Strike A Pose: 19 Fun, Fabulous Family Portrait Ideas

Strike A Pose: 19 Fun, Fabulous Family Portrait Ideas

“Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.” – Madonna

When Madonna says you have to let your body go with the flow, it’s all about relaxing, channelling your inner ‘vogue’ and losing your inhibitions.

Dancing aside, we think this is also a perfect way to approach photoshoots. While many photographers have a wonderful ability to make you feel comfortable – whatever the setting – it’s also important that everyone in your family has the freedom to express themselves.

All you need is your own imagination with 19 family portrait ideas that let you decide where you want to strike a pose – at home, outdoors, in a studio or on holidays.

In the comfort of home

In this case home photography doesn’t necessarily mean DIY selfies, it simply means arranging a photoshoot by a professional photographer or competent friend in the comfort of your own home.

While you may feel inclined to choose someone you know to take such intimate shots, you might be surprised at how unobtrusive professional photographers can be even when they’re actively directing a shot.

At home, magic just happens, particularly when young children and babies are involved – simply precious. That’s the beauty of photographing in such a setting.

1. Good morning, world

From Peta Mazey

Family Portrait Ideas- In bed

2. Spontaneous

From The Little Umbrella

Family Portrait Ideas - At Home

Gather in the great outdoors

If you’re not the outdoors type, don’t suddenly think that arranging a photoshoot with the whole family is going to be a romantic experience. If there’s snow involved, it will be slippery and wet. If it’s the peak of Summer, the heat will be brutal.

To make this work, the whole family has to love the outdoors. If you or your kids are more inclined to frighten than smile when a bird flies by, it’s not going to work.

But if you love it, the creative possibilities are endless. Check out the shadow play, reenactment and sunset ideas below. Exquisite don’t you think?

Outdoor photoshoots are also a wonderful way to build a collection of photos for canvas collages. You can discover how to make a collage here.

3. Seasonal favourite

From Connection Photography

Family Portrait Ideas - Winter

4. Use props

From The BMC Report

Family Portrait Ideas - Joy

5. Keep it simple

From Mama and Mou

Family Portrait Ideas - Little Family

6. Build a collage

From His & Hers photography

Family Portrait Ideas - 6 In 1

7. Shadow play

From Pinterest/Captured By Carrie Photography & Product Shop

Family Portrait Ideas - Shadows

8. Reenact famous photo

From Simplicity Photography

Family Portrait Ideas - The Beatles

9. Sunset dreams

From Kristen Duke Photography

Family Portrait Ideas - End Of Day

Control your environment in a studio

While professional photographers are increasingly encouraging their clients to step outside the studio to capture amazing family photos, there is still a time and a place for studio controlled portraiture.

Studio photography doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’ or ‘cold’ or ‘soft lens’. Striking the right pose can achieve as much warmth as any other setting.

The key is to use height or layers like the edgy examples #11 and #12 or convey close bonds with plenty of cuddles. Just look at those arms and hands all over the place in #10. Very touching results.

10. Big hugs

Family Portrait Ideas - Hugs

11. Create Layers

Family Portrait Ideas - Layers

12. Lie down

Family Portrait Ideas - Lying Down

Hooray we’re on holiday

Invite your photographer on holidays! Not even kidding. If you’re heading off on a big family trip, find a professional photographer local to that area and get them to join you for the day.

Why should beach and snow shots be the sole domain of models? No reason at all. Holidays are the happiest times when the whole family is relaxed and having fun. What better time to capture those moments of joy forever?

And if you’re over photos of your little ones sitting on Santa’s knees, think outside the shopping centre queue. Capture the spirit of Christmas in an inspired place striking a cool pose.

13. Summer holiday

Family Portrait Ideas - Summer Holiday

14. Winter holiday

Family Portrait Ideas - Winter Holiday

15. Kiss under mistletoe

From Lipgloss and Crayons

Family Portrait Ideas - Under Mistletoe

Out of this world

When it comes to family portrait photography, the world is your oyster. Find a daring photographer and give them a run for their money.

These ideas below are clever, courageous and crafty. Sure they require a risk, but doesn’t everything awesome in life?

16. Make a splash

From Beach Chic Photography

Family Portrait Ideas - Pool Jump

17. Love spell

From Familyis4ever Portraits

Family Portrait Ideas - Love

18. Comic strip

From Paging Supermom

Family Portrait Ideas - Superheros

19. Might as well jump

From Aaron Blumenshine Photography

Family Portrait Ideas - Jump


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