9 Personalised Photo Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

9 Personalised Photo Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the allure of personalised photo gifts has never been greater. Personalised gifts are everywhere and there’s a good reason why; they’re unique, they’re thoughtful, and they’re sure to be treasured by the receiver for years to come. We’ve pulled together our top personalised photo gift ideas so you can find your loved one something special, whether it’s for Christmas, a special anniversary or a gift just because.

Whether you want the timeless charm of Canvas Prints or the modern elegance of Metal Prints, there’s something for everyone. There are so many options when it comes to finding photo gifts in Australia, and, best of all, they are super affordable!

Dive into a world of personalised photo gift ideas, where every snapshot can be transformed into a treasure, be it through unique photo gifts or captivating photo collage gifts. Let’s explore all the myriad ways you can touch someone’s heart with a unique photo gift.

Why Are Personalised Photo Gift Ideas So Popular?

Personalised photo gifts are the perfect present, as they create an emotional connection that’s hard to replicate. Photos, in particular, capture life’s best moments, memories, and emotions, making them the ideal choice when you want to find memorable gifts.

Unlike generic gifts, personalised gifts are treasures which tell a story, reminding us of special moments, be it a joyous occasion, an unforgettable trip, or just a simple day worth cherishing. Their bespoke nature makes them an immediate conversation starter, often evoking strong emotions and sparking shared memories. Furthermore, with advancements in photo printing technology, photo gifts have become affordable and accessible for everyone, catering to all different kinds of tastes and styles.

Our Top Unique Photo Gift Ideas

Ready to get started? We’ve rounded up our pick of the best photo gift ideas around. Keep reading to discover photo gifts to make your loved one’s day.

1. Timeless Canvas Prints

A piece of art can transform any space, but when that art piece is a canvas print of a treasured moment, it takes on a new dimension. The texture of the canvas adds depth and personality to the print, giving it a classic yet timeless feel. Our Canvas Prints are also super sturdy and versatile, which means that your treasured wall art gifts will stand the test of time. Best of all, our Canvas Prints are affordable. Perfect for adorning living rooms, bedrooms, or even offices, canvas prints are an ideal photo gift at any time of year.

Personalised photo gift ideas

2. Modern Metal Prints

If your loved one already has Canvas Prints or you just want something a little more modern or luxurious, why not try Metal Prints? With a brilliant metallic sheen and high-definition finish, Metal Prints are the ideal gift. And, unlike most other print types, they’re highly durable, meaning they can be placed anywhere; in the bathroom, courtyard, or even outside. They can withstand all the elements and still shine bright every day. They’re also great for homes with little kids – and their sticky little fingers – as they wipe off easily with a damp cloth.

With Canvas Factory’s Metal Prints, your favourite photos will be printed directly onto metal, resulting in sharp, vivid images with a luminous finish. Ideal for minimalist interiors or edgy decors, metal prints stand out effortlessly, offering a modern-day spin on traditional photo displays.

3. Canvas Collage Photo Gifts

Life is a collection of moments, and canvas collages allow you to immortalise several of them together in one wonderful display. Plus, they’re great if you can’t choose just one photo as a print! Photo collages are perfect as gifts, because you can create them to commemorate specific events, from Christmases to the birth of babies, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special holidays.

From wedding sequences to baby milestones, our Photo Collages can help you narrate a story. The juxtaposition of different photos, each with its own tale, creates a vibrant visual display, helping you to create a centerpiece in any room. And, if your loved one is hosting an event to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary, you can even use a Canvas Photo Collage as a gift that can decorate the event space. At the end of the event, the present can be taken home to hang and enjoy there.

personalised photo gift ideas

4. Compact Photo Blocks

Want a super affordable personalised photo gift idea that still packs a punch? Small yet impactful, Our Photo Blocks are testament to the fact that that size isn’t always everything. These freestanding printed blocks don’t need a frame and can be placed anywhere, from office desks to bedside tables and bookshelves. Whether it’s a candid family shot or a posed portrait, every picture gets its moment in the limelight with a Photo Block. Grab one as a Christmas stocking-stuffer, or combine a set of 3, 4 or more. They can be mixed-and-matched to create the perfect display.

