Welcome Princess Charlotte And The Return Of Old Fashioned Names

Congratulations! You’re about to have a baby! It’s now the moment your friends and family have all been waiting for – the time you choose a name they all approve of! Ha! And while you know that’s actually an impossible ask, it’s important to take the decision-making process slow so you don’t cause yourself a lifetime of regret and your child a lifetime of angst.

You don’t have to be fourth in line to the throne to appreciate being given a good name. And Charlotte is one of the best old fashioned names there is, with its popularity last year making it the 17th most popular baby name.

Old Fashioned Names - Princess Charlotte

GOOD NAME: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Charlotte means ‘petite’ and ‘feminine’ and is actually the feminine form of Charles, a nod to Charlotte’s grandfather. The name Charlotte has been in use since the 17th century. Now that’s what I call an old fashioned name!

Other well known Charlottes include novelist Charlotte Brontë; Wilbur’s spider friend in Charlotte’s Web and the character in Sex and the City. But it’s not just one of those ye old English names – Bill and Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter, born last year, also enjoys the name Charlotte.

Charlotte is a classic name that, with the birth of Princess Charlotte, will no doubt soar in popularity with the same level of soaring popularity for and interest in the modern young royal family Kate Middleton and Prince William.

When it comes to celebrity baby names, so many pale in comparison to the incredibly solid choice the British Royal Family have made. When you see other celebrity baby names – Kal-El, Pilot Inspektor, Fifi Trixibelle, Apple, Kyd, Sage Moonblood, Destry, Blanket, Blue Angel, Audio Science, Moon Unit, Tu Morrow and Moxie Crimefighter – Charlotte really is an excellent choice as an old fashioned female name. It therefore makes sense, when you’re choosing a baby name, to look back at other old names that deserve a revival.

Old Fashioned Names - Baby Names - Apple

APPLE: Something you eat or, for Gwyneth Paltrow, what you decide to call your baby.

Here’s a list of Victorian names from the 1880s and the baby name meanings associated with that name. They just sound so solid, don’t they? As in, if you choose one of these cool baby names you kind of get the feeling that your kid will never get teased for having it.

Well, Clarence and Ernest may require a bit of hard defence in the playground (future sports star?) and some girls may struggle with Ethel or Maude so they may need a great sense of humour to carry those ones off (future comedian?).

What do you think? Do you think some of these will become popular baby names all over again?

Traditional Girls Names And Their Meanings

1. Alice

Noble, Kind, Truth.

2. Anna


3. Annie

Blessed with grace

4. Bessie

Consecrated to God

5. Bertha


Old Fashioned Names - Bright Baby

SHINE ON: Bertha means ‘bright’

6. Clara

Clear, bright

7. Carrie

Melody, song

8. Cora

Heart, maiden

9. Mary


10. Emma


11. Ethel


12. Florence

Prosperous, flowering

13. Grace

Grace of God

14. Helen


15. Ida


16. Laura

Laurel crowned

Old Fashioned Names - Laurel Princess Baby

CROWNED: Princess Laura?

17. Mabel

My beautiful one

18. Margaret

A pearl

19. Martha


20. Maude

High tower (From the name Madeline)

21. Minnie


Old Fashioned Names - Bitter Crying Baby

POOR BITTER MINNIE: She finds the outside world overwhelming.

22. Nellie

Light (from the name Helen)

23. Sarah


Traditional Boys Names And Their Meanings

1. Albert

Noble, bright

2. Arthur

Strong as a bear

Old Fashioned Names - Baby Bear

STRONG: Arthur the bear.

3. Charles

Manly, farmer

4. Charlie

Manly, farmer (Nickname for Charles, Charlotte. Can be a name for either gender)

5. Clarence

Clear, luminous

6. David


7. Edward

Wealthy guardian

8. Ernest


9. Fred

Peaceful ruler

Old Fashioned Names - Baby Ruler

PEACEFUL: Welcome Fred the ruler!

10. Frank


11. George


12. Harry

Army ruler (From the name Harold)

13. Henry

Ruler of the home

14. John

God is gracious, merciful

15. William


16. James


17. Joe

God will increase (From the name Joseph)

18. Joseph

God will increase

19. Louis

Famous warrior

20. Richard

Powerful, rich ruler

21. Robert

Bright fame

22. Thomas

A twin

23. Roy


Old Fashioned Names - King Baby Boy

ROYAL: Hail King Roy!

24. Samuel

God’s word

25. Walter

Army general

Once your bundle of joy has arrived, why not celebrate their beautiful name with a custom canvas print? Afterall, they’re going to be way cuter than Charlotte. You know it.

Old Fashioned Names - Canvas Print Baby Boy


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