How To Incorporate Metallic Wall Art Décor In Your Home

How To Incorporate Metallic Wall Art Décor In Your Home

Metallics are easy to weave into your homewares and can instantly create an elevated industrial look in your home that is modern and sophisticated, yet classic. But it’s a trend that can be easily overdone. So how do you get a look that strikes the right balance between chic and timeless without slapping metallic paint on everything you can find or adding garish pieces of metallic wall art décor? After all, you don’t want to blind your guests with dazzling shiny metallics every time they walk in your door!

We’ve compiled our top decorating tips so you can add a tasteful touch of metallics in your home.

Living room décor ideas using metallics

Metallics in the home look great in small doses. By adding a metallic finish or a silvery sheen here and there you can elevate your home, creating a sleek, modern look in any space.

The best part about this trend is that you only need one or two pieces to create a luminous sheen in your spaces. When it comes to metallics in the home, less is definitely more.

Copper and rose gold tones have had a lengthy time in the limelight in recent years. This year, those colours made way for gold and brass, which retain a more classic, timeless feel. Stainless steel and chrome remain trendy, while the classic black matte trend isn’t looking likely to fade anytime soon. On-trend metal decor can range from highly polished to a dusty metal for a toned-down look.

We’re also seeing more tarnished metals in the homewares and design space. This look can have more of an industrial feel or could drift into antique-style homewares, depending on how you interpret the trend.

tarnished metal bed frame

Mixing metals in moderation

The mixed-metal look has proved to be a huge trend this year. While you can use just one colour like gold, it’s fun to mix and match, and this can create a look with a little more depth. You could also try using all warm metallics like shades of gold and brass with white, or use cool chrome, silver, and pewter tones.

Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. Rather than playing it safe with metals in the obvious places like light fixtures, tap hardware, and furniture legs, get creative! Try hanging metallic wall art décor, use metallic paint with a slight sheen, or mix up natural materials like wood with a touch of metal.

metallic homewares

A more eclectic look often feels more modern. Therefore, try mixing opposing finishes; matte and shiny, or patterned with plain to create intrigue for the eye.

The best way to incorporate metals in your home is by using it unexpectedly. Try using metals in cushions by combining more muted pastels with a gold sheen, mixing in a silver candle with creamy neutrals; or adding a gold hanging plant pot which pops against the greenery.

silver chairs

Mix gold with chrome or black hardware; these can go with almost anything. A chrome lamp can make your office space instantly sleek, and a galaxy-style swirl of paint on a canvas with gold detailing can provide intrigue on your otherwise bare and boring walls.

Metallic wall art décor

If you want the metallic homewares look, a piece of wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this look. It also means it’s easy to swap pieces out if you decide you want a change. As with furniture and other homewares pieces, metallic wall art décor works best in moderation. Therefore, it’s best to either opt for one high-shine statement piece, or invest in a couple of select canvas prints with a slight metallic sheen; a shimmering splash of gold, or a streak of silver iridescence.

metallic wall art decor

We’ve got a huge range of images to choose from. These can be turned into stunning metallic wall art décor at surprisingly affordable prices. Check out our huge range of images here.

Metal wall art prints

If you don’t necessarily want a bold metallic look but do want a sleek metallic sheen, metal prints are the way to go. You can use any image you like on an aluminium base. You’ll still be able to achieve that metallic sheen, but you’ll also have a strong image with rich, vibrant colours. Metallic prints can be personalised however you like and they’re versatile enough to make any space shine.

lake metal prints

Metal prints are also highly durable. They are perfect in areas which are exposed to a lot of moisture, like the bathroom or in kitchens, and can even last outside in courtyards, withstanding all kinds of weather for decades. Our metal prints are created using high-quality aluminium and have a chic, gallery-style look with a sleek, high-shine finish.

Find out how to style our metal prints in our blog post.

For a more unique look, corrugated iron prints are another weather-proof, durable option that will last for years to come. Depending on how you style them, they can have a rustic, classic or contemporary look.

Check out our corrugated iron print options here.

corrugated iron metallic print

Metallic photo cushions

Photo cushions are trending in a big way this year. The best part about our photo cushions is that they are fully customisable, so whether you want full gold pillows or just a touch of iridescent shimmer, we can use any high-quality image to bring your homewares to life.

gold cushions

Select whichever image you want and we’ll transfer it to your photo cushion. Whatever you choose will be as unique as you are! To check out our range of photo cushions, click here.

The golden rules of metallic homewares

There are a few key rules to stick to when buying metallic homewares, as it’s very easy to overdo it! If you stick to these rules you’ll be able to create stylish rooms effortlessly using metallics.

  • The golden rule with metallic homewares is; don’t go overboard, unless you have other neutral items to balance out your look. Less is more with metallics
  • If you’re buying metals, check what they are made of and how they should be treated. Make sure you’re using appropriate metals in the kitchen or bathroom so they won’t rust or tarnish if exposed to water
  • Contrast pops of metallics with bare wallpaper and neutrals like brown, grey, or white
  • Mixing metals can get overwhelming, so if you are going for this look, try to keep other elements simpler so your rooms don’t look overdone

bronze lamp metallic homewares

  • Buying a few items at a time is ideal, if you can manage to hold off! That way, you can wait and see what each room looks like, reflect, and then buy more when you’ve considered what will work best in each space
  • When using metallics and mixed metals, try to find other threads of commonality, like similar shapes or styles
  • Think about which colours work well with different metals. For instance, blush pink and copper are a match made in heaven. Touches of gold works particularly well with jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue, or warm pinks
  • Always opt for high-quality when it comes to metals. It’s easy for metals to look gaudy (especially gold) and metallic paint can tarnish easily. Our prints are extremely high-quality and, if you upload a high-quality image, you’ll be able to create a high-quality print that is rich in detail, particularly using our metal prints

gold furniture

Using metals to your advantage

Metals can change the whole dynamic of any room because they are so striking. Use your metals in the following ways to elevate your spaces:

  • Use a bright gold piece of furniture to add light in a dark space. Metals reflect the light, so adding metallic decor near a window can brighten up a darker space. Black and gold or grey and gold spectacularly together so these can be winning colour combinations
  • Use metallic wall art décor with rich metals in swirling patterns to create an intriguing galactical world on neutral walls
  • Textiles and matte tones can soften the look of heavy metals. Use this to your advantage, particularly when using a lot of heavy brass and rich gold tones
  • If you only want to use a touch of metallics, look for traces of it in patterns. Try a touch of metallic paint in marble tiles, a pearly sheen in fabrics or a splash of metallic paint in wall art can create a rich glow in your spaces

If you want an easy way to get the metallic homewares look, check out our range of canvas prints, photo cushions, metal prints, and other homewares pieces.

Our range of fully customisable, so you’ll be able to create beautiful metallic wall art décor pieces, photo cushions or other items that are truly unique.

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