36 Funny Cat Videos To Brighten Your Day

36 Funny Cat Videos To Brighten Your Day
Cats like to think they’re all saintly and superior don’t they? With those cool, elitist temperaments that say ‘I am the ruler of this household and I take no crap from anyone. Ever.’

And then they go and do something more silly than any dog could ever dream up. And they look even sillier than a dog because, deep down, they’re crying out in shame. And that’s what makes it funny!

Here are 36 funny cat videos to brighten your day! Share with a friend who needs some cheering up!

1. Face Plant

Face plant sleeping! How does she even breathe! Don’t try this at home, kitties!

2. Big Baby Cuddles

Cuteness overload! Here, the most patient cat ever is smothered by baby’s affection. Will the cat snap? Watch to find out.

3. Death Stare

How dare someone interrupt this cat while he’s watching TV! Total death stare. A teenager, for sure.

4. Cat Meets Dog

This cat either has a death wish or wants to make a new friend so badly it will do anything! Turns out the dog’s not really into it …

5. You Shall Not Pass

I think the joke’s on the dog in this one! Perfect example of how unfunny cats can be (which makes it funny!).

6. Cat Chat

Watch this cat talk! This short film gives Milo and Otis a run for its money. Such perfect translation from cat to English. Does that make it ‘catlish’?

7. I Am A Cat And I’m Angry

Very. Angry. This precious creature does not appreciate being locked up in a cage. But would you?

8. Psycho Cat VS Vet Nurse

Tough job, being a vet or a vet nurse. Much tougher when the cat is Attila the Hun in cat form!

9. Cat Versus Parrot

“Friends don’t bite their friend’s ears when sharing a meal,” according to Cat.

10. Fat Cat’s Bath Trauma

This kitty thought life was all about food. Not so! Bath time had other plans for him.

11. Cat Chorus Line

Comedy gold right here! And there’s always one who likes to be different on stage, isn’t there?

12. Dubstep Cat

We all know cats are cool, but not all cats are this cool. Drop the bass kitty.

13. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who’s the angriest cat of them all? Watch this cat fighting with his own reflection! Scary stuff!

14. This Cat’s Got Talent

It just feels so goooood to sing! Sing it kitty, sing it! Scratch there? No, here? Ahhh. Now sing!

15. Wii Fit Cat

It’s time to get fit! Let’s go! Right paw up. Right paw down. Right paw up! Right paw down. Now both up! Feels good doesn’t it?

16. Cat Fight

Get ready to tumble! This professional cat fight will have you biting your nails until the last minute. Who will you root for? Who will win?

17. Kitten Afraid Of Mouse?

What else would a big brave cat do when it sees a mouse, but jump up on a chair? Hey, give the kitten a break. We humans do it too!

18. Texting Cat

omg gf did u c tom in the garden 2day? he is soooo fine! i totes must jump on him 2moro. he’s gr8. LYLAS!

19. Cat Fail #1

Can’t win them all, apparently, no matter how athletic you think you are. Life is tough for a snow cat. “Winter Is Coming” are three words cats never want to hear.

20. Cat Meets Snow

Wait! Who cares about the cold? This is fun! Endless fun! When do we get to build a SnowCat?!?!

21. Cat Beats Itself Up

Dude, what’s your issue? There’s a special place in the world for every cat. It’s important we accept them into our hearts and homes no matter how completely, absolutely, utterly crazy they may be. Anyone got a spare cat straight jacket?

22. Wrapped In Plastic

Here he was, enjoying a perfectly nice rest on the bed when … ARGH!!! Oh us humans like to tease, don’t we?

23. Cat VS Toilet Paper

What did the toilet paper ever do to you, Cat? Also, did anyone else spot that creepy black cat. What the … ?

24. Jump! Go ahead And Jump!

You might as well jump! A child, a cat and a trampoline. What a wonderful way to fill your weekend!

25. Let’s Party!

I think every cat, from here on in, deserves a balloon on their birthday. Alternatively, if you’re looking for someone to tidy up the balloons after your party, this cat’s your guy.

26. Cat Fixes Printer

“You just have to bang it a bit. Here. Try that again. OK. I’ll try here. OH THIS THING IS JUST STUPID!”

27. Bring That Beat Cat!

This cat’s rockin’ it with the best of them. Move over Dave Grohl. This cat’s coming to a town near you!

28. Cats Playing Patty-cake

Kids will be kids. Or is that grown men? Awesome script. The choice of actors makes it even more hilarious! Ahhh we love home videos…

29. Human Cat Perch

“What is it for if it’s not for sitting?”

30. Cat Fail #2

Remember that cat from the snow earlier? Well … Here’s an easier jump he tries to attempt. Sigh.

31. Cat-In-A-Box

There is absolutely no need to shop for cat toys, is there? Hours of fun for the whole cat family with this simple cardboard cat playtoy.

32. Drinking Problem

This cat’s got a serious drinking problem. Trying to conceal it in plastic or paper bags won’t hide it kitty. Off to CA (Cataholics Anonymous) stat!

33. A Vase Of Beautiful Cat

I have no idea how this cat gets out of the vase, but it got in so – you know – I guess we just have to have faith! Just don’t try to water her in case she grows!

34. Ball Games

Get this kitty off to a ball game!

35. Boxing Cat

“Left hook. Yeah. Now right. Ooooooh that was a bit dirty! Don’t give him a mouse!”

36. You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Before you get your knickers in a knot, this isn’t actually real. That would count as cat abuse. They do get mesmerised by fans, though!

Oh the ghastly shame of it all! How on earth did those cats wake up the next morning with that same look of superiority? I’d say they gave it a red hot go.

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