34 Very Lickable Cat Photos To Hearten Your Home

34 Very Likeable Cat Photos to Hearten Your Home

Love your cats more than anything else in the world? Cherish those furry moments with cat photos, thinking beyond the blurry smartphone photo.

With a bit of effort and inspiration, you can turn those special candid moments into art photography or contrive some hilarious scenarios to capture for eternity.

Animal wall art will bring heart to your home and a smile to your face. These very likeable ideas – in the studio, during sleep and play, with or without props and in any season – will kick those creative cogs into action.

In The Studio

With or without props, studio shots are an opportunity to get your cat dolled up for the occasion. Cats tend to hate travelling, so if you hire a professional photographer, it’s well worth asking them to come to your home with a portable studio in tow. Don’t forget to groom your little fur baby before the day of the shoot!

1. In a little teapot

Cat Photos - In A Little Teapot

2. All dressed up

Cat Photos - All Dressed Up

3. Favourite toy

Cat Photos - Favourite Toy

4. The Perfect Pair

Cat Photos - The Perfect Pair

5. Wide eyed wonder

Cat Photos - Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Time For Sleeps

These candid shots are almost impossible to stage. Rather than resorting to point and click smartphone photos (the easy option), the idea is to always have your DSLR camera charged and ready to go. That way you can better control lighting, composition and aperture.

6. Snug as a bug in a rug

Cat Photos - Gigner Kitten Sleeping

7. Roll over

From laurie cinotto at Flickr 


8. Sleeping hearts

By 1Funny.com

Cat Photos - Sleeping Heart Kittens

Play All Day

Capturing pictures of your cat playing is an opportunity to stage something a bit extra special for your little furry monster friend. Think of the hilarious and naughty things they love naturally doing and see if you can get it on camera. There are so many different ways to display cat photos as personalised gifts, so rather than just printing a single photo to canvas, consider collages, split image prints and wall displays.

9. Chasing bubbles

Cat Photos - Kitten Playing With Soap Bubbles

10. Mouse play

Cat Photos - Ginger Kitten Playing With Mouse

11. Sprung!

Cat Photos - Naughty Cat

12. Playing cards

By Ego-AlterEgo

Cat Photos - Playing Cards

13. Counting fish

From Pixabay

Cat Photos - Kitten And Aquarium

Prop Things Up

Grab a prop and go wild (in the house that is). Whether it’s sunglasses, bowties or ‘cute as’ costumes, the humiliation is real. And very loveable.

14. Cool cat

From Unsplash (Octavio Fossatti)

Cat Photos - Cat With Sunglasses

15. Honey bee

By Fat Orange Cat Studio

Cat Photos - Honey Bee Cat

16. All class

From NEKOFighter at Flickr


Fur For All Seasons

Whatever the weather, cats will look adorable in their furry little birthday suits or any cool or hot accessories you wish to use to enhance the shot. Those snow and flower pictures are all squeeee!

17. Snow white

Cat Photos - Cat In The Snow

18. Fun with Autumn

Cat Photos - Young Kitten In Autumn

19. Floral kitty

Cat Photos - Kitten Sitting In Flower

20. Brrrrr cold

From Imgur

Cat Photos - Freezing Cat

21. Black and white

From Pixabay

Cat Photos - Black Cat And Flakes

22. Sunbaking

From Pixabay

Cat Photos - Cat On Beach Rocks

23. Field of purrs

From chandran2 at Flickr


24. Spring kitty

From adab8ca at Flickr

My sweet boy, Jeremy

Like Royalty

Behind every great person, there’s a great cat.

Yes your feline majesty, we know you rule the roost. It’s not hard to capture your cat in this regal pose because it tends to be their ‘normal look’.

25. Princess Purrrfect

By Lol Damn

Cat Photos - Princess Cat Is Waiting For Her Prince

26. The boss

From Unsplash (Stefan Ivanov)

Cat Photos - Royal Cat

27. The king

From Imgur

Cat Photos - King Cat

28. Statescat

From Dullface at Flickr


29. Mother goddess

From spey2008 at Flickr


Silly Cat Photos

Your worst humiliation is only someone else’s momentary entertainment.

Unless you’re a cat and it’s permanently captured on camera! Ha! Catch those furry fools at their own game with some candid photos of them being seriously silly. Print it as a canvas collage and you’ll be laughing for years to come, right into their old age. Pay back time!

30. Salivating

Cat Photos - The Cat And Gold Fish

31. Crossed eyed

From Niels Kliim at Flickr

Crosseyed kitten

32. Fright night!

From Keith Kissel at Flickr

June as hell beast

33. Crazy little thing called love

By Cute Overload

Cat Photos - Crazy Little KittenCat Photos - Funny Crazy Little Kitten

34. Leap of faith

From Max Pixel

Cat Photos - Goldfish Eyes Cat


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