Discover the Top Interiors Trends For 2021

Discover the Top Interiors Trends For 2021

After a year of turmoil and uncertainty, one thing is certain; home is truly where the heart is. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that establishing beautiful, personalised spaces at home is more important than ever. So, to get you inspired to transform your home into your own personal sanctuary, we decided to explore the biggest interiors trends for 2021.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can incorporate all the latest interiors trends into your home while adding your own unique spin to them. Read on to discover how to make your home look its absolute best this year!

9 of the Biggest Interiors Trends for 2021

Lockdowns due to the pandemic this year meant that, for many of us, home became more than just a place to crash every night.

Our homes also became our office, our gym, our own personal makeshift restaurant or just a place to hang out with friends and family or entertain a small group. We had to completely re-evaluate how we were using the home. Moving forwards into 2021, comfort and practicality will reign. And, as we spend more time in our homes, we’ll continue to need more visual interest to hold our attention and keep things interesting. New interiors trends in 2020 focus on moving away from minimalism and enriching our spaces with beautiful, meaningful pieces that bring us joy.

So, join us as we dive into 2021’s biggest interiors trends and we’ll show you how you can adopt these popular trends easily and affordably.

1. A Little Luxury

The onset of the pandemic has meant that we are all spending more time at home. The absence of travelling abroad or indulging in luxurious spa sessions or luxury getaways means that many of us are craving luxury and looking to create an elevated, luxurious space at home that is functional as well as fabulous.

The good news is that luxurious homewares don’t necessarily need to carry a hefty price tag. Sometimes, all that is needed is a classic colour palette, or a few select pieces to elevate the look of your rooms.

Our top ideas for elevating your home with luxurious home décor are:

  • Adding touches of glamour, like furniture with gold hardware
  • Opting for a chic, white and blue colour theme
  • Adding a few sophisticated gallery-style metal wall art pieces
  • Installing a statement chandelier or high-impact hanging lights
  • Metallic wall art; choose from hundreds of metallic wall art designs here
glamourous decor

2. Dark Hues

Interiors trends come and go, as do various colour palettes that fall in and out of favour, but this particular trend is easy to incorporate into your home. Dark hues are currently trending, and are handy to use on your walls in their ability to provide a dramatic backdrop for smaller pops of colour.

Dark hues can add an intriguing, moody feel to your spaces, and are the perfect “new neutral” to reflect bolder home décor pieces. These darker hues can be softened by adding plenty of greenery, crisp black features, textures like marble or soft textiles like wall hangings or shaggy rugs.

Get the look with these home décor tips:

  • Throw caution to the wind and paint your walls in a dark tone like chocolate brown. Just ensure your space is well-lit with lots of windows, to ensure the room doesn’t feel too small
  • Bring the drama with dark velvet furniture in dark shades of navy, emerald green, charcoal or dark brown
  • Add a dark and dramatic large-scale wall art piece; think a dark green forest, a moody seascape or gritty street photography scenes.
interiors trends for 2021

3. Return to Nature

Isolation and the absence of travel has made us crave everything from the natural world, including earthy tones like sea blue, forest green and various shades of beige and brown.

Embracing the natural world means embracing what’s imperfect; irregular shapes and rough textures add character and a unique flair to your spaces.

Natural home décor ideas that we love are:

  • Furniture in timber, rattan or cane
  • Plants, plants and more plants! There’s a whole world of indoor plants to explore, from hardy, un-kill-able succulents and cacti to lush, leafy potted plants
  • Wall art with scenes of nature, like sea grass, vintage beach scenes or watercolour paintings
  • Wall art of greenery, jungle or other tropical scenes
interiors trends for 2021

4. Durability

The best interiors trends of 2021 aren’t all about looking good. Even though we might be investing more in our homes, as we spend more time at home, we still want to ensure that what we’re buying will be practical and will stand the test of time.

Durable fabrics are in, like linen, cotton, and strong metal, as well as using hardier outdoor furniture fabrics in the home.

