Getting Creative with Family Portrait Canvas Prints

The family portrait, whether of just the happy couple or including their kids and even pets, is an instantly recognisable form and one of the most popular subjects for canvas prints. There’s a certain warmth and fun to even the most formal and rigidly posed family portrait, an energy that makes it into ideal wall art for any room, as well as the perfect gift to be made from online photo printing.


The one drawback for family portraits is their similarity. Family portraits have a strong tendency to be composed and shot more or less exactly the same every time. On a game show people could probably identify which photos were family portraits even if all the details were removed leaving just an outline: that’s how common most family portrait poses are.

Why be ordinary? If you’re planning to have some family portraits taken and made into canvas prints for your home, why not be a little more creative? Here are some great ideas for making your family portraits different from everyone else’s.

Family Portrait Film Scenes

Was your first date a movie? Do your kids love a certain animated film or superhero movie? A great idea is to turn your family portraits into recreations of famous scenes from your favourite movies, or movies that mean something to your family.


You can go either high-end and get real costumes and create some sort of set, or go lo-fi with home-made everything – both approaches have their charms. The high-end portrait has instant ‘wow’ factor, but the lo-fi approach has loads of adorableness, especially with young kids dressed as characters. And even if you’re not the only family on the block to hit on this idea, chances are your singular choice of favourite movie will be distinct and unique.

Canvas Prints of Everyone’s Space

You’ve seen it in advertisements and YouTube videos – artists and workers in ‘their space.’ Why not do the same for the family? A shot of Dad in his home office or garage, the kids in their rooms, Mum in her home office (or craft room or kitchen) – wherever they are most identified. These could be carefully staged shots, with lots of props and a careful pose, or more spontaneous and ‘candid’ portraits capturing family members engrossed in their normal activities.

The charm of this approach is the natural feel these portraits have. Everyone walking into the room will feel like they’ve been invited into your private domain to catch a glimpse of what this family is really like, not just the formal, staged image they present to the outside world.

Once you get past the idea of family portraits being super-formal and all about the ideal image of your family, the ideas will come fast and furious. Everyone dressed as superheros? Why not! Family portraits don’t have to be super-serious, especially if your family isn’t super-serious. Let everyone’s personality shine through. When you’ve made your plan for world domination through family portraits, click here and we’ll make certain the canvas prints hold up their end.