Three Reasons to Go Glass Instead of Using Canvas Prints

When decorating your home or office, at some point someone will suggest photo canvas printing as a cool way to bring your family, interests, or memories and achievements into the design. This is a powerful way to make your home or office reflect who you are as a person by printing photos of loved pets, inspirational prints, or places you’ve visited – or would like to visit.


Canvas is the obvious choice for pictures hung on the wall, as it grants a sense of artistic quality and class instantly. Canvas prints on the wall have a warm and luxurious feel to them. But when it comes to design in your home or office, why restrict yourself to canvas? Prints on metal or acrylic glass prints can bring not just a pop of colour or personality to your rooms, but bring other advantages as well. Glass prints, for example, have several distinct advantages when you’re decorating your home.

Acrylic Glass Prints for the Wet Rooms

Canvas or paper prints are vulnerable to the elements and are unsuitable for any space or room where the humidity may spike, or where they might become wet on a regular basis. Even one splash can ruin a beautiful canvas print. So how do you hang your gorgeous photos and precious memories in the bathrooms in your home? The answer is simple: instead of canvas, choose acrylic glass prints. They’re waterproof and resistant to the other fluctuations of wet rooms, outdoor spaces, and even basements where dampness can be the slow, subtle killer of art.

Acrylic Glass Prints Let the Light In

If your home has a light problem, panels created from acrylic glass prints could be your answer. Instead of traditional walls with canvas prints hung on them to provide colour and visual interest, create acrylic glass prints that let light from one room through to another, filtered through a striking pattern or black-and-white photo. This is ideal for rooms that lack windows – let them steal some light from adjacent rooms that do have windows to the outside world. Or, use a translucent backing for a privacy screen that still lets the light in.


Acrylic Glass Prints Vary the Texture

Design isn’t just about colour palettes and imagery – it’s about textures as well. The tactile feel of a space is a big part of how it’s perceived by people. Offering a variety of textures in a room gives it a feeling of depth. Canvas prints can have a similar feel to drywall or plaster, keeping your rooms feeling ‘flat.’ Acrylic glass prints are the perfect way to ‛change it up’ texture-wise and create a layered affect that people may not be consciously aware of – but the way light plays differently on the different surfaces will keep their eyes from getting tired, and make your design pop.

We sometimes use the term ‘tricks’ when discussing ways to improve and make your design ideas more interesting, but that’s unfair. We’re not tricking anyone. If the use of acrylic glass prints is a trick, it’s one we should all be playing.