a floral pattern can lend a unique look to your kitchen or living room walls.

10. Mixed metals

A range of metals can suit a range of looks, from classic farmhouse or rustic, Hamptons and coastal styles, to modern industrial styles and everything in between. We’re seeing a range of metals from tin to chrome, gold, brass, bronze and silver. Rose gold – perhaps one of the most overused interiors trend in the last couple of years – is officially out, and can be too complex to add to a mixed metals look.

mixed metals interiors

Get the look: Aim to mix metals but no more than two or three in a room, otherwise, your space can look too busy. Also, plan your styling. Try not to include too many conflicting colours, tones, textures and design styles. Even if your aesthetic is more eclectic, there should still be a method behind the design madness. Aim for a common thread to unite your design, such as colour, shape or style. Stick to a sophisticated colour palette with neutrals, pastels or jewel tones.

Check out our article on metallic wall art for more inspiration.

Whether you choose to adopt one or more of these interiors trend in 2020, they often work best when you stick to your original design vision and bring your unique style. Trends will come and go, and you can choose to adopt parts of them to create individual spaces that are functional yet fabulous.

To start spicing up your spaces, start browsing Canvas Factory’s range here, or for more wall art styling tips, check out our other blogs here.


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