Get the trend in your home with these home décor pieces:

  • Metal wall art is highly durable. Our metal wall prints can withstand sun, rain and everything in between; not to mention they have a high-impact, gallery-style look that can suit both modern and classic home styles
  • Rattan or cane furniture
  • Washable linen slipcovers
interiors trends durable

5. Geometric Shapes

Post-modern and 80s-style pieces will continue to dominate the home décor space, as people start to embrace the maximalist trend. High-impact geometric pieces add glamour and dramatic tension to your rooms.

This interiors trend is also a great way to add colour, intrigue and light in your spaces. Try these geometric home décor ideas to incorporate this trend into your home today:

  • Geometric-print cushions. Can’t find the style you like? Customise one of our photo cushions with one of our geometric designs
  • Geometric vases and planters
  • Furniture like tables and chairs with ultra-modern geometric-style legs
  • Modern geometric wall art prints

6. Multipurpose Spaces

One of the biggest interiors trends for 2021 will be versatility. As our homes become our workspaces, gyms and entertaining spaces, we need to ensure each space can have multiple purposes.

Creative furniture and innovative homewares will take centre stage this year, as people find ways to reimagine their homes in a multitude of ways. Here’s how to add multipurpose spaces into your home:

  • Use your spare room as a guest room and a home office by installing a fold-down desk
  • Hide a study nook behind a sliding door within your living room area
  • Organised storage can look fantastic if you’re organised! Stow blankets away in ottomans, tiered shelving units or baskets
  • Add floating shelving and toy chests in kids’ rooms
interiors trends for 2021

7. Tranquil Zones

In a world of chaos, we all want to embrace our home as our own personal sanctuary, so it makes sense that one of the best interiors trends of 2021 is tranquil zones. Cluttered spaces, busy home décor themes or tired furniture all contribute to chaos and certainly don’t help us concentrate and live our best lives.

Instead, opt for calming colours like blue, neutrals or greens and let a soothing coastal influence slowly steer you into the gentle waves of calm. Refocus your attention for the new year away from empty spaces and boring, bare walls. Instead, fill them with delightful pieces that bring you joy.

Here are some simple ways to say goodbye to stress and create tranquil spaces in your home:

  • Fill your home with scenes of nature; hang wall art featuring natural landscapes or soothing blue beach scenes
  • Contribute to the soothing ambience by stimulating your senses; use candles, oil burners or scent diffusers to evoke a clean, fresh breeze or a calming floral bouquet
  • Fill your walls with dreamy abstract art in muted colours
  • Use a natural palette of calming blues, ocean greens, pretty pastels and crisp neutrals
  • If your home is quite angular or features lots of hard materials like concrete, soften your spaces with textures by adding soft throws, shaggy rugs and velvets. Mix things up with a variety of different textures
interiors trends for 2021

8. Vintage Style

As we seek to return to what is natural and traditional, vintage style takes centre stage. Vintage pieces remind us of all that is comforting; they give a home a lived-in feel.

Best of all, you can mix and match vintage pieces with more modern styles to create a varied, eclectic style palette with depth. To get the vintage home décor look, try the following:

  • Grab a large, ornately framed mirror in silver or gold
  • Stack old-school vintage suitcases in the corner of your living room. These can double as storage
  • Add a series of floating frame prints using vintage artworks
  • Try a moody colour palette to turn up the drama
vintage prints

9. Making a Bold Statement

Although we’re looking to create a calm environment in 2021, calm doesn’t have to equal boring! Minimalism has had a long run, but this year will see a return to maximalism; bold prints, enriched colour and interesting patterns.

Bring a bold look to your spaces by trying these little home décor tricks:

  • Adding a bold metal print or corrugated iron print in a retro design or modern style
  • Add black and white tiled flooring to create a dramatic yet elegant look. Just keep it simple everywhere else and bring warmth with furniture in sumptuous fabrics and textured wall hangings and lush rugs
  • Add large-scale wall art or wall displays to make a big impression
interiors trends for 2021

No matter which style you’re into, remember to make it your own! Or, steal different elements from a wide array of style genres and create an eclectic genre of your own.

For more inspiration to create a stunning sanctuary in 2021, check out our style blogs here or start searching for wall art here.


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