8 Unique Ideas For Beautiful Personalised Wall Art

8 Unique Ideas For Beautiful Personalised Wall Art

Wall art is one of the first things that people notice when they walk into a room for the first time. And when that room is a private home or office, the wall art choices become infinitely more interesting. What kind of feeling do you want people to have when they lay eyes upon your interior decoration choices for the first time? If you are interested in displaying a part of your personality and history in your home decor, read on for some beautiful and unique personalised wall art ideas to get you started.

1. A Significant Map

Personalised Wall Art - Map

What is the most significant place you have ever visited? Maybe it’s the place you were born, or maybe where you took a memorable family holiday. Perhaps it’s where you and your partner had your first date, or the location of your wedding or honeymoon. Pay respects to that location by displaying a map on your wall. Achieving this can be as simple as downloading a high-resolution map image and ordering custom canvas prints by uploading it to our online tool.

2. Display Old T-Shirts

Personalised Wall Art - Old T-shirts

By Crafts ‘n Coffee

Do you have a collection of old T-shirts you no longer wear, but that you can’t bring yourself to dispose of? If you do, then you are one of millions of people worldwide who hoard T-shirts (don’t quote us on that, we just made that up). What we do know is that T-shirts seemed to multiply and accrue without any effort, and parting with the T-shirt you bought at a concert ten years ago seems akin to denying the existence of the concert overall. Make good use of your own used, old T-shirts by mounting them on wall. For a three-dimensional effect, purchase blank canvases from a craft store or department store and simply stretch the T-shirt around the face of the canvas, securing with tape or staples at the back. If you don’t mind a flatter look, the same effect can be achieved by cutting out uniform pieces of thick cardboard for mounting.

3. Best Family Holiday

Personalised Wall Art - Holiday

What was your family’s best holiday? You may surprise yourselves with your answer, as it may not be the most expensive trip or the furtherest destination that you visited. It may turn out to be that time you decided to spend Christmas at home, and everyone just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. Whatever you choose, you also find that you have one photo that perfectly sums up that holiday for you. Find that photo, scan it if it is not already in digital form, and then turn it into a canvas print for your wall. What more uplifting image could you choose than one that conjures up images of your family’s most enjoyable holiday?

4. Giant Wall Confetti

Personalised Wall Art - Confetti Wall

By Hank and Hunt

This is an effective idea for personalised wall art that requires no special skills and very minimal outlay. It’s also a fantastic weekend project to undertake with your children, if you are interested in getting them involved in your home decoration projects. Find, buy or create a circle template – ideally out of a hardy material such as wood or metal. Use this template to cut out circles of different coloured sheets of paper, as well as other fabrics if you choose. This is a creative way of making use of children’s clothing that no longer fits but that you just can’t part with, as well as that collection of magazines that you know needs to be thrown out. Cut a circle out of the cover of each magazine’s to display on the wall, leaving you free to dispose of the bulk of the magazine.

5. Your Favourite Poem

Personalised Wall Art - Poem On Canvas

By Candace Creations

Some people have that one poem that they have loved forever, that seems to speak directly to their soul. If you are lucky enough to have that kind of relationship with a poem, consider printing it on canvas to display on your wall. A similar idea is to immortalise your favourite song, or the song that you share with your partner, and print the lyrics directly on canvas.

6. DIY Canvas Handprint

Personalised Wall Art - Handprint

By Hello Bee

This is a simple home decor idea that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Purchase a black stretched canvas on a frame, or if you can’t find black, purchase a standard white canvas and paint it black yourself. Once your canvas is ready, dip your child’s hand in white paint and leave one handprint in the centre of the canvas. Print your child’s name and birthdate on the canvas or, if they are old enough, have them write their name themselves. This project can be completed as a ‘moment in time’ snapshot, showing the handprints of your various children on one particular date, or can be part of an ongoing project whereby you take each child’s handprint at a certain milestone, such as as soon as possible after birth, or on their first birthday.

7. DIY Silhouette Art

Personalised Wall Art - Silhouette

From Curbly

Far from being old-fashioned or boring, silhouettes can be incredibly effective and bring a dramatic element to any room. They also don’t need to be difficult to create, so you can have some fun turning a favourite photos (provided they show a person in profile view!) into effective silhouette wall art.

8. Baby’s First Collage

Personalised Wall Art - Baby Collage

Nothing says personalised more than photos of your own family. And never has there been a more fitting photo occasion than the birth of a new baby (or perhaps a wedding!). After your baby is born you will have dozens of precious photos – whether professionally taken or candids taken by yourself and your family and friends – and it can be hard to work out which photo deserves to be professionally printed. Take the pressure off yourself by choosing a selection of your favourite photos and printing them as a photo collage on canvas. At Canvas Factory, we make this process easy. All you have to do is choose your favourite photos of Baby, and we will take care of the rest. Then you can sit back and wait for your professional quality canvas print to arrive at your doorstep.


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