Designing a Teen Boy’s Room with Metal Prints

Sometimes the soft and artistic feel of canvas just isn’t quite right for the project at hand. While canvas prints are beautiful and bring the art gallery feel to any room, when you’re dealing with a teenage boy, for example, arty and beautiful, may not be the perfect notes to hit when decorating the room.


There are, happily, other materials options for decorating your walls: Metal prints and aluminium prints. Both bring a harder edge to the look and feel of the room, and their texture is often just the right touch for a young man trying to put his own imprint on the room while satisfying your need to give every room in your home a sheen of elegant, thoughtful design.

Metal Prints Bring the Cool

For a teenage boy, metal prints offer an element of toughness and grunge when combined with the right idea that can set their room apart from the rest of the house. At that age having your own defined space that is separate from the rest of the world and respected by the family is essential. While it sometimes means that you don’t see your children for long periods of time, it’s an important part of the maturation process. Giving them a bit of control over the design of their room is a great way to involve them and give them some ownership.

Aluminium Prints are not only a great “masculine” design element that also carry a whiff of punk attitude that kids will love, they also bring with them many other advantages.


Aluminium Prints: Durable and Flexible

Metal Prints of all kinds offer two advantages over wall art made from other materials:

  • Durable. Metal prints can withstand all sorts of punishment, from being knocked off the walls during a victory celebration or video game tournament to being splashed with water or soda on a regular basis. No matter what your young sons dish out, metal prints will handle the punishment with aplomb.
  • Flexible Design. Not only can metal prints display any photo you want, whether it’s a personal family photo, chosen from an online library, or a great pattern or texture snapped with the smartphone, it can also display album covers, celebrities, or just cool sayings. In other words, it can display anything your teen son might want on his wall – and do so in a cool, tough way that will appeal to any teenager.

Metal prints are flat-out cool looking, and when combined with the right imagery or text can be a stunning design moment in any room. The rough-and-tumble look and feel of metal combined with its durability, however, makes it an ideal design choice for the young man in your house whose room is his retreat and his laboratory all at the same time.

When you’ve done your homework and you have the ideas in hand for your teen son’s room redecoration, click here and we’ll take your images and turn them into the perfect aluminium prints wall art for his room.