The Power that Preserves: Your Memories and Wall Art

There’s an old saying that the doom of men is that they forget – that nothing truly lasts forever. The real problem is that we remember, but our stuff often doesn’t last as long as our memories. When our treasured keepsakes and other mementos start to fade because of the ravages of time, that’s where the true power of canvas prints used as amazing wall art in your home is revealed. Not only does canvas art beautify your home and make your interior design more personal and powerful in general, it also allows you to preserve your memories and mementos forever.


Wall Art beyond Photos

Of course, the obvious starting point is your photos. Whether faded prints that have been collecting dust and losing their vibrancy for years, or forgotten digital files on old hard drives that get thrown away by accident, your photographs are in constant danger of being lost – and yes, canvas prints can save them. But that’s obvious! There are many other options.

For example: Old T-shirts. You have a collection of great T-shirts that mark your journey. Concert T-shirts from when you were a kid, souvenir T-shirts from your travels around the world, a T-shirt memento from an old romance, or simply a favourite comfortable shirt – we all love our T-shirts. Sadly, they don’t last forever. As comic Jerry Seinfeld once observed, every wash cycle brings our beloved shirts closer to the end.

But your T-shirt collection can be saved forever – and used as truly unique and gorgeous wall art – with some hi-quality photos of your shirts on a white background, some judicious cropping, and a transformation into high-quality canvas prints. Imagine an art gallery featuring the great designs, colours, and patterns on your shirts – an art gallery that doubles as a trip through your own life experiences.

Wall Art Other Ideas

Once you have this breakthrough, a million ideas suggest themselves to you – a million souvenirs that can be preserved through the combination of hi-res photography and canvas printing:


  • Cards and letters from friends and family – stop fading ink and yellowing paper in its tracks with the power of canvas prints!
  • Dried and pressed flowers – you’ve kept them pressed in a book for decades, now they can decorate your wall with a powerful image that speaks from your heart and soul.
  • Any collection. When you passionately collect things, most of your collection winds up in a drawer or in boxes. Set them free by photographing them and turning them into amazing canvas prints for all to see.

There’s no limits here – whatever it is you wish to protect from time and the silent, continuous damage it does to our beloved souvenirs and other keepsakes, canvas prints can do the job for you. When you’ve selected the items you want to preserve, click here and let us do the honours!