Decorating a Kid’s Room Using Online Printing

Children go through several distinct periods in their lives, often at different ages, but one phase they all go through at one time or another is a virulently independent phase when they want a say in everything, from the clothes they wear to the photos on canvas on the walls of their room. The flip side of this fierce independence is usually a disinterest or affectedly blasé attitude where they claim not to care at all what photos you send out for online printing to decorate their rooms with. The combination of the two attitudes can be maddening, as any parent will attest.


That’s where a little creativity and a lot of familiarity with the kids in question comes into play. The great thing about canvas art is its flexibility: Whatever your child is into, you can create some bespoke wall art that will please them – even if they’d never admit it. The trick is to be unique. Here are some ideas that might get the ball rolling.

Decorating with Online Printing for Young Kids


All children are tiny balls of infinite energy. If you’re looking for a sure-to-please gallery of canvas art for the youngsters in your life, consider some of these simple yet exciting ideas:

  • Superhero Emblems. Almost every superhero from the comics and films has a distinct icon or emblem – think Superman’s stylised “S” or Batman’s bat symbol. A gorgeous collection of wall art created using online printing of these emblems will get a cheer from any comic or film fan.
  • Team Logos. Along the same lines, if your boy’s into sports, having a gallery of his local team logos on the wall will also get a begrudging nod of approval, we’d bet. Just be certain you’ve got it right when it comes to his team loyalties!
  • Famous Equations. If your little one is a budding scientist, a list of the most famous equations that changed the way we view or understand the world will inspire them every day (see a good example here:
  • Iconic Film Shots. If your kid is into the movies and seems destined to be behind the camera on their own film someday, consider getting some screen shots of famously composed scenes from classic films and having them turned into crisp photos on canvas for your kid’s room!

Other Ideas

There are plenty of other ideas for decorating a kid’s room using online printing, of course. The trick is to separate your own sensibility and interests from theirs – many parents make the mistake of trying to “lead” their child’s interests, or rejecting interests they don’t think are sex-appropriate or age-appropriate.

That strategy won’t stop your kid from being interested in whatever they’re interested in – but it will lead them to not feel at home in their own room, decorated with alien images they wouldn’t have chosen. Canvas prints are meant to be personal and exciting to the person who has them on their wall – and kids are no exception! When you think you’ve solved that puzzle, click here and we’ll handle the printing for you.