Ready To Pop? 17 Crazy Clever Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Ready To Pop? 17 Crazy Clever Pregnancy Photo Ideas

You’re pregnant! Now what? Photos of course!

Sure, we realise there are a lot of super important things to think about when you’re pregnant, but arranging maternity photos is not only a lot of fun – it can also give you a moment to pause and reflect.

So be sure to add it to your list of things to do!

Whether you’ve just found out or you’re in your third trimester, these pregnancy photo ideas will be a delight to look back on in years to come and a joy, straight away, to share with your friends and family.

1. Take a photo of your feet

Take a picture of your belly that shows how little of your legs and feet you can see. This idea is super fun in the third trimester, but if you take a photo like this each month from the day you find out you’re pregnant, you can build an awesome collage once the full picture is complete. If you’re keen for some creative ways to print collages, check out these baby shower gift ideas.

Photo source: Lucky Friday Studios

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Can't See My Legs

2. Celebrate the beauty

To remember that beautiful period of your life, treat yourself to a professional maternity photo shoot that celebrates the beauty rather than the discomfort.

Photo source: Kate Juliet Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Maternity Session

3. Share the miracle with your children

Share a magic moment with your oldest child or children. Get the kids involved, excited and invested in the miracle of new life.

Photo source: Riley & Gray Blog

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Bike

4. Baby loading

This is a great pregnancy announce for the computer nerds out there. Choose your percentage and share with the world.

Photo source: Hello Little World

Pregnancy photo Ideas - Loading Baby

5. Perfect pumpkin

Choose a theme for your maternity photo to suit the time of year you’re due. For example, this pumpkin idea’s a good one whether you’re expecting to pop around Halloween, during pumpkin season or just love the cutesy term ‘little pumpkin’.

Photo source: Carolina Charm

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Pumpkin

6. Countdown

Count down the action with your family. So much cute!

Photo source: FunnyJunk

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Pregnancy Time Lapse

7. Rock a bikini

One for the beach bunnies. If you’re too nervous about a solo shoot in a bikini, get the whole family involved to make it a much more comfortable experience. Rock that bikini, girl!

Photo source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - On Beach

8. Double trouble

Got a sister or a bestie who happens to be pregnant as well? Pucker up and let those bellies kiss.

Photo source: Guerilla Nerd

Pregnancy photo ideas - Two Bellies

9. Get trippy with stripes

Stripes add extra girth and a ton of pizzazz, so wear stripes to create a funky, exaggerated pregnancy shot. Go on. Be brave.

Photo source: Sekkarileiud

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Stripes

10. Belle of the bump

Love fashion? Love figure hugging clothes? There’s no need to suddenly be all hippy goddess just because it’s a maternity shoot. Dress up and show the world your big, beautiful belly.

Photo source: Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Dress

11. Add a prop

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, add a simple prop like balloons to give your photo balance and presence.

Photo source: Creek Street Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - With Balloons

12. Go for a swim

Not for the faint hearted, underwater maternity photography adds a special something – an uninhibited enchantment – to the pregnancy experience. Before taking on such a challenge, choose a professional photographer with a rich portfolio who knows what they’re doing.

Photo source: Sprout Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Underwater

13. Shadow play

Get outside, bask in the sun and play with shadows.

Photo source: Sacha Blackburne Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - With Shadows

14. Embrace black and white

Discover the magic of monochrome. While it’s possible to convert your colour photos to monochrome, for the best results ask your photographer to shoot directly in black and white.

Photo source: Carmen Hibbins

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Contemporary

15. His and her baby bump

Is future Daddy also getting bigger? Involve him in the maternity photos for a few laughs.

Photo source: Christy Wells Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - With Future Dad

16. Snow goddess

If you’re ready to pop in Winter, it can make for a gorgeous background. Don’t get the chills though – be sure to rug up in something gorgeously woolly.

Photo source: Brown-eyed Girl Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Winter

17. Surprise him

Haven’t told him yet? Get sneaky! Set up a secret ‘his and hers’ photo shoot and surprise him with the news!

Photo source: Samantha Boos Photography

Pregnancy Photo Ideas - Announcement


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