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SPECIAL - 75x50cm Canvas Prints $49


Coming Soon! Our Easy Fundraising Program Will Raise Funds AND Lifts Spirits!

Want to raise funds? Soon, with every Canvas Print you sell through your networks, your cause will receive a massive 20% of the proceeds.

Express your interest now and, as soon as we launch, we’ll give you your own dedicated Big Hearted Canvas fundraising web page that you can start promoting.

The best part is the program is completely free - you don’t have to spend a cent. That’s a 100% Return On Investment – every fundraiser’s ultimate dream come true!

Express Your Interest Now!

Everyone loves our custom canvas prints as they bring memories to life – of time spent with family and friends or time spent in nature, in the community or travelling. It’s an easy, proven way to raise funds.

Fundraising event participants and volunteers can also transform their favourite event photos into beautiful canvas prints.

There’s no financial outlay, so it’s completely risk-free. As soon as you join you can start raising funds immediately!

We’ve Just Made Fundraising Easy And Exciting For Everyone!

For Organisations and Fundraising Professionals: Our Big Hearted Canvas Program is ideal for Charities, Schools, Community Clubs and Sports Clubs. Join the program, promote your Big Hearted Canvas web page and start enjoying the financial rewards.

For Individuals, Teams and Volunteers: Sign up as an individual fundraiser or, if you’re involved in a team fundraising event, sign up as a team. Everyone can then share the link on social media, hand out flyers and start raising as much money as they possibly can. We love supporting volunteers and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Express Your Interest Now! 

Coming Soon!