Combining Prints on Glass and Canvas Prints for a Knockout Room Design

Do you ever feel the urge to redecorate your spaces or even your entire home? This could mean anything from a renovation, remodelling or just adding some glass and canvas prints, furniture, and a fresh coat of paint to help your spaces feel new again.

Perhaps you want to redecorate because you compromised on your design the first time around. Or perhaps it’s because you jumped on a design trend hard and now you want to be a little more unique.


Whatever the reason, creating both glass art and canvas prints in creative ways is a perfect opportunity to explore the power of mixing textures and surfaces in a cohesive way. Here’s how to combine the two to create striking spaces.

The Science of Texture

Using different textures in a room creates drama and energy. If you’ve ever walked into a room that hasn’t been remodelled in some time and encountered upholstery that closely matches the wallpaper, you’ll understand how stuffy it feels. This is, in part, because your mind gets no break from the texture. Everywhere you turn, you can feel the raised edges of those patterns, whether you’re literally touching them or not.

Offering up a combination of textures, like smooth surfaces in a room of rough, or vice versa, allows you to better appreciate the design. It’s like going swimming in the summer. You might enjoy the water, but every now and then need to climb out and lay on the hot sand for a while. The trick with interior design is to choose textures that complement each other and yet offer enough individually to serve a unique purpose and add intrigue.


Glass and Canvas Prints on the Wall

An ideal solution for a bedroom or living room is to use a mix of prints on glass and canvas prints on the walls. By choosing similar images for each – or different images from the same shoot – you tie both together despite the different placement and texture they offer.

You can accomplish something more subtle by choosing your images more for their colour palette than for the images themselves. With the right wall colour, the eye will be drawn to all the right places and the mix of imagery, texture, and shape will ensure that no one gets bored or fatigued when in your room.

Designing a room is always an adventure, but adventures need rules just like anything else. Mixing textures isn’t so much a rule as a strongly-worded guideline – but it’s a good idea to pay attention to it to keep your room from getting stuffy. And a mix of glass and canvas prints is the perfect solution!

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