20 of the Coolest Birthday Cakes Ever

20 of the Coolest Birthday Cakes Ever

Who remembers when the biggest choice you had to make about a birthday cake was whether you preferred an icecream cake or a sponge cake? These days, cooking has become a competitive sport, and people everywhere – from at-home amateurs to professional chefs – are producing some of the coolest birthday cakes we’ve seen. We’ve compiled some of the weirdest, most beautiful, different, gorgeous and all-round coolest birthday cakes ever. There’s really something here for everyone: for the experienced baker and decorator to the newbie with little or no experience. It’s all fun, so why not give one of these a try for your next birthday cake adventure?

For Book Lovers

1. Where The Wild Things Are

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Where The Wild Things Are

By Charm City Cakes West

If you’re a fan of the 1963 children’s picture book Where the Wild Things Are, and you sympathise with poor misunderstood, mischievous Matt, then this might be the birthday cake for you. It’s certainly different, and it would be a great talking point!

2. All Their Favourites

Coolest Birthday Cakes - All Their Favourites

By Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai

What a wonderful birthday surprise for the book lover in your family! It would almost be a shame to eat these delicious little treats: so much time and work has gone into these tiny masterpieces.

For Grandparents

3. Bouquet of Flowers

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Bouquet Of Flowers

By White Flower Cakes

Imagine the look on your Grandmother’s face when she sees this adorable flower cake.  Of course when we say Grandmother, we mean anyone at all who loves flowers. She’ll definitely know she’s loved!

4. Peaches & Cream

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Peaches And Cream

By Camille Styles

Could anything sound more delicious than a peaches and cream cake? The recipe is available for this one, so click above and check it out.

For Cat Lovers

5. Sweet Kitty

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Sweet Kitty

By Cat Lady Confidential

This is a beautiful, simple, yet so elegant cake – ideal for the cat-lover in your family. Imagine the different colour combinations you could use! And if you’re a dog lover, simply change the centrepiece!

6. Grumpy Cat

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Grumpy Cat

From Woman Freebies

For all you cat lovers out there, check out the video and you’ll see that this project is not difficult at all.

For Elegant People

7. Smooth Treat

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Smooth Treat

By Catch My Party

Wow! How do you cut a birthday cake that’s just so beautiful? It’s simple, yet so elegant. Anyone would be thrilled to receive a birthday cake like this one!

8. Tiny Balloons

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Tiny Balloons

From Martha Stewart

Fabulous, simple birthday cake – anyone can make this one, and it looks so festive! You can add more decorations if you wish, and play around with the colours. We love the simplicity of this idea!

For Lovers of TV’s ‘Friends’

9. Homage to Central Perk

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Homage To Central Perk

From Likes

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen Friends at least four times? Friends birthday cakes are trending because everyone can relate to at least one of these loveable characters. If you’ve got a Friends-fanatic in your family, then this is the cake for them.

10. The Ross

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Ross And Rachel

From Likes 

Poor Ross! These have to be some of the funniest Friends scenes from the entire show.  Fans of the Friends TV show will undoubtedly love this cake.

For ‘Sesame Street’ Fans

11. Cookie Monster Eats Cake, Too

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Cookie Monster Eats Cake Too

From Instructables

‘Cookie Monster Birthday Cake with Cookie Dough Filling’– need we say more? This is a lovely, rich cake, and it can be tweaked in many ways. What kid wouldn’t love this Sesame Street character cake for their special day? Check out the recipe online.

12. Classic Elmo

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Classic Elmo

By Cake Decor in Cairns

Most kids (and some adults) love you Elmo, and they’ll love him even more standing on top of their birthday cake. This is a fabulous cake for all the millions of people out there who have a soft spot for Elmo. If you’re game to give this one a go, the instructions are online and they’re very thorough. We don’t think you’ll have too many problems at all. Good luck!

For People Who Think Outside the Box

13. Birthday Cake Shots

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Birthday Cake Shots

From Table Spoon

What’s not to love about the ingredients for these cute little sprinkle-rimmed (adult!) birthday cake shots – ‘Booze, frosting, sprinkles and shot-glasses’.  What more could any mature adult want on their birthday?  Check out the instructions online – it’s a great birthday celebration idea.

14. Donut Stack

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Donut Stack

By Best Friends For Frosting

The Donut Stack birthday cake is a brilliant idea, requiring very few ingredients. The beauty of this idea is that you have so much room for variety – you can flavour and colour the glaze however you choose, plus use a combination of your favourite donuts. The instructions are online so, if you’ve never made a birthday cake before, this could be the one to start with. It looks great, and we all know it will taste great too!

For People Who Are Gluten Free

15. Cereal Celebrations

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Cereal Celebrations

By Glorious Treats

Fortunately we’re seeing more recipes for gluten-free cakes and other yummy treats these days so people with a gluten intolerance don’t always have to feel like they’re missing out. Here’s a cute little birthday cake for the gluten-intolerant member of your family. Check out the online instructions – they’re easy to follow.

16. Gluten and Dairy Free Funfetti Cake


Coolest Birthday Cakes - Gluten And Dairy Free Funfetti Cake

By What The Fork Food Blog

Now this is simply gorgeous! This one’s a white, light and airy gluten-free, dairy-free cake, and it’s perfect for birthday celebrations. It’s filled with colourful sprinkles and finished off with diary free frosting and extra sprinkles – yum! The instructions are online, and we know this one will be a hit!

For Pure Chocolate Lovers

17. Take Your Pick

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Take Your Pick

By Mil Dicas De Mae

What can be said about something as tempting and extravagant as this beautiful cake? Who wouldn’t be excited to have this divine creation as their birthday cake? In fact, it looks like it should be put in a special place and simply admired.

18. Chocolate and Strawberry Pile

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Chocolate And Strawberry Pile

By Mil Dicas De Mae

There’s something about chocolate and strawberries: somehow it seems you can’t have one without the other, because they just work beautifully together. What a wonderful creation for a birthday celebration. Dessert and cake all in one! Fabulous!

For Lego Aficionados

19. One Big Lego Brick

Coolest Birthday Cakes - One Big Lego Brick

By I Should Be Mopping The Floor

This Lego cake was make to travel, and it’s a great idea for the Lego-lover in your family. Again, you can tweak it a bit with colours and decorations; but the idea is great, and the online instructions are even better. Check out the online recipe, complete with lots of picture instructions to help you.

20. Lego Gummies

Coolest Birthday Cakes - Lego Gummies

By Andrea’s Notebook

The ingredients for these homemade Lego Gummies are minimal – just jelly, corn syrup, gelatine and Lego moulds. They’re probably the most fun (and delicious) candy you can make at home: and they’re simple to make. Note: These Lego gummies are possibly not suitable for very small children, as you don’t want to encourage little ones to putt real Lego bricks in their mouths.

We hope you’re inspired to try one or more of these birthday cakes for your next celebration. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience – just give it a go! You might surprise yourself. And in any event, it’s the thought and effort that goes into the creation of a magnificent birthday cake that counts, not what the final product looks like. So if you’ve created a birthday cake for someone you love, take a photo of your creation and another of the look on your loved one’s face when they see what you’ve done, and turn them into a cheeky canvas print to forever capture the birthday surprise!



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