9 Fun Mother’s Day Activities She Will Love

While it’s easy to reach for flowers, champagne and gift baskets, fun Mother’s Day activities are a great idea when it comes to creating a special day for your mother.

Mother’s Day activities may cost a little or may cost a lot, but regardless of your budget the trick is finding something she will love doing.

Below are nine exciting Mother’s Day activities that she’s sure to adore.

You could even make the activity of the day a surprise! Just tell her what to bring, and start planning!

And remember it’s her day – not a day of taking care of kids or grandkids – so if the activity is all about her be sure to find someone to take care of the little ones. All of your attention can then be on Mum.

So, without further ado, here are our top Mother’s Day activities.

1. Plant flowers together

If your mum keeps talking about setting up some flower pots or a herb garden, a wonderful Mother’s Day activity could involve buying flower seeds or herb saplings and spending the day plotting and planting floral beauties or edible delights.

This is a Mother’s Day gift that will keep on growing, a wonderful symbol of how much she means to you and a talking point for years to come.

Mothers Day Activities - Plant Flowers

2. Plan the perfect picnic

Invite Mum to a Mother’s Day picnic she’ll never forget. When we say ‘plan the perfect picnic’ we simply mean stepping it up from the type of fuss and fare you would usually put into a picnic lunch.

Think French champagne, gourmet deli treats or a high tea.

Aside from the food, this idea is all about spending quality time outdoors. Sure, her children or grandchildren might like to come along, but the focus must be squarely focused on Mum.

Take her to her favourite place – a park, the forest or by the beach – then tell her to relax while you lay out a beautiful blanket, picnic chair, cushions and picnic basket full of goodies to make Mum feel truly special.

Mothers Day Activities - Picnic

3. Take Mum to brunch

One of our favourite Mother’s Day activities is taking Mum to brunch. This one is an oldie but a goodie and there’s a reason for that.

Choose her favourite restaurant or, if you know she’s more a little more adventurous, find somewhere new and fancy with an eclectic menu and lovely atmosphere.

If you love to entertain then stay at home and cook a delicious spread full of foods she loves. Croissants? Strawberries? Eggs Benedict? The options are endless.

Mothers Day Activities - Brunch

4. Organise a craft-a-noon tea

Get your girlfriends together and invite all your Mums along to a Mother’s Day craft-a-noon tea. It may be something you do simply for fun or it could be a way to raise money for a good cause.

But what is a craft-a-noon? Essentially anything goes at a craft-a-noon, so whether it’s painting, drawing, scrapbooking or making bath salts, flower petal soap, bookmarks, candles or crafty bouquets, it’s all welcome.

Ask Mum to bring along her latest project or find out what she’d like to learn or create.

Mothers Day Activities - Crafts

5. Attend a cooking class

If Mum loves to cook (and even if she doesn’t!), a cooking class is a brilliant opportunity to get out of the house, learn to cook something new and delicious, and eat something new and delicious.

Choose a cuisine or style of cooking you know she loves, but may not have yet cooked with mastery. It could be pasta making, chocolate making, Thai, Vietnamese or vegetarian.

There are a plethora of cooking classes around, so find somewhere local where Mum can enjoy the smells, sounds and tastes of yummy food.

Mothers Day Activities - Cooking Class

6. Host a DIY wine tasting party

Think outside the winery tour and bring the winery tour home with a DIY wine tasting party.

The awesome thing about this event is no-one needs to be designated driver, something all Mums will definitely appreciate.

Bring a group of Mums together to enjoy a sophisticated range of wines, some delicious cheeses and lots of laughs.

Mothers Day Activities - Wine Tasting

7. Enjoy the great outdoors

Does your Mum love adventure? Is she more into horses than manicures? Is there a hobby she loves doing, but rarely gets the chance?

Set aside a day where Mum can enjoy the great outdoors. Beat the Mother’s Day lunchtime crowds and escape to the country, the mountains or the seaside where she can relish in a day of hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding or cycling.

Mothers Day Activities - Outdoor Adventure

8. Treat Mum to a personal photo shoot

Sure you can gift Mum a professional portrait photography shoot, but often some of the best shots are candid rather than cultured.

Grab your camera, your Mum and some props! Enjoy a little time being silly and posing for your own, personal indoor and outdoor photo shoot.

Then sit down together in front of the computer and create a canvas collage featuring all the best pictures from the day. Learn how to make a collage now.

Mothers Day Activities - Photoshoot

9. Host a fun spa party

This is a great one if you’re a family of girls (or a Dad wanting to get things just right for the wife and mother in his life!).

If you can’t afford to buy Mum a day at a luxury spa, bring the spa to Mum!

Transform her home (or yours) into a relaxing oasis complete with facial masks, manicure sets, conditioning treatments and group massages.

It’s super easy to organise, cost-effective and fun.

Mothers Day Activities - Spa Party

We hope these Mother’s Day activities have inspired you. So, start planning and get ready to impress your mum.


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