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Super Useful Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs

Clubs, particularly sporting clubs, serve important roles in our communities. They not only bring the local community together, but they promote health, fun and team spirit.

A sports fundraiser is a great way to involve your family and friends in something you enjoy. It's also a fantastic way for your club to recruit new members.

If you’re brainstorming fundraising ideas for sporting clubs, these ideas will get you well on your way to finding something to suit your members, their families, their friends and - often - the community at large.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Video Game

Video Fundraising Games Tournament

Setting up a Video Game Tournament will instantly get every kid in your orbit excited, so this idea is a no-brainer - even for the most active of sports clubs!

It’s no secret that kids love video games. Even many adults in the modern world love their game consoles.

For this fundraising event, you might need to engage a ‘Kid Advisor’ to help you, but letting kids set up teams and seek sponsors is a great way to get them excited, involved and raising funds.

Teams could proceed through a classic tournament structure until the ‘Super Bowl’ of video games, where a champion will be declared.

Ask a school computer department to help out with networking and a video game store to sponsor the games.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Kids vs Parents

Smart Fundraisers: Kids VS Parents

Many organisations ignore the kids in their midst because they assume they won’t be interested in raising money – but they might be, if you do it right.

The Kids VS Parents idea involves a competition where kids tee off against the parents!

Whether it's sports, a scavenger hunt or something else, the novelty of competing against the older generation is all the hook you’ll need.

Even simply organising teams going to ask for donations will get a huge charge if you team kids against their parents.

Getting kids excited is both the most difficult and most powerful strategy you can pursue in your efforts to raise money.

If you can pull it off and sincerely pull the kids into an active role in your fundraising, that success will pay real dividends.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Kids vs Parents
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Picnic

Outdoor Fundraising Events

Sporting clubs often have a unique advantage in the community - access to an abundance of outdoor space.

Turn your access to this outdoor space into a fundraising advantage with a public barbecue or picnic.

Invite everyone! Turn it into a real highlight of the community’s social calendar.

Sporting clubs have a challenge: Convincing people not associated with it that they serve a purpose worthy of donations.

Most sporting clubs have a rich history of community service: This is when you should toss aside humility and highlight it.

Your club is about more than attending games and cheering on your team – it’s part of the very fabric that holds your community together and makes it unique and strong.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Big Hearted Canvas Fundraising

Creative Fundraising Ideas With Heart

We’ve made fundraising easy and exciting for everyone - and sporting clubs are just going to love it.

Like Canvas Factory, sports clubs are family focused.

We print photographic memories of family life on canvas, so those fond memories live on and on.

Now sports clubs can do the same by selling canvas prints directly through your own networks. Your club will receive an awesome 20% of the proceeds.

It's all based online and completely risk-free as there are no upfront costs. As soon as you sign up you can start raising funds straight away.

Sign up to the program, promote your Big Hearted Canvas web page and start enjoying the financial rewards.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Big Hearted Canvas Fundraising
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Dog Wash

Stall Ideas: Dog Wash Event

Professional dog washing can be expensive, so very few dog owners will refuse an opportunity to have their dog washed for them at a price they can afford.

A dog wash is a simple event for a sports club to run - and there are plenty of dogs at home waiting for the opportunity to be clean.

Set up in a park or another 'damp tolerant' section of your sports ground and, with buckets and pet-friendly soap, give all the four-legged friends baths!

It's loads of fun for the whole community and a sure-fire way to win little furry and human hearts.

Fundraising ideas for clubs like these must focus on creativity and breaking out of the image they’ve been placed into by the community.

The best way to re-energise giving to your sporting club is to surprise people – and entertain them. Include a few dog contests in the mix and this will become an annual event in no time.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Pool Party

Party On With Fun Fundraising Ideas

It doesn’t get any simpler: Throwing a party is an effective way to get everyone’s attention.

Sports club members and volunteers are so used to seeing each other in their sports clothes and weekend wear.

Throwing a dinner party by night or a pool party by day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to see each other in a different light, create strong bonds and raise funds. 

Since sports clubs are all about the community and socialising, that’s what your fundraising should focus on.

Alternatively, consider using your own club meeting space and throw open the doors for a ‘Non-Member Party.’

For the price of admission, community members can enjoy the club’s facilities – with club members acting as waiters, hosts and tour guides.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Pool Party
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Fun Run

Sports Fundraising Ideas For Clubs

A fun run, walkathon or other mild physical competition where people can get out into the sun and have some fun is ideal for sports clubs.

