5 Colourful Wall Art Print Ideas to Brighten Your Home

5 Colourful Wall Art Print Ideas to Brighten Your Home

We all choose wall art for different reasons. Sometimes we want to add personality to our spaces. Sometimes we just want to spice up a blank wall. Either way, colourful wall art is the best way to brighten up your spaces and breathe life into your rooms. 

Colour has the power to change your mood instantly. But it’s also one of the easiest ways to match your wall art with your decor – you can select and order your wall art prints in minutes, just by matching your wall art to your other decor. By buying colourful wall art that matches other smaller pieces in your home, you already know that it will suit your interior decor scheme perfectly!

But where should you begin? Well, keep reading! We’ll share our favourite colourful wall art ideas so you can transform your rooms and lift the mood of your home.

Which Colours Are Best For Your Spaces?

Before we jump into our favourite ideas for colourful wall art, think about the different moods you want to create in each space. For example, wall art for the living room is likely to be bright, colourful, or multi-coloured. You want to hang interesting conversation pieces that will never get dull – wall art to remember!

On the other hand, for your bedroom, nursery, or bathroom, you can still use colourful wall art but it’s better to use soothing tones. Choose cool tones like purple, blue, green, or silver. For your study, studio, or home office you might want colours that will boost your creativity, like orange, yellow, or purple. Our response to colour is, above all, very personal. So choose the colours that speak to you!

1. Rainbow Wall Art

Can’t decide on a colour palette? Why not choose them all? Rainbow coloured wall art adds an explosion of colour into your spaces. And, best of all, it can be moved easily from room to room, as it’s versatile enough to suit any decor scheme. Rainbow wall art is perfect for the living room, entrance hall, study, or even the bedroom!

Just beware of adding rainbow wall art to a room that is already looking a little busy. You don’t want guests going cross-eyed trying to spot the wall art in amongst surroundings that are already crowded or multi-coloured!

colourful wall art ideas

2. Colourful Wall Art Landscapes

The colours in nature are some of the most beautiful of them all, from deep green forests to all the glimmering shades of sunset or the glittering blues of the sea. You’ll never be short on beautiful colours when you choose landscapes.

colourful wall art ideas

3. Modern Wall Art

Modern art focuses on experimentation and embraces everything abstract. It plays on references to art movements and social justice issues throughout history. There are plenty of modern wall art pieces that play with shape and celebrate an explosion of colour, making them great centrepieces for living areas and the bedroom.

4. Colourful Watercolour Paintings

There’s something so calming and beautiful about watercolour paintings, but if you’re no artist, never fear! There are a huge range of affordable colourful watercolour paintings and prints out there, allowing you to get the watercolour look without spending a fortune.

Watercolour paintings techniques are designed to seamlessly blend colours. This brings life and movement to your artworks, helping them to look more fluid and eye-catching on your walls. 

colouful wall art

5. Colourful Wall Art Prints of Food

Finally, let’s talk about our favourite topic: food! After all, there are few things brighter and more colourful than the things we eat; foods like ruby red strawberries, bright green peas, and rich dark brown chocolate are all bursting with flavour but they also delight our sense of sight with the vivid colours they bring to mind.

There’s a reason why people are so quick to post all about their food on Instagram! It’s because it looks so scrumptious. Food wall art is perfect for hanging in the kitchen and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. It’s interesting to show food in all different forms, such as in its natural habitat (on a farm), or cooked into a sumptuous meal. 

You might even choose to display meals from your own travels, such as grilled octopus in Greece or pasta in Italy. Use a photo you already have or choose one from our selection to motivate your next foodie trip! Hang it in the kitchen or living area.

colourful wall art

Of course, there are plenty of other colourful wall art pieces to choose from, from abstract art to classic pieces to scenes of sports and nature. Decide which wall art print you’ll choose, whether it’s a photograph of your own or one from our collection featuring millions of prints.

Once you’ve made up your mind, simply choose your size and order from our website. Choose from canvas prints, metal, acrylic, or even floating frame prints. Each has a slightly different look but the choice is yours! Good luck!


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