10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home

Well-chosen interiors and a selection of carefully-curated wall art prints can elevate your spaces, giving them a heightened level of style and sophistication, while a bad piece of wall art can draw all the wrong kinds of attention.

And while trends will always hold a strong influence in the interiors space, at the end of the day, you need to choose interiors which catch your eye. Select wall art prints which draw you in and make you feel something; the pieces which resonate with you personally. That might be a special, one-of-a-kind print, or canvas prints from photos of your family, your beloved pets, your wedding day, or a memorable trip you took.

These stylish interiors trends will captivate you and provide some helpful inspiration when it comes time for you to buy your next piece of wall art on canvas. The best part about embracing these trends is that you don’t need to blow an entire month’s salary. You can easily adopt a trend, or steal aspects of influences you love, using just one or two well-placed wall art prints, a photo block, or a few photo cushions scattered throughout your home.

In this article, we’ll cover this year’s biggest wall art trends influencing the interiors space all over the world, and show you how to incorporate them into your own home.

1. Pastel dream interiors

This year, we’re seeing a return to more feminine colours after the minimalist monochrome obsession that captivated the interiors space in recent years. Boring greys and charcoals are being replaced with warmer neutrals like mushroom. Colours like millennial pink are being expanded upon by adding blush pinks, dusky velvet fabrics, apricots and terracotta to the palette.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home-Pastel Dream Interiors

This feminine haze is visible in all aspects of the interiors space this year; wall colours, furniture, cushions and wall art, but it’s also popping up in more unexpected places. Bright coat racks, stools and kitchen appliances are all getting a pop of feminine colour.

Get the look: Colour is one of the easiest interiors trends to incorporate into your home, especially with wall art prints or photo cushions, and it’s the perfect way to breathe new life into a more monochrome room.

Check out our existing range of beautiful pastel prints for inspiration, find a print online, or create your own for something truly unique.

2.Plants, sustainability and natural materials

As the world shifts its focus more and more towards sustainability issues, we’re seeing this influence infiltrate all aspects of our daily life; even the interiors space.

Eco-friendly design has always played a part for some interior designers but we’re seeing a stronger focus on the use of natural and recycled materials all around, like stone, wood, and linen. Overall, we’re seeing materials and interiors pieces with a less “finished,” or polished look; instead, pieces go back to basics with raw finishes and visible natural fibres.

Greenery is taking a front seat next to warm neutrals; plants everywhere are becoming a new way to add colour to spaces. Greenery can be scattered throughout the home, or plants can be kept clustered together in a dedicated corner of your space.

Get the look: Adopt this trend by trying frameless canvas prints, or canvas prints in floating frames. Otherwise, a metal frameless print is a modern, edgy take on the frameless look. Incorporate wall art featuring greenery, or, for a more contemporary take on this trend, try a more natural landscape image on one of our stunning HD wall art prints.

Incorporate greenery everywhere; with hanging plants, potted floor plants and plants on shelves. Continue the natural theme by adding wall art in yellows and shades of green. To add a more personal touch, create canvas prints from photos using photos taken near bushland, parks, or your backyard which may incorporate shades of green.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Plants

3. All things tropical

The tropical trend has a “Miami 80s” feel, with a sophisticated twist. We’re seeing tropical colours aplenty; splashes of green, blue, orange, white and yellow, and palm-print everywhere.

Get the look: Rather than going all-out with this trend, it can be adopted in small ways; a splash of green palm print against a bare white palette, tropical orange wall art prints, or; to tone it down; a sunroom decked out in cane chairs, greenery and a touch of palm print in shades of green.

Check out our wall art palm print options available here, or our tropical prints. Or create your own; find a print you love online or a photo you have taken and turn it into wall art prints or stylish photo cushions. Pair a photo cushion in a strong print with plain-coloured cushions for a more toned-down take on the trend.

 10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Tropical

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Palm Print

4. Organic shapes

New organic shapes are emerging in the interiors world, but this time, there’s a strong embrace of feminine, curved lines. Familiar shapes like chairs, couches, and tables are being replaced with irregular, unfamiliar or non-traditional shapes. With this trend, we’re seeing a greater emphasis on comfort, yet seeing pieces which retain their own unique style.

 Get the look: Wall art prints which focus on curved feminine lines and abstract prints and shapes enforce this trend, in warm, organic or feminine tones like warm neutrals, or soft, feminine colours like tones or pink and lilac.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Abstract

 5. Simple line drawings

With the rise of organic shapes comes a renewed look into simple line drawings and curves. Pictures like simple, one-line drawings bring this minimal look into a new era. These pictures often embrace the female form itself; whether that be a female body shape or face.

