Making Stock Photo Canvas Prints Personal for Interior Design

Photo canvas prints can help you celebrate any occasion.

For many people in the modern age, interior design is a hobby that they enjoy. They use their own homes as their canvas, always thinking and tweaking and trying new things, creating a look and feel for their home that changes on a regular basis.

Of course, this sort of hobby could be incredibly expensive if they were tearing out walls and installing new built-ins all the time. Most hobbyist interior designers don’t go that far – they stick with the affordable, like new paint, garage sale furniture finds, and the old reliable: photo canvas prints.

Of course, some designs don’t work well with personal photos and call for a more artistic look for these prints – but getting custom art is frightfully expensive, leaving you with online stock options. While much of this stock art is beautiful and perfect for use in interior design concepts, they can be a bit impersonal – unless you approach selection with an eye towards your personality.

Telling a Story with Photo Canvas Prints

Bring old memories to life with photo canvas prints.

The key to making your design personal in general, as well as ensuring that the photo canvas prints you hang on the walls are personally meaningful even if they come from an online stock library, is to tell a story.

This should begin with your overall design. Don’t think of it as a disparate collection of colour choices, furniture choices, and textures – think of your design as a coherent story being told using the symbolism inherent in each of these things. For example, a family room that’s used by everyone in your home to relax and have fun might have warm earthy tones because it’s where your children rush in from playing outside, dirty and breathless. The flooring might be a sturdy rug because of the constant running and playing, and the art on the walls might be inspired by each family member’s hobbies and interests – sports for Dad, superheroes and chemistry for the kids, an abstract piece for you. It might not be obvious, but all of these things taken together tell the story of your family.

Other Stories

Photo canvas prints can brighten up any room.

It doesn’t have to be about your family, or even that literal. You can be fanciful in your designs: Base your room’s look on a favourite fairy tale or animated movie. Or on a sports team. Or on an abstract, diffuse idea that only you understand! The specific story only has to make sense to you and in your mind. The key is mapping out what that story is, and then choosing stock images that represent parts of that story to you.

Even if your guests and visitors would never be able to guess what your story is, simply having a narrative in your head while designing will result in a finished look that hangs together perfectly – including the art on your walls, even if you got them from stock sites.

Have your story all ready? Then click here and we’ll help you create spectacular art for your walls that will finish the room perfectly.