Let’s Get Personal: 5 Super Special Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s Get Personal: 5 Super Special Christmas Gift Ideas

Perhaps you’re someone who struggles to find the perfect gift. Or perhaps you’re someone who loves seeking out the best of the best.

Either way, these Christmas present ideas – for friends, lovers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – will help you become the gift giver you’ve always wanted to be: thoughtful, generous and attentive.

That’s the beauty of personalised gifts; they speak volumes about who you are while making someone else’s day the best it can be.

Let’s Get Personal: 17 Super Special Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Is his passion totally extreme?

If you know a man with a passion for extreme sports, but don’t know what kind of item to purchase that will satisfy their crazy desires, here’s a gift that will fill that space – over and over.

We all know how it feels when someone gives you a gift from the heart. It’s like no other feeling on earth.

Sometimes we forget that the men in our lives also cherish those feelings, so be sure to have a think about what will truly rock their world.

Is it sports? Or music? Travel perhaps? Or adventure?

This funky modish collage, with three large angular photo frames, is the perfect way to make a massive impact.

Collect together the best photos of your friend doing his extreme thing, for example base jumping, trail bike riding or abseiling, and design a one-of-a-kind collage just for him.

2. Putting his pedal to the metal

Does he have an insatiable need for speed? Here’s a safer way to encourage his love of fast cars.

For a man who loves cars, few things are sexier than putting the pedal to the metal. That’s why our metal prints are an ideal gift.

Metal is known for its sleek, sturdy and strong character. Our brushed aluminium prints offer that same quality.

An ideal print for a man cave, print yours with sexy cars, spare parts and mechanics. Upload photos from his own personal library or choose from our extensive image gallery.

A wall display is a hot choice that oozes masculinity. This 2 x 2 panel display also brings symmetry and a sense of luxury to an otherwise tough subject.

3. Give her the gift of travel

You may not be able to afford to buy her the trip of a lifetime, but this canvas collage will give her the next best thing – inspiration to save.

This themed ‘Live Travel Adventure’ collage canvas is the perfect gift for the girl with the travel bug.

If she’s new to travel, select a few exciting photos from our massive online photo library. Here we’ve chosen Bali, India and Aruba.

But we’ve got thousands of photos to choose from – Paris, New York and London. The list is endless.

If she’s already a seasoned traveller, you will no doubt find hundreds of photos on her Facebook or Instagram page. As long as the quality is suitable, we can make it work.

Just download the photos from social media and upload them onto our canvas app.

And if all this talk of travel is giving you a hankering for adventure as well, why not add a gift to self? Perhaps a beautiful landscape beach print for the bedroom or a galant sailing print for the family room.

Travelling is for all ages, afterall.

4. Steal a new mum’s heart all over again

Know a new mother who’s shown tremendous resilience and courage? Wait. Isn’t that all new mums? This gift is about warming her heart all over again.

With camera in hand, Mum has documented all the baby boy milestones that melted her heart: his smile, raising his head, discovering his feet, gripping her finger, rolling onto his back, laughing, sitting up…

With an entire smart phone or DSLR camera full of photos, the only challenge is narrowing down which ones to include on canvas.

The magic of photo collages is they give you the opportunity to display multiple photos on the same print. This tender silhouette baby carriage collage provides frames for 10 photos. Very handy when you’re struggling to choose. And cute to boot!

Whether your selection is from a professional photo shoot you’ve commissioned or simply sourced from your own personal gallery, this gift will make a new mother’s Christmas.


5. Because all kids need a hero

Honour that special bond between father and son and father and daughter with a themed collage created just for Dads.

He’s their hero. They listen to every word he says. They watch every move he makes.


Visit www.thecanvasfactory.com.au to create your Canvas Print today.


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