10 Interiors Tips For Your Tiny House Or Small Spaces

10 Interiors Tips For Your Tiny House Or Small Spaces

As house prices soar in major cities all over the world, many of us have less space than the generations who came before us. We’re adapting to small spaces or to living in a tiny house. As a society, movements started by influences like Marie Kondo, which centre around recognising the value of our belongings, mean that we’re starting to focus more and more on smart interiors purchases, only buying the possessions we really need, rather than the ones we want.

We’re embracing smart design for our interiors to make the most of the small spaces we have. Embracing a minimalistic lifestyle and small space decorating is not only kinder to the environment, it can help you save money and live a happier, clutter-free life.

Why you should embrace minimalistic interiors in your tiny house

Minimal décor has a number of advantages beyond just looking fabulous. First of all, you’ll have less clutter. This, in turn, will make your rooms look bigger and the more clear space you have in your home, the fewer items you’ll have to clean. Small and intricate items often collect excess dust and dirt.

Aside from being cleaner and tidier, you’ll also save money. That’s not to say that minimalistic interiors are necessarily about buying low-ticket items. Rather, the premise of minimalism is that by purchasing one or two carefully-chosen interiors items like a large-scale piece of wall art, rather than multiple lower-ticket items, you’ll be buying something that will last you a long time. Putting a higher value on our material possessions means that we’ll keep those items for longer, and be less likely to replace them prematurely come next year.

Whether you’re simply looking to maximise a useless corridor space, unused corner of the room, or start living in a tiny house, we’ll show you how to decorate your small spaces with just a few clever and classic interiors pieces.

1: Use a light colour palette

Small space decorating is all about clever use of colour, light, and space. Dark colours can make your rooms feel smaller, as well as giving a heavy, oppressive feeling to your spaces. If you have small rooms or a tiny house, we recommended you use bright, light wall colours. They will give the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is.

Lighter wall colours will also reflect light, so this is especially important if you don’t already have a lot of natural light in your space. If you feel this is too boring, spice up your walls with some canvas wall art or decorative wall hangings with rich textures.

Don’t be afraid of using colour, as long as your paint colours are still bright. Try using one consistent colour throughout your home, on both walls and cabinetry, like a baby blue, yellow, mint, or a millennial pinks, apricot or coral. Hide stainless steel appliances like dishwashers and fridges behind cabinets. With nothing to divide the lines of the room and break the gaze of the eye, your space will appear much larger.

tiny house

2: Utilise your boring blank wall space

Wall art is the perfect way to add interest to a boring blank wall, particularly in an area where you’re not able to add furniture, like a hallway or void space.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a fortune on high-priced art items or prints. With Canvas Factory, you can create your own unique prints at an affordable price. Choose from our selection of over 25 million images, or upload your own to print on canvas, metal, acrylic, or even corrugated iron for a more rustic look. You can also choose trendy pieces that still withstand the test of time.

To check out how you can try the latest wall art trends in your home, click here.

3: Build it up

When you have a tiny house or small space, it’s important to think vertically. Take advantage of chic, minimal floating shelves, and add canvas pictures, plants, ornaments, or photo blocks on top.

Floating shelving is a great way of displaying multiple smaller photo frame or canvas frames if you have a range of photos you want to display. Try layering thinner frames behind thicker frames, or wrapped canvas pictures, to create a sophisticated, textured look.

Decorating tiny house

4: Photo cushions

No room for photo frames or floating shelving? If you’re operating in a tiny house, you probably won’t have much space for photo frames. Instead, print wall art on canvas, or, even better, photo cushions.

Both functional and decorative, photo cushions are a great way of decorating your small spaces. Our photo cushions are customisable, so you can have any image you like printed on them. That might be your favourite art print, or photos of your wedding, family, friends, or pets. The best part? You can never have too many cushions!

Photo cushion tiny house

5: Let in the light

If you have a tiny house or small room, you’ll want as much natural light and air flow as possible in your space.Not enough light can make a room seem small and cramped. Maximise natural light in all possible scenarios, and never let furniture block the light.

You’ll want as much light as possible so your rooms seem larger. Use mirrors opposite a window to reflect more light, and use semi-sheer cushions rather than block out curtains or shutters, particularly in a study or living space where privacy is less important.

interiors tiny house mirror

6: Clever lighting

If you don’t have much natural light in your room, thoughtful artificial lighting can be used cleverly to create the illusion of space.

A string of lights around the window can be used to bring warmth to a room without taking up space, like a floor lamp. Better still, if you can get solar-powered lights and let the sun charge your string lights throughout the day, you’ll be saving on energy too.

7: Only get the items you really need

Marie Kondo is an advocate for only keeping and buying items you feel may bring you joy. Sort through your items and give away or throw away anything you don’t feel adds to your space. Give away the clothing you have never worn, or have only worn once because chances are you won’t wear it again.

Let your walls do the talking. Maximise desk space by getting rid of photo frames, and purchase canvas prints instead, or other decorative items to hang on the walls. Give away books you won’t read again, or pass them onto a friend or family member.

8: Transform your corner spaces

Create a cosy corner in your tiny house by adding a window seat, corner couch or desk into an otherwise unused corner that might be filled by a boring wooden cabinet.

Ensure windows aren’t covered by heavy drapes; hanging window blinds high will give the illusion of higher ceilings and more space.

window seat interiors small spaces

9: Cut down on furniture

If you have a tony house, try to cut down on furniture by having stylish, multifunctional items that marry form and function. Buy beds with storage draws underneath, and ensure chairs, benches or ottomans double as storage units as well.

Creating a book or magazine stack can negate the need for bookshelves, yet ensure your books look tidy.

Create a shelving system in your closet spaces to utilise unused space which would otherwise be a big hot mess in the bottom of your closets. Use under stairs spaces as a means of storage, or to create cozy reading nooks.

interiors small spaces tiny house


10: Avoid clutter

In your small spaces, embrace simplicity. Hang one large canvas print of a landscape, flowers, or a natural scene in the bathroom, kitchen or entrance hall. This will create a tranquil mood while adding colour, depth, and interest to an otherwise-bare space.

picture interiors small spaces

Keeping your tiny house or small space clutter-free will help in ensuring your space feels larger than it is and will help you feel less stressed! The key is organisation, and moderating your wants with your needs to ensure you can live a clutter-free life, yet still have that stylish space you’ve always dreamed about.

We have a vast range of prints to brighten up your spaces and add life to a tiny house! We have a huge range of options, whether you’re looking for canvas prints, metal prints, corrugated iron, acrylic prints or other items like photo cushions and photo mugs.

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Megan is Canvas Factory's resident Social & Content Manager, and has worked with countless other homewares and interior design businesses over the years. It goes without saying that she also has a passion for decorating her own home!

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