Because sports is what sports clubs specialise in, creativity is often the key.

Choose an hilarious theme, devise an alternative olympics or arrange a colour run.

Just because a certain kind of fundraiser seems normal - a fun run, walkathon or cycling event - doesn't mean you can’t have some fun with it and do something wacky!

Raise money directly from entry fees or through a sponsorship program where participants pledge to run/bike/walk a certain distance or in a certain time.

Sponsors then pledge to pay out a certain amount of money based on the success of the participant.

The whole community is often involved in these events, boosting publicity and putting pressure on everyone to participate or at least donate.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Petting Zoo

Cute As Pie Fundraising Event Ideas

It's the latest trend, but it has to be carried out with care and dignity - The Petting Zoo.

And by petting zoo we don't mean baby farm animals, we mean adorable puppies and kittens!

When your community has a local show or street party – or even just any weekend in the park – partner with your local animal shelter and veterinary doctor to have a group of adorable puppies and kitties (maybe the odd bunny or two if legal) available to pet.

Then charge people for the privilege of petting them!

This one might seem unfair to some parents, but fundraising is a cut-throat business sometimes!

Every child (and teenager!) in the general vicinity will be tugging on Mum’s coat demanding a petting session.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Petting Zoo
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Auction

Indoor Or Office Fundraising Ideas

Want to bring everyone indoors for a change? An auction, held in your club facility or offices, is your answer.

Auctions are exciting events that feature an element of competition and therefore make for a very popular and successful fundraiser.

Two kinds of auctions are common as ideas for fundraising events:

1. You accept donated items from your volunteers or from local businesses and put them up for bid, usually a mixture of serious and ‘fun’ items.

2. You auction off services or volunteers for different activities: A local handyman might offer a day’s work at your house or a local dance teacher might auction off five dance lessons.

Anything that has a value can be auctioned to raise money for your sports club.

The great thing about running an auction is the flexibility.

Some items will be more popular than others, but everything will bring in some funds.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Dinner

Community Fundraising Ideas: Big Dinner

A fundraising dinner is a little different from a straight-up party in that food, seating and decorations need to be 'just right'.

Dinners are often more formal than a party and usually operate with a per-plate price.

But remember formal doesn't have to mean boring, so think outside the square and consider a space that gives you the ambience you're looking for - formal, romantic or relaxed.

However, the more elegant fare also justifies a higher entry cost, so formal dinners like Dîner en Blanc (dinners where everyone dresses in white) can be big money-makers for your sports club.

If you have the connections, recruiting local chefs from the best local restaurants can lend your dinner a buzz-worthy sense of excitement.

Encourage friends and families to book as a group and businesses to purchase entire tables for their employees.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Dinner
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Garage Sale

Trusty Garage Sale Is Super Quick

If you're after super quick fundraising ideas, you can't skip the trusty garage sale.

Everyone has items they don't want cluttering up their homes.

While this is a hindrance to them, this is a massive help to sporting clubs wanting to raise a quick buck. The pure-profit aspect of garage sales is always attractive.

Whether you call it a Garage Sale, Boot Sale, Yard Sale or Trash 'n' Treasure, this event is a wonderful way to raise funds.

Local community members will be happy to donate their old stuff and many are happy to drop it off - box after box. Just say the word.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Performance

Performance Ideas For Fundraising Events

A talent show, amateur concert or community play often make for wonderful sports club fundraisers as they give everyone in the club and club community the opportunity to share their secret talents.

These types of fundraising events are perfect for your sport club's off season and can be held indoors or out.

You might like to sell tickets before hand or make it 'by donation' on the night - perhaps a gold coin for every act at the show.

Before considering an event like this, be sure to consider your resources in terms of space, volunteers and - well - talent!

All these factors will determine what you’re capable of raising in terms of money.

Whatever event you organise, don't forget that - in addition to funds - it provides added excitement for club members along with broader community support for your club.

Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Performance
Fundraising Ideas For Sporting Clubs - Repair Team

Enlist Clean Up & Repair Teams

The wonder of sporting clubs is the sheer number of fit, healthy, active people you have at your fingertips. So put them to work!

Organise your club to put together clean up and repair teams that local community members can hire out to do work for those in need.

The beauty of this idea is those who don't need anything can give funds to teams to help those who do! 

Teams don't have to be highly skilled. It could be something as simple as cleaning a house, washing a car or taking something to the dump.

Alternatively, it could require some level of skill like repairing a fence or changing an oil filter.

Team adults together with kids, so everyone can have a go at helping out.