30 Stunning Large Wall Art Ideas

30 Stunning Large Wall Art Ideas

There’s something magical about large wall art. It has the power to make (or break) a room, and create a focal point within your rooms to anchor all the rest of your décor and tie together conflicting styles or colours.

Large wall art can also help to cover big, blank expanses of wall in your home, especially in those spaces of yours that are oh-so-chic but a little minimal! Supersized art sounds expensive, but it doesn’t always need to come with a supersized price tag. There are plenty of affordable options to choose from, if you know where to look.

But you don’t want to overdo it! While supersized wall art can look fabulous, it’s also double the impact of a normal print. It’s literally the fastest way to fill a wall! This is fantastic if you’ve chosen a beautiful print. But if your print is too crazy or it clashes with your room, large art can turn from fantastic to fail.

We’ve pulled together 30 epic ideas for large wall art, so you can pick and choose your favourites, or simply get inspired to start transforming your spaces.

Hamptons chic

Revive your boring walls, Hamptons-style. The Hamptons are a string of seaside communities in the U.S, known for their amazing coastal home style. Think lots of linen, white-based colour schemes, rattan, and luxurious blue-and-white prints.

Our favourite ideas for Hamptons-style prints are:

  • Family photos on the beach
large wall art ideas seascape


Transport yourself back to your favourite holiday destination with large landscapes. Reignite that memory of the smell of Parisian bakeries, the heat of the wild Australian outback, or the sight of dappled sunlight filtering through a Canadian pine forest.

Our favourite landscape wall decor ideas are:

  • A unique city street, like the colourful streets of Amalfi, in Italy
tropical wall art print

Urban Art

Take inspiration from the streets and invest in some wall art prints featuring high-impact urban art. This is the perfect art style for a modern, minimalistic, or industrial-style home.

Ready for some urban art ideas?:

  • Cityscapes in black and white
  • Street portraits

Modern Art

Modern art has many interpretations and can suit almost any modern home.

Here are our top modern art ideas:

abstract wall art

Inspirational Wall Art

Art isn’t just there to look pretty – although it should! It can also inspire and motivate you. Inspirational art is perfect for your home office, your kid’s or teen’s rooms, or even for the bathroom wall! And when it comes to inspiration, the bigger the better.

Here are five of our favourite inspirational wall art ideas:

  • Inspiration for your work, whatever that may be. It might be your favourite fashion icon, a religious icon, your girl-boss inspiration, or a print from an artist that inspires you
  • Create a mood board with one of our photo collages. Fill it with inspiration of all the things you want this year; money, success, holidays, puppies, or quality time with family
  • Inspirational wall art. Scenes of people overcoming their obstacles will spur you to action and remind you that you can overcome anything!
  • Be your own inspiration! Remind yourself of your own successes. Create canvas art prints of your achievements; a photo of you crossing the finishing line on a marathon, winning a prize, or after the birth of your first baby!

Get Wild with Your Wall Art

Ever heard the phrase “go big or go home”? This definitely applies with large wall art! When you’re thinking about art ideas, think about your space. If your space is already quite busy, you might want to use a minimalistic print, like a pastel abstract art print. But if you’ve got a minimalistic room, you can really go wild… literally.

Go wild with these wild wall art ideas:

  • An image of a wild animal, like a lion, rhino, or a tropical bird

Which idea would you choose? Or would you choose something that’s not on our list? Remember; when you’re choosing art, be bold, creative, and be you! You’re the one that has to admire your art every day, so it should speak to you.

Tell us your favourite supersized art ideas, or start browsing our wall art designs here. We have millions of wall art ideas to choose from, so you can start transforming your spaces today. Still running short on inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for more wall art inspo!


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