Amateur-Hour Amazing Baby Photos

Babies are pure joy – representing both our love for one another and our optimism for the future. Everyone takes lots of photos of their babies in order to capture that special time when they’re just adorable bundles of cooing and giggles – blank slates. Soon enough they’ll be mobile destruction machines, and soon enough after that they’ll be surly teenagers. But for a while they’re just tiny people who take great photos.

The key to amazing baby photos is to catch them at unexpected moments.

For most people, those photos fall into two categories: Slapdash amateur stuff or professional portraits, and most everyone thinks that the only way to have amazing baby photos is to book a session and endure the big sell at Viva or PixieFoto. This isn’t necessarily true, however – you can take studio-quality photos of your baby in your house without any special equipment or preparation – all you need is some creativity.

Props and Background

Aside from the technical aspects of lighting and equipment, you can create an on-the-spot photo studio for your newborn any time just with some things lying around the house. The scenario: Your baby is sleeping soundly, adorable and – most importantly – mobile. Forget putting the next load of washing on – take the opportunities as they’re presented and get ready to take some photos.

Ready for amazing baby photos? Wait until baby is asleep.

All you need is one blanket or sheet, pinned to the wall behind a bed, changing table, or other flat surface. Get baby into a nice outfit – or go naked and natural – and add in some simple props, and you’ve got a professional-level photo in fifteen minutes, no money down. The secret to amazing baby photos isn’t the professional photographer. It’s the amazing baby.

Simple DIY Ideas

If that sounds great but you’re drawing a blank, here are some quick and easy DIY ideas for the baby photos you’ve always dreamed of:

Use some of baby's toys to create amazing baby photos.

  • Soft toys. You likely have dozens in the house already. Arrange a tea party with baby, or a slumber party where everyone’s dozed off, or any other interesting tableau.
  • Mum and Dad’s equipment. Whether Dad’s a police officer, Mum’s an avid runner, or both work in the garden, babies plus their parents’ defining stuff make for awesome photos.
  • Nothing at all. White sheet, white bedding, and baby – crop out any other detail and have an amazing photo of your child with nothing to distract people from that adorable little face! For extra points, toss in a single prop, like a much-loved soft toy or another baby item like a bottle or some baby powder.

Every profession wants you to believe you can’t possibly do what they do. While a professional photographer with experience working with babies will give you incredible, professional-grade portraits, there’s no reason you can’t supplement that with some DIY efforts that will be adorable, entertaining, and fun.

And if you take some real winners and want to decorate the house with them, click here and we’d be excited to turn them into high-quality wall art.