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Incredible Gift Ideas To Bring To Life Any Special Occasion

Mothers Day Presents from Canvas Factory

You'll never have a reason to wonder what to lavish on your loved one ever again, with an almost endless collection of gift ideas.

A personalised gift by way of a single photo print, collage, spit image or wall display will add extra meaning to any occasion or milestone.

In your choice of canvas, acrylic glass or brushed aluminium, you'll see memories will come to life leaving a smile on the face of the lucky recipient for years to come.

Whether it's weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas - plus many more - you'll find something here to bring their special day to life.

Mothers Day Presents - Collage

Great gift ideas for birthdays

Move over generic store gift card, these awesome birthday present ideas come with a whole lot of heart.

Birthdays might come and go and it's often tricky to keep up, but those milestone years are worth celebrating and worth celebrating right.

A personalised photo gift is the perfect way to show you care and makes for the ideal gift for all ages, from those exciting 18th and 21st parties to the other massive landmark dates - all the 0s. The 30th, 40th, 50th and so on.

Mothers Day Presents - Split Image

Best gift ideas for wedding anniversaries

Never run out of ideas for your significant other again with anniversary gift ideas that will have you falling in love all over again.

Celebrate love in all its myriad forms with photo gift ideas for couples, couples with kids, couples with grandkids and everything in between.

Make it all about you and your loved one or spread love further afield with anniversary gifts for parents, grandparents and friends.

Get your head around all the various special anniversary event symbolism like silver, pearl, ruby, gold and diamond without the need to break the bank.

Think outside the pearl necklace gift something from the heart that will be treasured for many years to come. Memories will do that!

Mothers Day Presents - Split Image
Mothers Day Presents - Wall Displays

Tell Mum’s Life Story With A Wall Display

Mums love telling stories about their families and their lives. A wall display lets you recreate these stories, but in picture form!

Discover the art of storytelling with these cutting-edge Mother’s Day goodies. Select a number of photos – from Mum’s past, of the family or from a special event – and tell a visual story all can enjoy.

You can choose from 3-9 prints, constructed in a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical designs using canvas, plexiglass or metal materials.

Mothers Day Presents - Single Prints

Immortalise Mum’s Favourite Photo

If you’re in a hurry and really stuck for Mother's Day present ideas, this is your go to gift!

Single prints – canvas art that features one single photo - are a Win-Win. They’re easy for you to create – WIN! And they’re a gorgeous gift Mum will love – WIN! Scan in an old family favourite or find a photo in Mum’s Facebook albums!

Don’t delay! Find one of Mum’s favourite photos and transform it into a beautiful print using our easy to use app.

Mothers Day Presents - Single Prints
Mothers Day Presents - Acrylic Glass

Your Mum Will Be All Class With Glass

Think outside the box and treat Mum to one of the best Mother's Day gifts on the market!

If your Mum loves fancy then an acrylic glass print is where it’s at! Let Mum’s precious moments shine through with a single photo or collage finished with durable plexiglass that preserves the image for years to follow. One of our latest modish collage designs will achieve an extra special feel.

Give Mum the attention she deserves with a glass print available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles. 

Mothers Day Presents - Aluminium Prints

Snap Up Steel For The Funky Mum

Nothing speaks to stylish Mums more than metal art prints. If your mother loves high quality home décor then you’ve just found her the perfect gift.

A brushed aluminium print not only looks amazing, but it’s so robust it can withstand heat and humidity, so great for the elements: kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas.

So to truly wow Mum with steel art, upload a gorgeous photo to create a single or split wall print or multiple photos for a collage or wall display.

Mothers Day Presents - Aluminium Prints
Mothers Day Presents - Affordable Art

Affordable Art For Cosmopolitan Mums

Choose some beautiful art for Mum while enjoying our budget-friendly, affordable prices.

Search our gallery of over 25 million images or browse through the art categories. One of our colourful Japanese, Egyptian, Islamic or Aboriginal pieces will bring an empty wall to life again without breaking the bank.

Mum will not only love her new art print, but she’ll want to know where she can get more!

Mothers Day Gift Idea - Canvas Factory Gift Voucher

Left It Too Late? Go The Gift Voucher!

You know she’ll love it, but you’ve left it to the last minute again haven’t you? Don’t even worry.

This clever digital gift, sent via email, means you can offer Mum the choice of what photos she’d like to use in her print. Spend time looking through old family albums, scanning in photos and building the canvas together. That quality time will be a precious gift in itself.

Order Mum a Canvas Factory Gift Card so she can enjoy crafting a special print she'll truly treasure. 

Mothers Day Gift Idea - Canvas Factory Gift Voucher