Oh So Cute! 33 Baby Photos You Have To Try

Oh So Cute! 33 Baby Photos You Have To Try

We take so many baby photos, don’t we? Babies are so adorable, it’s hard to imagine there’s any need to make them look any more adorable through photography but – alas – it’s possible.

If you’re hiring a photographer for a professional photo shoot, it’s often wonderful to give them some ideas on what you’d like. Of course, they’ll have some ideas of their own but delivering a good brief is helpful for both of you.

If you’re doing some DIY photography at home, the world is your oyster because you can catch your baby in many states of being – sleeping, smiling, laughing. You can even keep some cute costumes and props handy for that ideal moment.

While smart phones produce pretty good quality photos these days, a good quality DSLR camera is a wonderful investment as you can better manage composition, lighting and focus.

The D in DSLR stands for ‘digital’ which is perfect because it means you can take as many photos as you want then print them onto many different materials, including canvas, glass and aluminium.

Are you ready to get clucky? Let’s get started with some of the cutest ideas you’ll simply have to try.

Darling Angels

It’s all about the wings. For an angelic pose, catch baby while sleeping or while awake. Don the costume and capture the gorgeousness.

1. Sleeping angel

From Ray Dumas, Flickr

Baby Photos - Angel

2. Little angel girl

From Pinterest

Baby Photos - Angel Girl

3. Fly away baby

Baby photos - Angel 2

Crazy But Cute Baby Photos

Have fun with your baby photos. Those big blue eyes become hilariously emphasised on a monochrome photo – an easy trick in Photoshop. Of course, when we’re talking about ‘crazy but cute’ costumes feature prominently.

4. Big blue eyes

From Juan Camilo Trujillo, Flickr

Baby Photos - Wacky Look

5. Big kiss from Mum and Dad

From Webneel

Baby Photos - Wacky Big Kiss

6. A basket of baby

From Indulgy

Baby Photos - Wacky Baloon

7. Baby bear

From L. L. Bean

Baby Photos - Wacky Baby Bear

8. Baby devil

From Public Domain Pictures

Baby Photos - Wacky Baby Devil

9. Halloween

From Hopes and Dreams

Baby Photos - Wacky Halloween

10. Newborn announcement

From Elizabeth Ave

Baby Photos - Wacky Newborn Announcement

Funky Baby

Get hip to the groove with a cool, candid shot of your little one or something more staged as part of a themed occasion. So innocent. So funky. So cute.

11. Baby kiss

From Jerry Lai, Flickr

Baby Photos - Funky Kiss

12. First Christmas

From Keri Kay Photography

Baby Photos - Funky First Christmas

13. Little pumpkin

From mphotocontests

Baby Photos - Funky Pumpkin

Arty Baby

Black and white photos immediately scream ‘arty’. It’s all about capturing light and texture rather than colour. Removing colour can actually add something special to the right image. The key is shooting in monochrome from word go rather than removing the colour later.

14. Twins

From Lot16 Photography

Baby Photos - Black And White Twins

15. Sleeping

Baby Photos - Black And White Sleep

16. Bottom’s up

From Aaron Varga Photography

Baby Photos - Black And White

17. All lips

From WiLPrZ, Flickr

Baby Photos - Sleep

18. Hair bow

From Megan Kelly Photodesign

Baby Photos - Sleep Girl

19. Sleepy smiles

From Beba Photography

Baby Photos - Sleep Smile

20. Sleepy boy

From Carissa Miss

Baby Photos - Sleep Boy

Birthday baby

They may seem bigger to you, but they’re still so much a baby on their first birthday that it makes sense to take advantage of that special day and capture the most gorgeous photo you can. Think outside the ‘blowing out the candles’ family photos. Get your bub on their own using the party as their backdrop.

21. Nature baby

From Alphabet Monkey

Baby Photos - Birthday Baby

22. Pretty in pink

From Tinyme Blog

Baby Photos - Birthday Baby One

23. Boy in blue

From Ruthie Hart

Baby Photos - Birthday Baby Blue

24. Eat cake

From Confetti Momma

Baby Photos - Birthday Baby Girl

A Christening

They look extra innocent when they’re all in white (like they’ve never wee-ed, pooped or cried a day in their life!) and it’s such a special day. Be sure to catch it for prosperity. They’ll thank you for it later.

25. Serious baby business

From Sweet Baby Blog

Baby Photos - Christening Baby

26. All in white

Baby Photos - Christening

Little Family

Get the family involved in some staged photography. Candid is wonderful, but sometimes even those more staged moment are full of love and feeling. Take turns behind the camera.

27. With Mum

From The Honeysuckle House

Baby Photos - With Mom

28. With parents

From Clickin Moms

Baby Photos - With Parents Kiss

29. With big brother

From Rockingnames

Baby Photos - With Brother

30. Siblings

Baby Photos - Siblings

31. With Dad

From Pinterest

Baby Photos - With Dad

32. Mommy’s kiss

From The Wright Family Pics

Baby Photos - With Mom Kiss

33. With sisters

From Bloglovin’

Baby Photos - With Sisters


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