Creative Ideas to Celebrate the Baby Bump

At this special time, couple need as many pregnancy photo ideas as they can get!

Pregnancy is simultaneously the most special and unique moment in most people’s lives, and something that literally happens every day. This creates a tension between reality and expectation that can put a lot of stress on parents to find special, unique ways to document and celebrate the moment. Coming up with genius pregnancy photo ideas is an obvious, fun, and often spectacular way to mark the occasion and preserve memories for the whole family – but it’s easy to get mired in clichés.

After all, the world doesn’t really need one more photo of a couple staring dreamily into each other’s eyes with his hand on her belly, or any more soft-focus close-ups of Mum in a romantic setting. You want your pregnancy photos to reflect your life, your sense of humour, and your unique approach to life. If you’re searching for the right photos that will capture the spirit of your family, here are a few things you can riff on.

The 270 Project

A countdown is certainly one of the most original pregnancy photo ideas.

While for Dad pregnancy might seem like two very big days connected by a lot of normal, regular days, Mums know that every day is special, with new discoveries and new challenges cropping up. Instead of waiting until you have a glorious baby bump to show off and then taking some super-serious moody black and white photos, take a photo every day of the pregnancy. These could be totally casual, capturing Mum (and Dad) at random moments – dirty in the garden, sitting at her desk at work, sipping hot chocolate reading the paper – or they could be staged in hilarious ways. At the end of nine months, you’ll have a few hundred photos that can be sorted and collected into a collage, a gallery wall of canvas prints, or collected on a web page.

Before & Afters

Here’s a fun idea: When Mum starts to ‘show,’ start posing for family portraits around the house. Everyone sitting on the bed in the master bedroom, or sitting at the kitchen table with piles of pancakes in front of them – have fun with the settings. Leave a space for your new addition – a spot on the bed, a place setting at the table.

Then, after the newcomer has been brought home, re-stage all the photos exactly as they were, but with your new addition taking their rightful place! This works best if you can obviously see that Mum is pregnant in the ‘before’ set.

The Baby’s Room

Enlist the help of your older children when coming up with pregnancy photo ideas.

New babies need a place to sleep. While you’re setting up the baby’s room, stage a series of fun photos that show Mum’s growing belly as well as the growing progress (or lack thereof) of the painting, cot or bassinette assembly, and other aspects of a baby’s room renovation.

In the end, the point is to use these great pregnancy photo ideas to bring some humour and some of your personal style into a momentous occasion. Having fun and bringing some style into it is the goal – and when you have your ideal pregnancy photos and want to get them on the walls of your slightly more crowded home, click here and we’d be proud to help you out.