Get the look: We have a range of line drawing wall art prints available, or, better yet, embrace your creative side and draw your own images, and transform them into stunning wall art prints you can treasure forever. This is also a great creative exercise for kids.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Simple Line Drawings

6. Bold colour and loud design

Thank heavens for colour! The monochrome backlash sees a hurried return to bold colour everywhere; even in the kitchen and bathrooms. We’re still seeing monochrome as a base, but colours are often subverted; black hardware instead of silver, pastel-perfect kitchen appliances, and coloured countertops, topped off with a hint of metallic. We’re also seeing a return to loud, bright prints, with “attention-seeking homewares” like kooky kitchenware and loud colours.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Bold Colours And Loud Designs

Get the look: You don’t need to go too wild with this trend. Photo cushions are the perfect way to try wild prints. In fact, if your other interiors pieces are relatively neutral, your cushions can be an explosion of patterns, colours, and images that make a statement.

Or, choose a crazy wall art print for your home. We have millions of designs to choose from. You can browse by colour, pattern, or theme.

7. Clashing prints

Lately, we’re seeing a lot of clashing prints and styles expressed both in the fashion world and in the interior design space. Different patterns and styles can be spectacularly clashed together to create an intriguing design. Or, clash home décor styles with wallpaper, colors, and shapes, so they intermingle in a fantastically abstract world.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Modern Art

Get the look: This trend can be difficult to make work, but, with a little thought, you can create a show-stopping room just by choosing a few select pieces. When choosing wild designs, just be sure there is some element tying the whole room together. The easiest way to do this is with colour; choose complimentary colours like green and yellow, green and natural colours like white, or blue and red. Or, if your room is already full of colour, grab kooky wall art prints in monochrome, or mix a monochrome print with a coloured creation like these bright, graphic modern art prints.

8. Interiors moving outdoors

With the rise in popularity of more alfresco-style entertaining areas, we’re seeing interiors trends morph and become more functional with the adoption of indoor/outdoor rugs, furniture and, yes, even wall art.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Interiors Moving Outdoors

Get the look: Metal wall art prints are an ideal way to decorate your outdoor spaces like balconies, courtyards, or indoors areas which transition outside and may be exposed to the elements. Not only do metal wall art prints have exceptional high-definition quality and detail, they can also last decades in your home or outside without fading. Our metal wall art prints are exceptionally durable, and can be exposed to rain, sun and storms without being affected.Metal wall art prints are perfect for your high-quality colour and highly saturated images. They have a timeless look, but can also look exceptionally modern and sophisticated.

9. Resort style at home

The Hamptons style look; whitewashed, beachy interiors with a natural, yet refined look, still remains relevant, and if done right, will always remain timeless. This trend will continue, but we’ll also see a move to Hamptons resort-style interior spaces moving outside to alfresco and pool areas, as people desire to bring their holidays home. This style has always celebrated the fusion of indoors and outdoors as people look to create comfortable, on-trend entertaining areas for the summer months.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - Resort Style At Home

Get the look: Create a Hamptons-style look with white furniture and pops of colour; add green palm tree wall art prints, tropical prints, and shades of green in transitional spaces like hallways, sunrooms, and entranceways to bring the outdoors in. Or, try wall art prints of seascapes and beaches. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your travel photos into works of art!

 10. A touch of metallics

We saw the rose gold and copper trend start to evaporate earlier this year, but we’re still seeing touches of gold, silver, and bronze in select places within the home. This is also being fused with more natural materials; high-shine black or gold with wooden materials sees the chic fusion of old and new; natural and synthetic.

10 Easy Interiors Trends To Try In Your Home - A Touch Of Gold

Get the look: Metallic tones on wall art prints is the perfect way to add just a touch of sparkle in your home, especially for those amongst us who tend to be a little more colour-adverse! Check out our range of metallic wall art prints here. Or, to add an extra metallic sheen to your other pictures, try one of our chic HD metal print finishes to add a little pizzazz to your walls.

We hope these interiors trends gave you some inspiration to up your interiors game and transform your spaces. At Canvas Factory, you can create beautiful, high-quality canvas, acrylic or metal wall art prints, or prints from your precious photos. Or, create stunning photo cushions with whichever print you choose. The best part is you can choose any print you like, so your interiors can be as unique as you are. Click here to get started!


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