Tell your own travel story with a series of photos on canvas

I’ve had the great fortune to travel and have had some extraordinary experiences overseas and closer to home, but if you were to step inside my house, no one would have a clue.

I’ve visited my mother’s birthplace, Italy, and my father’s birthplace, England. I’ve wandered the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve adventured solo via train through Europe and traveled with friends in Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand. I’ve trekked (sadly only half!) of the Abel Tasman Coast Track in New Zealand and enjoyed a ‘four weeks of freedom’ road trip down the east and south coasts of Australia. Throughout my career I’ve attended an industry conference in every city in Australia and I’ve also found regular rest and rejuvenation on beautiful Bribie Island in South-East Queensland.

Some experiences changed my life – visiting Africa’s largest slum and meeting youth leaders trying to improve their highly polluted environment and health conditions through education and community sporting activities.

Travel photos on canvas - Nairobi Slum - Africa

Some experiences were hilarious – taking a shot of liquor in Vietnam that had a preserved snake it in, much to the shock of my friend.

Some experiences were touching – meeting my Sicilian cousins who, despite difficulties communicating with each other, made us feel like long lost family.

Some experiences were romantic – my partner and I laughing and spinning on the beach under the watchful eye of sunset.

Travel photos on canvas - beach - sunset

No matter where in the world my feet hit the dirt, I remained true to one habit – taking hundreds of digital photographs. I’ve even made sure to back up my files, with my father looking after some on his computer and others on USBs scattered all over my house.

Most recently, my partner and I went to New York City, me for the second time and him for the first. He took a grand total of 711 photos. Our hero shot, a photo of us experiencing falling snow for the first time under the Christmas tree in Bryant Park, currently has pride of place as wallpaper on our smartphones.

As romantic as that is, I’ve decided it’s time to tell my travel stories with a series of photos on canvas prints and I’m inviting you to do the same.

I can’t possibly begin to choose a hero shot, but nor do I need to. That’s what collages are for!

The beaut thing about creating your own collage is you can choose up to nine different photos on the one canvas print – and each print is ridiculously affordable – so it’s really just a matter of taking the time to pick out your best photos.

To create a photo series, I’m going to pick my top four holidays and create a different collage canvas print for each. 1. Kenya. 2. Brazil. 3. Europe. 4. New York.

Photos on canvas - collage

I think I’ll position them all in a row down my hallway to create a walking journey of travel, growth and good times.

For under $200, I’m going to finally get something significant in my home that reminds me of my extraordinary life of travel and tells others, in a blink of an eye, that I am someone to swap travel stories with.

I’m going on a cruise for the first time in June for my honeymoon – we’re off to experience the South Pacific. However, I’m thinking that special occasion will call for acrylic glass! But that’s a whole new project, so I’ll get back to you on that.

Where in the world have you been? Where are you off to next?