5. Comfortable Photo Cushions

There’s something incredibly heart-warming about curling up with a pillow that has a special memory printed on it. Photo Pillows are the perfect gift; they’re affordable, comfy, and they’re personalised! Not to mention you can never have too many cushions. They even look great as matching sets; grab two identical Photo Cushions for each side of your loved one’s couch for symmetrical décor perfection!

You can choose any image you like to create the ideal personalised photo gift; from a picture of loved ones to pets or a memorable trip, photo pillows infuse warmth into any space, both literally and figuratively.

custom photo gifts in Australia

6. Enhance Your Favourite Moments With Framed Prints

Have you got that one special photo to frame and give a loved one? Our Framed Prints make the ideal personalised photo gift, especially for the very best photos; wedding photos, special family photos, or any other professionally-shot images.

The Canvas Factory Framed Prints are made from high-quality materials. They are printed in high-definition clarity and come in four different colours; White, Black, Oak and Maple, so they can suit all different home styles.

7. Photo Mugs For Morning Memories

What better way to start the day than having a nice cuppa and gazing at your favourite photos? Photo Mugs are one of the best photo gift ideas around, and can turn mundane routines into special rituals, adding a touch of personalisation to your daily brew. They’re not just functional but also conversation starters. Sharing a drink with a loved one becomes even more meaningful when the mug showcases a shared memory.

8. Personalised Photo Books

When one photo isn’t enough, why not get a whole photo book? Photo books are a way of chronicling life’s most memorable moments. They’re also the perfect photo gift idea to commemorate and remember the big milestones, like that big travel adventure, a milestone birthday, or the first year of a baby’s life. Every page turn unveils a story, whether it’s of childhood memories, romantic escapades, epic travels, or the simple everyday wonders.

Our Photo Books have the magical ability to capture the essence of time, preserving fleeting moments. They also create a deeply personal and tangible experience. In today’s digital age, where our images often get trapped behind screens, a photo book offers a refreshing, tactile escape, grounding us in the realities of our experiences and all the memories we hold dear.

personalised photo gift ideas

9. Shine Brighter With Acrylic Prints

In the ever-evolving realm of photo gift ideas, acrylic prints have established themselves as one of the frontrunners! With their radiant clarity and 3D effect, acrylic prints transform ordinary photographs into vibrant, living memories.

These impeccable pieces aren’t just photo printing gift ideas; they’re a synthesis of modern artistry. Our Acrylic Prints are soaring in popularity, because they are versatile enough to suit both contemporary and classic interiors aesthetics. What sets acrylic prints apart is not just their luminous appeal but their versatility. They can capture everything from candid family shots to expansive landscapes with unparalleled finesse. In the world of unique photo gifts, acrylic prints are game-changers, offering a tactile, visual delight – the perfect centrepiece for a living room, dining room, or even a bedroom. They also wipe clean easily, making them perfect for homes with little ones!

These personalised photo gift ideas can reshape the way you celebrate the special moments in your life. From the vast landscapes of Australia to our intimate living rooms, the magic of personalised photo gifts has the power to touch our hearts, making memories tangible. From the intricate details of a photo gifts collage to innovative photo printing gift ideas, there’s a treasure for every occasion. Celebrate, remember, and cherish those memories with the perfect photo gift.


Got questions? When it comes to personalised photo gift ideas, we’ve got answers to all your most important questions.

Where can I find unique photo gifts?

Unique photo gifts are the personal gifts, the ones that evoke special memories or moments shared. They’re not just another off-the-shelf item; they’re a carefully chosen or designed piece that resonates with personal history and sentiments.

How do I ensure the best quality when selecting a photo gift?

Always check the materials used, especially when considering items like framed prints or canvas collages. Canvas Factory uses high-quality prints and premium inks and materials to ensure longevity and vibrant colour.

Are personalised photo gifts expensive?

The cost of personalised photo gifts can vary based on the type and intricacy of the gift. However, there are options to suit all budgets, from simple photo blocks to elaborate acrylic or metal prints. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and reviews before placing your order.


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