How to Choose The Best Photo Anniversary Gift

Giving a beautiful canvas print to your spouse as a gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary is an excellent idea year in and year out. Capturing the soul and spirit that captured your heart with a photo anniversary gift is a wonderful way to express your love. It’s the perfect way to announce to the world that you care deeply.

Photo printing can immortalise you and your loved ones in the precious moments you have shared together. Some people also believe that canvas counts as ‘paper,’ the traditional first-year gift for wedding anniversaries.


However, while this is the sort of gift that you can’t ever truly go wrong with, there is an art when it comes to creating beautiful canvas prints. It all comes down to the choice of photo and the type of canvas you choose. While you love your spouse and likely think they look great in every photograph they’ve ever taken, there are some things to consider.

Read on to find out how to select the best photographs to use for your photo anniversary gifts.

How To Choose An Image For Your Photo Anniversary Gift

Rule 1: Be Objective

Everyone, male or female, is a little shy and uncertain about their physical appearance and many of us can be extremely picky when it comes to choosing a photo of ourselves that we love.

When choosing a picture to turn into canvas art for your anniversary, be as objective as you can. You think your spouse looks good all the time, but try to see the photos from their point of view. What does your spouse dislike about themselves? Be sure to minimise it in the photo selected. If necessary, ask for help from someone who also knows your spouse but can be critical of them in your presence – a sibling-in-law, or a good friend.

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Rule 2: Be Considerate

Perhaps your most cherished memory with your spouse is a fun, crazy trip you took or a wild evening you spent having adventures. You have a prized photo of them from that moment that captures the crazy, beautiful energy that drew you to them in the first place. It’s a wonderful photo – but is it appropriate?

canvas prints couple shot

While an anniversary gift should be true to your relationship and personalities, it should also show your spouse in a flattering light.

Choosing a photo that has a more polished shine to it will guarantee that they’re presented in the best possible light when transformed into canvas photo prints. Also, consider the size of the photo and the context. For instance, you wouldn’t want to create an enormous canvas of a blurry party photo of the two of you. Not only is this image a little more personal, but that kind of image may work better for a smaller canvas or a photo block that can be placed on a bedside table.

For a larger canvas that is intended to be hung in a living area, a more polished photo might work better; a day at the beach, a couples photo at an event or a shared holiday you both took.

Rule 3: Be Creative

Finally, when reviewing your shortlist of photo candidates for canvas printing, apply some photographic principle to your decision. Choose a photo that has good composition, vivid colour, and is taken in strong light. Choose a photo with a decent quality ratio and high DPI. This will help it look crisp and sharp when it prints as a canvas print. Imagine you are a stranger hired to choose a photo for this gift. Assess your photographs based purely on their photographic quality and consider which is the best.

If necessary, try applying some basic cropping or other manipulations to improve the photo. You don’t have to be a photography expert, and less is often more when it comes to editing. This picture will represent your marriage, after all. Don’t play games – order your canvas prints today by clicking here!