5 Reasons To Give A Handmade Gift This Mother’s Day

When I told a friend of mine I was writing a Mother’s Day blog article, she was all like ‘But it’s ages away!’

The thing is, four weeks isn’t ages when it comes to putting thought into a gift. And when it comes to Mums, the more thoughtful the better. It’s the least they deserve, right?

It’s easy enough to arrange a hamper, pick up some flowers or pop a gift voucher into a card, but handmade or home crafted items require more thought and more time. But why create a handcrafted gift rather than buying something off the shelf?

And what’s this thing called time that I’m alluding to?

There are very good reasons why some nifty, crafty folk put time and effort into creating something special for Mum this time of year: making a pair of earrings, baking a cake, painting a wine glass, knitting a blanket or creating a photo collage of family snaps.

But what on earth are they? I’m here to convince you with five reasons to give a handmade gift this Mother’s Day.

It’s More Personal

Have you ever heard these words from your mother?

“You didn’t even get me anything last year!” or “I’ve completely forgotten what you got me last year!”

And you’re thinking “I don’t remember either!” and realise later you bought Mum a gift card with a whopping $200 on it. Humph.

Apparently, when people receive gift cards, they tend to purchase something luxurious for themselves. This is a good thing! But the emotional attachment to the gift is not a lasting one. To give a gift that will truly stay in Mum’s lasting memory, the key is to give something hand made.

Mothers Day Handmade Gifts - Personalised

Even the simplest gestures like having Mum’s name engraved on the item you’re gifting or including some touching words of love can turn a present into a treasure.

If you’re not crafty yourself, it’s OK! Etsy has a massive range of handcrafted gifts that you can personalise – jewellery, cushion covers, notebooks … it’s easy to get lost in Etsy land.

You can even personalise one of our canvas collage prints. If you go to Canva, you can easily create an original, classy image that you can upload as one of the range of photos to include in your collage print.

It’s More Thoughtful

A handmade gift says you’ve taken time out from your busy schedule to think through what your mother might like above all else.

An ‘All About You’ gift basket crafted with explanatory notes accompanying each gift (think handwritten note on paper glued to colourful cut-out cardboard) is something that’s clearly been made with love. It’s more heartfelt (and affordable!) than any Mother’s Day hamper will ever be.

The reason our photo collage canvas prints are so popular is because of the thought that goes into creating them. The act of seeking out the best photos and the act of creatively deciding where they go on the collage is an act of love.

Mother's Day Handmade Gifts - Canvas Collage Print

You Enjoy Making It

Giving at Mother’s Day, unlike on other occasions like Christmas or birthdays, is ultimately an altruistic gesture. As sons or daughters, when giving a Mother’s Day present, we don’t expect anything in return (except a smile of course!).

Many a trip to a counsellor focuses on our relationship with our parents (oh Freud!). Taking the time to craft Mum a gift is important time spent reflecting on your relationship with your mother and enjoy doing so!

To spend time creating something for Mum rather than fighting a battle at the shops is something that is fun, making this particular activity an act of love rather than obligation.

Mother's Day Handmade Gifts - Craft

It’s A Nice Surprise

Sometimes people consider handcrafted gifts to be something you do when you can’t afford a ‘proper’ present. But homemade does not mean crappy.

Not only will you surprise your Mum with something different, but her reaction will surprise you!

If you’re always one to buy the newest, biggest and best present for Mum, sure, go do that again, but consider combining it with something more personal and unique and see how long Mum treasures it for.

Surprises often stand the test of time.

Mother's Day Handmade Gifts - Surprise Mum

It’s Exclusive

Handmade gifts are a one-off, never-to-be-repeated, unique item (apologies for the triple tautology!). That makes them more special than any mass produced item will ever be.

Just don’t confuse ‘exclusive’ for ‘expensive’. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s special. Often, exclusive handmade gifts are priceless – like a mother’s love.

Very fitting, don’t you think?

Mother's Day Handmade Gifts - Mother's Love

Still not your cup of tea? Oh I suppose a gift voucher will do. Perhaps one of our canvas print gift vouchers will have her beaming from ear to ear instead – especially if Mum is the crafty one in the family!

Either way, you better get cracking as Mother’s day is only a month away!


Eli is Canvas Factory's resident blogger and social media buff. She has a passion for art, craft, design, fashion and photography. She loves to explore the joys and challenges of family life, relationships, motherhood and pet ownership. Eli finds it's more funny to poke fun at herself than others. She's travelled extensively and considers herself a citizen of the world.

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