9 Christmas Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Christmas activities

The presents aren’t the only thing you can enjoy at Christmas! Christmas is all about family and getting up to all kinds of fun Christmas activities. It’s about hanging up all your favourite Christmas decorations in full force, and enjoying a little break from school or work.

Christmas activities are hot on the agenda as people gear up for the Christmas season and the New Year. Here are our favourite Christmas activities to enjoy with your whole family at this very special time of year.

1. Candy Cane Hunt

Christmas Activities - Candy Cane Hunt

By Dirt and Boogers

A Candy Cane Hunt can be a lot of fun for your little ones because, while they’ll love playing the game, what they’ll really be enjoying is spending time with you! Simply hide a certain number of candy canes in your family room, playroom, or perhaps their bedroom; give each child a bag to put their ‘found’ Candy Canes in, and see who can find the most.

Then let the children hide the candy canes for you to find – or perhaps Mum and Dad, and/or other adults.  Children are much smarter than we are at finding hiding places so be prepared to lose! This is a Christmas game for when it’s too hot or too wet to play outside.

2. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Activities - Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

From The Dating Divas

Originally designed as a game for couples, this Christmas activity could easily be adapted to suit families with children. In this fun-filled group date, once everyone has their Checklist, Directions, and Rules Card (all downloadable) and couples or groups set off from a certain checkpoint to locate outdoor Christmas decorations as per their checklist. As the items are found they’re crossed off the list and, once the list is complete, the couples or groups then race each other to a pre-determined finish line.

A little competition and a whole lot of beautiful Christmas decorations will make for a magical holiday tradition! This will be a lovely evening of fun and laughter, and certainly a nice change from boring evenings spent at home. If you want to bring some joy and laughter back into your life, why not arrange a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt with your friends. You can even make your final destination-point an evening supper or dinner and drinks at your favourite restaurant or hotel.

3. Christmas Charades

Christmas Activities - Christmas Charades

By Childhood 101

This is a traditional Christmas game of fun and lots of laughter for families and friends to play together. The beauty of this game is that, if you’re not sure how to play, all the instructions are very clearly laid out for you. All you’ll need is a printed set of Christmas Charades cards which have been provided for you, and a really good imagination.

The only thing we can guarantee is that you will have a LOT of fun! The Christmas Charades game is a fabulous game for old and young alike, and a wonderful activity for the holidays. It’s time to bring family games back into our lives: let’s move away from the television set, and start creating wonderful memories by spending quality time with our children.

4. Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas Activities - Salt Dough Ornaments

By It’s all in My Head!

Want a fun, cheap Christmas activity to make you smile? Salt dough ornaments are fun to make, and the results can be really beautiful. All you need to make the dough is flour, salt and water, and you now have a dough ready to be worked into whatever shapes you choose.

This is something the whole family can get involved with, and way you decorate them is limited only by your imagination. All the instructions are ready to download, so just follow the directions and use your imagination when it comes to decorating. This is a great activity for families to share on days when going outdoors is out of the question.

5. Christmas Trivia

Christmas Activities - Christmas Trivia

By Moms & Munchkins

Who doesn’t love a quiz? This Christmas Trivia Quiz is one for both children and grown-ups; in fact, with this quiz it’s probably the children that will come up trumps! And again, everything is done for you so you just need to print out the questions (answers are also included), and away you go. And of course, you can always add your own quiz questions, or even design your own Christmas Trivia Quiz for your family and friends to enjoy.

6. Christmas Charades

Christmas Activities - Christmas Charades

By The Bold Abode

This fun, printable Christmas game is another one for both children and adults, because everyone loves this guessing game. Do you remember the Who Am I game you played as a child, perhaps at a children’s birthday party, when a character’s name was written on a piece of paper and stuck on your back or on a headband?

You then had to guess who you are by asking questions of the other players. This Christmas activity provides a lot of fun and laughter at parties and gatherings and, best of all, everything you need is already provided. It’s the perfect party game!

7. Christmas Collage Prints

christmas collage

What better time than the holidays to create a beautiful keepsake that you can treasure forever? Get into the Christmas spirit early by creating this stunning high-quality Christmas collage. To get everyone involved, ask all the kids to find their favourite Christmas photo of the family. Choose your favourite template together, upload your photos and you’re done!

You’ve got a jaw dropping Christmas collage print to hang at Christmas time. You can pull it out every single year to honour all your favourite Christmas memories.

8. Metallic Thank You Cards

Christmas Activities - Metallic Thankyou Cards

By It’s Always Autumn

Unless kids are prompted or pushed, they really don’t want to write thank you notes. Sadly, written thank you notes are a dying tradition and today people simply use their mobile phone or send an email to say thank you. So, let’s bring the tradition back! After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving sweet hand written thank you notes?

This is a great activity for parents to do with their children. After Christmas is over, why not teach your children the importance of acknowledging gifts and practicing gratitude for how lucky they are?

9. Christmas Bingo

Christmas Activities - Christmas Bingo

By The Crafting Chicks

These Christmas bingo cards are simply beautiful. The pictures are joyful and certainly keep the spirit of Christmas alive. This is the perfect Christmas game to be played as a family just before the littlest ones go to bed. It’s also perfect as a low-key indoor game for children and adults to play.

There’s something magical about this time of year. To make it even more magical, try out one of these fun Christmas activities. And, when you’re experiencing one of those uplifting when your whole family is enjoying a Christmas activity together, why not snap a few photos? That way, you can transform them into a heartwarming canvas print in time for next year!


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