Discover Our 10 Most Popular Wall Art Styles of 2020

Discover Our 10 Most Popular Wall Art Styles of 2020

Are you looking for wall art but don’t know where to begin? Get inspired with our list of the most popular wall art styles in 2020 and discover how you could decorate your home this spring!

These wall art styles caught the eye of most of our Canvas Factory fans throughout 2020, so we’re sure you’ll love them too. But wall art is nothing if not personal. Start browsing, get inspired and find popular wall art styles that speak to you, not just what you think is popular!

So, without further ado, here are our most popular wall art categories of 2020.

The Most Popular Wall Art of 2020

10. Modern Canvas Art

Coming in at number ten is modern art. This popular wall art style is usually made up of a blend of different styles and movements. Modern art usually experiments with a variety of artistic perspectives, warping them to create something new. It often blends colour and strong, geometric lines to create futuristic-style art and subvert the viewer’s expectations.

It goes without saying that modern art is the perfect accompaniment to a modern-style room; however, that depends on the art itself. Sometimes modern wall art can still suit a more classic-style space if it has a more abstract, timeless look. For instance, if you browse our modern art using the colour filter at the top right-hand side of the search bar, you can find art designs in more subdued tones that are perfect for a more classic, earthy interiors look.

popular wall art styles
modern art

9. Wall Art of Plants and Flowers

Coming in at number nine, our customers loved natural wall art featuring plants and flowers. Not only does this popular wall art type provide a gateway into the natural world, but it is also highly versatile, and can be suitable in any space, from the living room to the bedroom, kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

Whether you’re creating a colourful wall art piece featuring a myriad of your favourite colourful flowers or hanging a boldly illustrated tropical print, you can’t go wrong with this popular wall art type.

popular wall art flowers

8. Retro Art

At number nine in our most popular wall art types, we have retro art. Retro wall art is characterised by an explosion of colour and striking graphical elements. If you want to make a statement, retro wall art is the way to do it.

The best retro wall art ideas are big and bold. Think bright retro movie posters, old advertisements or signs, colourfully illustrated designs or colourful psychedelic designs. Retro wall art can bring colour and life to your living room, entertaining areas and entranceways.

popular wall art retro art

7. Contemporary Art

What better way to decorate your home than in the art of today? It’s not hard to see why contemporary wall art comes in at number seven as one of our most popular wall art types. Contemporary art is often bold and experimental, mixing different art genres while adding a unique modern spin, or responding to current events that we can all relate to.

However, when choosing contemporary art for your home, you want art that is timeless, transcending traditional notions of style. Our favourite contemporary art ideas are vivid and bold, featuring neon pops of colour and expressive illustrations. This popular wall art type is not for the faint-hearted.

popular wall art types

6. Urban Art

Coming in number six is urban art. Urban art is characterised by art forms inspired by urban architecture or lifestyles. In recent times, however, urban art has made its way firmly into popular culture, solidifying itself as one of the most popular art forms available. Not to mention it can look fantastic in your living spaces. Urban art is a general term referring to all contemporary art designs. It can include street art and graffiti, as well as street photography and cityscapes.

When selecting your urban art, again, select pieces in colours and themes that speak directly to you. As with any art form, you should aim to select colours that fit in directly with your existing home décor scheme or choose pieces that juxtapose it. For instance, you may want to juxtapose a modern monochromatic colour scheme with a bright red graffiti art piece.

Urban art can make quite a statement, but it generally looks best within a modern design scheme.

popular wall art types

5. Beach Canvas Prints

Halfway through our list, we have beach canvas prints, and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular theme. Beach prints come in all shapes and sizes, from dark blue seascapes to seagrass in sepia tones, to family portraits at the beach, or even a drone shot of beachgoers or crystal clear waters meeting the sand.

Beach canvas prints look beautiful in all kinds of homes; you don’t need to live by the sea to enjoy them in yours! These prints look great in a modern home, a Hamptons-style home or even a more classic or country-style space.

To get the look, simply select your favourite beach canvas print create a print. Our floating frame prints in white can also frame a beach print nicely. Or, if you’d like to make a bigger impact, our split canvas prints are the perfect option for you, and look fabulous hanging in living spaces or entranceways.

popular wall art

4. Nature and Wilderness Art

Looking for a taste of the wild? You’re clearly not alone! Our nature and wilderness prints came in at number five on our most popular wall art types. These prints were especially perfect in a year like 2020, where few of us were able to travel. Nature and wilderness prints provide us with a taste of the natural world, acting as a portal to a new and beautiful location.

To get the look, think about the landscapes that you enjoy the most, whether that’s a tranquil rainforest, rolling hills underneath a mountain or a peaceful lake. Or perhaps you dream of one day seeing wild African animals, or swimming with sharks. In that case, a wall art piece with a wildlife scene could act as your travel inspiration.

Nature and wildlife wall art looks stunning on canvas or metal prints, and looks great hung in any room in your house, even in the bathroom.

nature wall art

3. Abstract Art

Now we’re reaching the truly popular wall art types. Abstract art is ideal in that it is so versatile, and, in some ways, can be far less subjective than other wall art types. It can be suitable for young and old and those with all different tastes. Abstract art can come in a variety of forms; it can be dramatic and high-impact, or soft and subtle, depending on what you’re looking for.

Abstract art is fantastic in that it challenges us to form our own interpretation of what an art piece means. It’s usually independent from any literal explanations of meaning, losing any concrete visual references.

This wall art type is popular in modern interior design. Ideally, some of the colours in your artwork should match elements in your rooms for it to look like it fits in. The great thing about abstract art is that it can suit almost any room.

popular wall art

2. Aboriginal Art

Coming in in the top three of our most popular wall art is Aboriginal art. Aboriginal designs play a very important role in the culture of the Aborigines. Their art is a form of storytelling, is a form of keeping their history and preserving Aboriginal culture. Ir was also often used to teach, as the Aboriginals didn’t keep written records.

Now, Aboriginal wall art can make a fantastic addition to your home, and can make a beautiful addition to your home. Aboriginal art designs usually make use of rich, earthy colours and vivid patterns and designs that have a deeper significance, speaking to the history of the earth and the Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal art can suit almost any room in the house but looks great in a place where you can appreciate its detail. It’s usually made up of a series of small dots so is best where it can be examined closely and look good at a distance. Hang it in the living room, in a bedroom or an entranceway.

popular wall art Aboriginal Art

1. Landscapes

Finally, we’re at number one! Our most popular wall art type is landscape wall art. This is unsurprising, as there are so many stunning scenes in the natural world that look impressive as wall art hanging in your home. Like nature and wildlife art, landscapes act as a window to the outside world, transporting you to lands far and wide.

Decorate your home with scenes of lush rainforests, stark deserts and cascading waterfalls. You really can’t go wrong with landscapes; they look fantastic as large-scale wall art hanging in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or really any room in the home.

popular wall art

There’s nothing that brings a landscape wall art piece to life more than an acrylic print or a metal wall art print; it brings out the colours in the artwork brilliantly, giving a sleek shine to waterfalls, rainforests or the salt spray shining on the ocean.

To discover our wall art, simply start browsing our canvas art and search for the wall art type that you love the most. Or, type in a search term that you’re curious about. At Canvas Factory, we have, quite literally, millions of designs to choose from, so your only problem will be narrowing down your favourite designs!


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