Change Your Reality with Prints on Glass

When people dismiss interior design as a ‘frivolous’ activity, claiming they don’t care about the way their living space looks, they’re quite simply missing the point. While some aspects of interior design are no more than fun, artistic flourishes, the fact is the use of things like prints on glass and other wall art as well as colour choices, furniture selection, and subtle touches like cushions aren’t just superficial details – they have the power to change our reality for the better.


For example, glass art can be used in a wide variety of ways that aren’t simply decorative, but are also transformative in a real, powerful way. Let’s explore just a few of the ways that a stunning set of prints on glass can change your world in subtle ways that nonetheless have a real, positive effect on your life.

Brightening Interior Rooms with Prints on Glass

Your apartment has a great layout, spacious rooms, and a modern kitchen – but few actual windows. A below-grade apartment or one that sits in the interior of a building with limited exposure to sunlight can seem dim and dreary even if the furniture and design is absolutely spectacular otherwise.

But prints on glass can change all that. A beautiful piece of glass wall art in the kitchen, over the sink, can create an amazing illusion of an outside window. It doesn’t have to be – and probably shouldn’t be – overly literal. You don’t have to take a photo of a window with a view of a nice grassy lawn and use that. Just having a window-like glass object will bounce light and make the room feel more open and less oppressive. In fact, any room that lacks a window (including the notorious ‘bonus rooms’ that can’t be bedrooms due to a lack of windows) can be made to feel more open and more vibrant with the judicious use of prints on glass.

Adding Dimension to Mirrors


Glass art can also be used to amazing effect by creating some dimension and layering to rooms with mirrors, especially (but not uniquely) bathrooms. Even larger bathrooms with windows can seem a bit claustrophobic, because privacy requirements usually make it into an interior room with little exposure to the outside. The mirror is often one of the few places in a bathroom where light gets reflected back into the room, and placing the mirror on top of bright, artistically ambitious prints on glass creates a complex layering effect that bounces that light in various ways.

This effect can be replicated in any room where using a mirror as a design element is an option. This glass-on-glass design emphasises the texture of the glass and gives you the best of both worlds: The clean light reflection of the decorative mirror and the colourful, surprising light reflection of the wall art. While this can be used in darker rooms to brighten things up, it can also be a spectacular show stopping moment in a very bright room, as all that glass emphasises the light to an incredible degree.

Prints on glass are a powerful decoration tool, because they don’t just absorb light and add colour, they focus and augment light, transforming a space. If these ideas have inspired you to add some glass art to your space, click here and let’s start working together on transforming your space.