Creative Ideas for Great Family Portrait Canvas Prints

The family portrait is a staple of most happy homes, and with the advance of technology it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for wall art using canvas printing or other digital photo printing services. Your loved ones, after all, brighten any room you walk into, and a great family portrait, whether posed or one of those amazing moments that captures the particular energy and attitude of your family, makes for a powerful statement piece in any room’s interior design.


Still, for many people if you’ve seen one family portrait – you’ve seen them all. While a nice group photo of smiling loved ones, groomed, costumed, and posed, will always have a certain power and draw, why be ordinary? The goal should be a family portrait canvas print that even people who don’t know your family will be struck by when entering your home. Here are a few simple suggestions that can elevate your family portrait to epic levels.

Family Portrait Photos on Canvas: Subtle Fun

Your family portrait can be just your kids and spouse and yourself wearing nice sweaters and smiling, but it can also be a lot more fun:

  • Take the portrait in the same room your canvas print will hang in. In fact, take the portrait on the same couch it will hang over. The effect is subtle but powerful, as people will find their eyes drawn to the uncanniness of the image without understanding why.
  • Every family portrait is arranged by height, right? Why not play with a photo on your computer and make the kids the taller ones, while shrinking your spouse and you? It might seem a bit silly, but it’ll be eye-catching.
  • Play with costumes! Who says you have to be in your Sunday Best – why not dress up. It doesn’t have to be cowboys and space aliens, it could be identical black suits, sunglasses, or other little things that will make your family portrait stand out.

Family Portrait Photos on Canvas: Design Considerations

If you know what room your family portrait canvas print will be hung in, think about the interior design aspects. What’s your colour palette? Make sure your background and costuming blends well. In other words, think of the family portrait as an aspect of your design and take the time to plan it.


This goes for composition, as well. Think about where the portrait will hang and what elements you need to balance it out. The traditional shortest-to-tallest pose might not work if it makes your room feel unbalanced – consider more of a pyramid arrangement with Mum and Dad in the centre, instead.

Finally, don’t be afraid to apply some filtering and effects to your portrait prior to sending it off for online photo printing. While your family portrait probably shouldn’t look like it fell into a bucket of filters, a few subtle effects can really have an impact.

Your family portrait will be powerful if only because of the love and affection it will convey to anyone who sees it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be creative and make it into a powerful statement. When you’ve taken the greatest family portrait ever in the history of families, click here and we’ll take care of the rest.