8 Spectacular Examples of Glass Art

8 Spectacular Examples of Glass Art

Dale Chihuly once said: ‘Glass has the ability, more than any other material, to bring joy and a certain happiness to people.’ Have a look at the stunning glasswork below and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with him. The creators of these masterpieces all have different styles and techniques, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re absolute professionals at their craft. Scroll down and check out this beautiful glass art.

1. A New Day

Glass Art - A New Day

By Alice Benvie Gebhart

Alice Benvie-Gebhart is a teacher and kiln-fired glass artist. Alice was born into an artistic family, with both her father and grandfather working as artists. Alice’s explains that her goal as an artist is to communicate visually using kiln-fired glass. She earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in printmaking and painting, and worked as a painter and teacher for quite a while before discovering fused glass. She now works exclusively in kiln-fired glass.

2. Madonna of the Rocks

Glass Art - Madonna Of The Rocks

From Stumpchuck

Loren Stump is a master glassblower and stained glass artist in California. Loren has wowed the internet with his mind-blowing display of virtuosity. He created the above masterpiece – a loaf of glass – out of meticulously layered glass rods. When ‘sliced’, the murrini reveals a magical work of art in cross-section. Of course the amazing aspect of this piece is that the resulting image only becomes obvious after the murrini has been cut; showing that he has utmost faith in his own skills. Stump’s most famous work is known as ‘Madonna of the Rocks’.

3. Knitting with Glass

Glass Art - Knitting With Glass

By Carol Milne

Known worldwide for her unique knitted glass work, Carol Milne won a Silver Award for her Exhibition of Glass at the 2010 International Exhibition in Kanazawa, Japan. When one first contemplates these glass sculptures by Milne, it’s impossible to determine exactly how she does it. With glass having a melting point of around 1,500°F (815°C), how can she possibly manipulate it into strands that are looped around knitting needles? In 2006, Milne created knitted glass by incorporating knitting techniques, lost wax casting, mold making, and kiln casting. To date, she’s won 15 prestigious awards and conducts solo shows around the world.

4. Chihuly Orb

Chihuly Orb

Dale Chihuly was first introduced to glass whilst studying interior design at the University of Washington. Following his graduation in 1965 he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin in the first glass program in the country. He later established a glass program at the Rhode Island School of Design where he taught for more than a decade. Chihuly co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School in 1971, and since that time has been a world leader in the development of glass as a fine art. He’s been the recipient of many awards, and his work is included in over 200 museums worldwide.

5. Yuki Matsueda’s 3D Art

Glass Art - Yuki Matsueda's 3D Glass Art

By Yuki Matsueda

The Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda was born in Ibaraki, Japan, in 1980. The 34-year-old is currently receiving critical acclaim all over Asia. Matsueda creates sculptures in which elements of his artwork bulge out of the canvas, as if to leave the rest behind – it’s like a single element is magically brought to life. Matsueda creates dreamlike sequences of events that appear frozen in time, by using a heat press to mould PET plastic into shapes that are capable of holding the bulging element in mid-air. The results are simply stunning!

6. Glass Jewellery


Glass Art - Glass Jewellery

By Glassation

At the age of 10, Charlene Foster moved from the Philippines to the United States. Charlene was first introduced to glassblowing during classes at Avon Place Glass in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and since that time has studied at various prestigious schools, including the Pilchuck Glass school and the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Today, Charlene’s magnificent work has been featured in various art-related magazines and has been auctioned off at Wheaton Arts in New Jersey, the Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, and the Urban Glass Blowers’ Ball in New York. Currently based in Brooklyn, Charlene Foster focuses on creating both personalized and custom-glass jewellery for galleries, museums, and many high-end customers.

7. Fruin’s Watertower

Glass Art - Fruin's Watertower


Tom Fruin was born in Los Angeles in 1974: much of his artistic career has been spent in Los Angeles, and today he works out of his Brooklyn studio. Fruin’s ‘Watertower’ masterpiece is a colourful sculpture of a water-tower, sitting atop the rooftop of 20 Jay Street. Every day, thousands of people witness Tom Fruin’s signature piece as they stroll through the streets of Dumbo, travel down the FDR Drive, or cross the Manhattan or Brooklyn bridges. This massive sculpture was created from around 1000 scraps of locally sourced plexiglass: the tower includes both exterior and interior access ladders, with a fully functioning roof hatch.

8. Glass Shard Animal Sculptures

Glass Art - Glass Shard Animal Sculptures

By Graphic Design Degree Hub

While attending art school in Wroclaw, Poland and Dusseldorf, Germany, Marta Klonowska, the Polish-born artist, fell in love with glass as an artistic medium. Today, Klonowska is renowned for her glass shard animal sculptures, particularly the canine companions of historical figures. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, and other European countries, and has also been on display at the Corning Museum of Glass since the year 2011. Marta Klonowska lives and works in Dusseldorf.

No one can deny that these glassworks are beautiful masterpieces. If you’d love a glass art masterpiece of your own, transform your favourite photo into a personalised acrylic glass print in just a few clicks with Canvas Factory. Besides the fact that it will look absolutely fabulous, it’s also a durable and contemporary choice of wall art.


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