11 Simple Wall Art Decorating Ideas

11 Simple Wall Art Decorating Ideas

No one wants boring blank walls, but wall art can often be expensive, especially if you need to decorate your entire home. These simple wall art decorating ideas can help transform your spaces and bring light, colour and a fresh sense of style to your rooms.

If you don’t know where to start, decorating your walls can seem like a mammoth task; but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have a strong concept for your wall art the ideas will start to flow and you’ll be able to decorate with ease in a way that suits your own unique tastes.

Explore the Best Wall Art Decorating Ideas

1. Black and white photographs

Sometimes the simplest wall art can make the biggest statement. Over styling your rooms can detract from the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Black and white wall art is one of the easiest wall art decorating ideas to achieve. Try to choose bold artworks, portraits or interesting photographs with plenty of depth or interesting shapes and lines. Ideas for statement black and white wall art could include:

  • Street photography
  • Portrait art
  • Wedding photos
  • Baby photos
  • Cityscapes
  • Graphic art

cityscape black and white

2. Geometric artworks

Geometric art is a great way to bring energy to a minimalistic room. Artists who create geometric artworks use colour and shape in a myriad of fascinating ways to create unique artworks. These wall art decorating ideas will help you to create exciting modern geometric artworks.

geometric artwork wall art decorating ideas

3. Picture ledge

If you already have a collection of framed pictures or canvases or you’re low on wall space, why not invest in a floating picture ledge? A picture ledge is perfect for small space living and can allow you to decorate with several pictures.

To make the most of your picture wall, install it in a place where it can make an impression, such as above your television or couch. Ideally, it should sit at or just above eye level, but not so high that you won’t be able to see the pictures on it. You could use a combination of different pictures; both framed or wrapped canvases in a combination of styles. These frames could sit side by side for a more structured look or be slightly overlapping for a more relaxed look.

wall art decorating ideas

4. Wall displays

Wall displays are one of the best wall art decorating ideas you could try! Instead of just one piece of wall art, a wall display usually consists of at least three artworks with no limit on how many artworks you can choose! Wall displays can suit both large and small spaces and are a perfect addition to any living area. They also give you an enormous amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to configuring your artwork; you can choose from a range of different wall art arrangements, such as;

  • A grid display of square artworks in various arrangements such as 6×6, 4×4 or even larger arrangements. In this arrangement, many people like to use images with a consistent theme like black and white images or travel photos
  • A gallery wall of black and white photographs. These could be family photos, wedding photos or anything else you desire!
  • A wall display of wrapped canvas photos in an arrangement selected from Canvas Factory. Our canvas print wall displays make it very easy to ensure you have selected the correct size and configuration for your images. Plus, our easy-to-use templates mean that you can upload your images and see what your wall display will look like before you even order!

wall art decorating ideas baby

5. Hang mirrors

An interesting mirror can create another element within your spaces. Mirrors can also help your spaces appear larger and reflect more light into your rooms, helping with the distribution of light. For maximum effect, select a mirror with an interesting frame or a unique shape.

mirror decor

6. Abstract line drawings

Line drawings are one of the best wall art decorating ideas to suit a modern or minimalistic room. Abstract line drawings never fail to draw the eye, yet their simplicity means they are incredibly versatile and if you choose a frameless design or a simple frame, they can suit pretty much any room in your home. These look great in our black floating frame canvas prints, especially if you have light-coloured walls.

line drawing

7. Colour block pictures

Make a daring statement with colour block wall art. Ideal for living rooms, entrance halls, or a stylish guest room, this kind of wall art will likely never go out of style.

Colour block wall art can brighten up your walls and complement your existing colour scheme. You could choose to use colours that already exist within your colour scheme or use contrasting colours to create an interesting juxtaposition within your rooms.

8. Shaped acrylic prints

If you’re after wall art that makes an impression, shaped acrylic prints are of the most unique wall art decorating ideas you could choose. Acrylic prints present your images in glossy, vivid colour. We offer shaped acrylic prints in three unique styles; heart-shaped, circle and oval.

To achieve the perfect shaped acrylic print, ensure the image you choose has a large enough background space so that it can be cropped closely at the sides. If your image has important detail too close to the sides of the image you may not be able to fit it into a shaped print.

shaped acrylic prints

9. Metal wall art

When it comes to simple wall art decorating ideas, metal wall art is one of the easiest to execute. Metal wall art has a stunning silver sheen and can lend a glamourous, modern feel to any space.

Our metal wall art is created using high-quality aluminium panels. It is strong, durable and weatherproof and can suit any room in the house; even outdoor spaces or the kitchen and bathroom, as they won’t be affected by moisture.

metal prints

10. A touch of gold

Metallics add a glamourous look to any room in your home. While too much gold can be overwhelming, gold accents can dial up the glamour in your spaces. Gold wall art also has a warmth that brings light into your spaces and has a reflective quality. For wall art with a bright sheen, try gold wall art printed on metal.

11. Retro artworks

If you’re looking for a more classic look, retro artworks can provide a touch of whimsy to your rooms. You can select a retro artwork to create a nostalgic space or to contrast modern styles with a vintage look. Whether it’s an old advertisement, vintage poster or a vintage silhouette, retro artworks are perfect for any room in the house. A retro print would look great in a bar area, the kitchen or in the living room.

retro artwork

12. Bold colourful wall art

If you’re looking for wall art decorating ideas that can change the entire mood of a room, go bold. Choose colourful wall art that reflects the colour schemes already in your rooms or go for bright rainbow wall art, perfect for living rooms and the kids’ rooms.

13. Landscape art

Use your wall art to introduce a touch of the natural world. Landscapes can transport you to new lands, remind you of your favourite holiday destinations or bring back cherished memories of family holidays. Our best wall art decorating ideas featuring landscape are:

  • Mountain landscapes
  • Island escapes or beach scenes
  • Forest scenes
  • Scenes of pristine lakes
  • Images of cascading waterfalls

wall art decorating ideas

14. Graphic urban art

Graphic wall art is one statement-making wall art style! If you’re looking for a distinctly modern look that can create a striking look in any room, opt for bold graphic art. It looks great in living rooms or even kids’ rooms.

graphic art

15. Street photography

If you’re looking for truly unique wall art decorating ideas, street photography has a distinctive style. From cityscapes to street scenes to portraits, street photography conveys a variety of moods in your spaces and provide a unique insight into human nature.

Better yet, your own street photography can have an authentic feel. To discover how to create street photography, check out our street photography blog.

The best part about wall art is that it allows you to be expressive. You can take these ideas as a starting point and give them your own unique spin. For more wall art decorating ideas, visit our blog


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