New Ways to Use Metal, Glass, and Canvas Prints Online

The urge to remake your surroundings is a natural one, with canvas prints online or other tools. The eye gets tired and stops seeing things, and that’s when your office, your kitchen, your living room stops being a magical place and starts just being a room. Sometimes when we have guests who have come for the first time we can enjoy a bump in our visual joy as they make us see the design, the wall art and the custom canvas prints as if for the first time, but generally speaking once we lose that ‛itch’ over a new look, it becomes dull – and that’s when we want to remake everything.


The same thing happens with ideas and inspiration, unfortunately – things that were once exciting and new become dull, old news. Even metal, glass, or canvas prints online – that once seemed like a design superpower – become a little dull and boring after a few uses. That’s why it’s important that we occasionally offer up some fresh ways to use these design elements – ways that just might kick-start your sense of design adventure and creativity.

Canvas Prints Online: The Play Room Bulletin Board

Canvas makes a perfect pin board, but why settle for just a blank canvas square or a corkboard for the kids to pin their drawings, ace report cards, and other fun things on? The power of canvas prints is the ability to create, so why not create some bespoke pin boards using canvas prints online?

The trick is to design something using either your own photos, pictures from a library, or stock art images that are used as a border or side element, leaving the bulk of the canvas area blank and ready for pinning. You can also choose to make one large pin board or several smaller ones that can be grouped together. Let your imagination run wild!

Custom Metal Prints: The Kitchen Magnet Centre

The sad fact is that not every stainless steel refrigerator in the world is as magnetic as the old-school appliances. You grab your trusty letter-magnet to hang a prize piece of art from your kids or a shopping list, and it slides sadly to the floor.


That’s where metal wall art can save the day. Using your own personal art and sense of style, you can create a piece of metal wall art that captures your home’s personality and offers a place where things can be tacked up using magnets or any other way you’d prefer, keeping your appliances clear and clean while offering a communication centre in the room.

Glass Art: Placemats Bring Art to the Table

Glass is a delicate material, but that fragility also lends it a certain class and dignity that other materials lack. Consider the elegance of not only having glass settings at your next dinner party, but glass placemats that echo the art on the walls of the dining room to boot! Easy to clean, beautiful, and custom-made to match not only your room’s style but your personal style, glass placemats can elevate your next dinner to the next level of sophistication and wow Factor.

These are just a few new ideas to get your brain working on the problem of how to best use the amazing power of glass, metal, and canvas prints online. Let your imagination roam, and when you have the perfect idea, click here and we’ll take it from there.